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Nick’s Friday Round-Up

FOOD! I love to start these round-ups with food stuffs! Ever wanted to eat glass? How about making it look like you're eating glass, when in reality, you're actually eating some homemade translucent potato chips. [geekosystem]

Why does the McDonald's burger you see on TV look absolutely nothing like the one you get at the restaurant? [geekosystem]

We all love Jurassic Park. If you say you don't, then you're lying. If you're not lying, then you have no business watching movies. Even Lisa liked it, and she only just recently watched them. Yep. I just sold you out, Lisa Foiles. Well guess what... It looks like Jurassic Park 4 might just be a thing that's happening. [blastr]

Fringe fans got lucky this past season when Fringe got renewed for another half-season, and we already have our first peek at what's to come for season 5. [blastr]

Flintstones, meet the Flintstones. They're the modern stoneage family. Or are they? Perhaps they're the post-apocalyptic future family... [cracked]

I'm not a huge fan of Star Trek, but this Star Trek themed home-theater room is awesome, and I want it! [geekologie]

Ever look at that $100 light saber hanging on your wall, and think to yourself how much you wish you could use it to kill insects? Well guess what. With a bit of DIY ingenuity, YOU CAN! [howtogeek]

Oh the things George Lucas has meddled with when re-releasing the Star Wars movies 50 different times. Here are the 5 weirdest changes he's made to the original trilogy. [dorkly]

Not sure what to do with all those AOL CD's you've been saving since the 90s? Why not shatter them into pieces and make a dragon. [geekologie]

There's been so many zombie movies, I wouldn't even want to try and count them all, and there are things they all have in common that just never make, and we rarely ever question it. [cracked]

This may not seem like the coolest thing ever, but it just may actually be the coolest thing ever. Carved book landscapes. [geekologie]

ZOMG! ADORBZ OF THE DAY! A baby duck chases after someone. [buzzfeed]

Something I have posted in a while is an awesome flash game. I now present to you, Little Wheel. Enjoy. [howtogeek]


Brock’s One Year Comedy Anniversary

Hey. It's my anniversary. I'm not sure what you do for a one year, but imma get drunk.

I wrote an article on why you should try standup immediately, and I also posted this, which I feel like a lot of you might enjoy.



Brock Wilbur - Allpocalypse Now from Brock Wilbur on Vimeo.


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Click ALL THE LINKS Edition

Once again the topic of zombies has veered it's ugly head. Until the oncoming apocalypse actually happens, it's a topic that just won't die. PUNS! To aid you in preparation of this event, a map service has been provided to us, using the power of Google Maps. It shows you all the danger zones, where supplies can be found, food, guns, ammo, first aid, gas, military, and more. If you're serious about preparation, THIS is the place to start. [mapofthedead]

On the topic of Zombies, if you happen to have a spare $1,300.00, then why not buy the Limited Edition Resident Evil 6. No, I didn't misplace any comma's or decimal points. That's one thousand three hundred dollars. FOR A VIDEO GAME with extras.... [geekologie]

$60.00 for a video game is expensive enough, but then you tag on some DLC. Which is a great way to keep the game going, but a lot of companies already have the DLC ready to go when the game is released. They hold onto it for a few months, and THEN release it, instead of just adding it to the game when you bought it. This is their devious way of  getting another $10 out of you, but what about an extra $1,000 out of you for DLC. Yep, and the worst part... it's a train simulator game. Here are the 8 most awful paid DLC in videogame history. [dorkly]

On a brighter note, a bunch of new trailers for upcoming CAPCOM games have been released. Resident Evil 6, Devil May Cry, Lost Planet 3, and Dragon's Dogma. [gammasquad]

Ever thought about what it would be like if Mega Man was a live-action film? Well think no more! Here's a Mega Man X fan-film, shot by the absolutely HILARIOUS Olan Rogers. You know, that dude from all the BalloonShop videos. Here are a few of my favorites. Snack Pack, Hey Ben, Whips, I'm Enjoying a Treat Derrick!, HALO 3: I Am The Master Chief . Olan took a mere $700 (I use the word "mere" lightly) and created this awesome piece of Mega Man movie awesomeness.[geekologie]

Speaking of things that are awesome, what about S'mores? We all love S'mores, right? Well some crazy evil genius has decided to upgrade the traditional S'mores, to super-ultra levels of awesomazingness. A Krispy Kreme donut S'mores toasted with a giant marshmallow and a Reece's Peanut Butter Cup as the chocolate. I'll give you a minute to wipe the drool off your keyboard. [laughingsquid]

Here's a slow-motion video of a guy breaking fragile things with a slingshot. [geekologie]

Here's a video of a girl throwing a paper plane out of an 18 story building and birds attacking it. [youtube]

Here's a video of a guy texting while nearly walking into a bear. [youtube]

Remember those couple weeks in a row I made the same reference to the song, Don't Stop Believing? Well apparently it caught on, and now ALL THE MOVIES have come together to sing the song. [youtube]

And finally, it looks as if BeetleJuice 2 is gonna happen. Not some stupid reboot, but a legit sequel with Michael Keaton, and Tim Burton on board. [blastr]



Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Video Games and Zombies and Movies, OH MY! Edition

I don't believe this picture needs any kind of comment or introduction. It pretty much speaks for itself.

HOWDY-HO Junior Woodchucks! An entire week has just flown by. It seems like just yesterday I was typing this thing up. This week I went to Philadelphia for a flower show. It's much more manlier than it sounds, trust me, but I have to say my dogs were barking from all that walking. Going for a walk/run the day before didn't help much, either. The entire lower-half of my body is so sore. BUT WHATEVER, NOBODY CARES ABOUT MY STUPID LIFE STORIES. "COOL STORY BRO" Maybe next week I'll make up some story about a ninja midget baby. Maybe that'll be more interesting for you. Gosh you guys are so freakin' hard to please. GO CHOKE ON YOUR COUNT CHOCULA CEREAL! Let's get started!

Sorry to just spring this on you without any kind of a segue, but it needs to be said. Sadly, Ralph McQuarrie has passed away at the age of 82. You don't know that name? Well you most assuredly know his work. He was the visionary for the concept art for the original Star Wars trilogy, as well as many other popular movies. [mentalfloss]

Are you a fan of Terra Nova? Then you probably know that it's officially been canceled, BUT, there's a small ray of hope. It looks as if the series might be picked up by Netflix. [blastr]

ZOMBIES! Yep, as much as you may want this topic to die, there will always be an oncoming zombie apocalypse, so you NEED to stock up on your weapon arsenal. Here's a couple weapon necessities you'll want in your stockpile. First, we have a zombie hunting assault rifle with working chainsaw bayonet. [geekologie]

For those of you who need a zombie apocalypse weapon, but aren't comfortable with things that have moving parts, this is the weapon for you. The Dead-On Annihilator. [geekologie]

Here are a couple people who don't need weapons, just their hands, feet, and super powers. Superman and the Hulk. What if the two universes collided, and they had to do battle. Well guess what. Some dude wanted to see this happen, so instead of just sitting around wishing, he did something about it. He decided to animate it himself. And, honestly, it's quite good. Enjoy Superman VS Hulk. [geekologie]

NOW... I have a bunch of video game related things for you, so let's get into it.
MARIO/PORTAL mashup game. It's real. It's free. It's here. [geekologie]

Remember I showed you some Sim City 5 concept art last week? Well, here's the official trailer. [geekosystem]

Japan found out about Minecraft, and liked it so much that they decided to give it a VERY Japanese style theme song. Prepare for Japanese overload. [geekosystem]

Ever wonder how tall certain structures, in video games and movies, actually are, in comparison to some of the tallest buildings on Earth? Here's a comparison of Barad-Dur from LOTR. [deviantart] And here's a comparison of the Citadel from Half-Life 2. [geekosystem]

We all love video games, and usually the longer the game, the more we consider having gotten our money's worth, but what if video games took the "easiest route" to achieve their main goal. A more "practical" solution. [cracked]

Everybody has their own "top 10" lists of video games. Well here's a Top 15 video games of all time list, according to dorkly. Overall I'm pleased, but never satisfied. [dorkly]

Speaking of lists, how about 12 movies we thought would tank, but actually didn't. Are you surprised? [blastr]

With the upcoming TMNT reboot, we all have things we hope they do, and things we hope they don't do. Here's a wishlist of things, that if they do, could make the movie amazing. [ugo]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Surprise Nick-Rage at the End Edition


He's just saiyan...

Well hello there Save Point-ers. inb4pics of everybody pointing at me. My weeks, since Christmas, have been full of playing and beating the main story lines of both Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. I have to say that they are definitely, now, some of my top favorite games. If you haven't played them yet, then I thus command thee to go play them now. You won't be disappoint. While playing these games, I have gained a unhealthy sort of crush on Harley Quinn. OH, COME ON... You know there's that one video game character who, if they were real, you'd totally date them. Albeit Harley Quinn is a mad, killing psychopath, I think I could totally get past that. ANYWAY, let's get to the Round-Up.

We'll start off with one of everybody's favorite topics over the past few years. Zombie Apocalypse weaponry. This guy has created one of the most efficiently deadly, 3-in-1 zombie apocalypse weapons you'll ever use, and surprisingly, it's not a gun. [geekologie]

Food. We all love it. We can't live without it, but apparently there are some foods that we, here in America, do live without. Some of them are baffling as to WHY we don't have them here in the great US of A. Here are some fast food flavors you won't find in the US. [neatorama]

So this is a thing that's happening.... IN EUROPE. (are you even the least bit surprised?) As a promotion for the release of Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D, a European fast food chain is selling Star Wars themed hamburgers. This doesn't seem like a bad idea, but wait until you see the Darth Vader burger... Uhhhhh, I think I'll pass. ALSO, you spelled "Vader" wrong. [geekologie]

INDIANA JONES! Who doesn't love Indiana Jones? Apparently Harrison Ford didn't know if he liked it or not. Yes, that's right, Harrison Ford never watched the trilogy until just recently. Why don't we all sit down and watch him watch it for the first time. Well, at least clips of him watching it. [buzzfeed]

While we're talking about watching movies of your young self. Two brothers sit down and watch old home movies of themselves, while giving DVD-movie-style commentary. This, my friends, is comic genius. [geekosystem]

What if old ATARI games were given realistic titles based on their box-art? Oh the magic of Photoshop Internet. [mightygodking]

I may not be the best Photoshop Paint Shop Pro editor around, but I'm pretty sure I'd be able to notice major flubs such as these, ESPECIALLY if they are going to be viewed by the mass public. The top 10 Photoshop disasters of 2011 [psdisasters]

Over the years we've seen some grand masterpieces. Paintings, cathedrals, statues, symphonies, etc... What you may not know is some of our greatest works of art have hidden Easter Eggs within them. Some of them may surprise you. Here are 7 bizarre Easter Eggs hidden within great works of art. Numbers 3 and 1 are my favorites. [cracked]

I have no segue into this one, so I'll just throw it at you. WE ALL LOVE BUBBLE WRAP! If you say you don't, you are a liar. End of story. The joys of popping each little bubble, brings a small bit of joy and warmth to our hearts. Why not have that joy every single day for an entire year? Well now you can, with a bubble wrap calendar. Pop your way to a better tomorrow. [geekosystem]

Video games now-a-days are more than just a single objective. Win the game. Get from the beginning to the end. No, games now-a-days have choices. You don't HAVE to save the princess. If you want, you can throw her into the pit of lava, while "MUAHAHAHA'ing" the entire time. I have first-hand experience, that even though the evil way may be more appealing, I find it better to take the good route. Lisa is a prime example of how being an evil, mass-murdering hero villain can come back to bite you in the butt. i.e. when she killed everyone in Fable 3 and had to come into my world of Albion to buy potions, because she didn't have anybody in her world to run the shops. Me, being the nice guy I am, allowed her to join my game to help her out, only to have her murder everyone in the city of Aurora, and continuing on to take me into Reaver's Wheel of Misfortune room and glitching my game to where I cannot escape the room. MY GAME IS BROKEN BECAUSE OF HER. Hours of game play, ruined! There is a small chance I can fix it, but I'd need her help... But Lisa is evil. I refer you to her post she made a couple weeks ago about me, Stuart and Dan. If you read what she said about me, you will get an idea of how evil she really is, in this particular instance.
Wow, sorry about that, I kinda went off there for a minute, although there was a reason for saying all that. Here are the 11 most evil choices in video games. [ugo]



RANT: Zombies Need to Die

The zombie fad in video games needs to stop.

I do love zombies in video games. Shooting them, slicing them, kicking them, exploding them, hugging them, burning them, A-bombing them, and even playing as them, it's all fun! Hooray! I even love zombies outside of games. I believe in zombies so much that my friends and I may have a contingency plan if once the zombocalypse starts. (I roll with a duster and shotgun.) One can, however have too much of a good thing, and I think video games need to stop bingeing on brains.

1 out of every 4 new games has zombies as either the main enemy, or a special mode with the undead present. Yes that statistic is as accurate as this guy. This is simply too many! There are numerous other villainous creatures for us to decapitate.

How about Vampires? Who wouldn't want to blast Ratchet's Groovitron at Edward until he disco sparkles his guts out?

How about robots?  Doesn't it make your downstairs tingle imagining R.O.B. short circuiting inside the screen instead of having that Johnny 5 wannabe waste of space at your side playing your game for you?

How about Unicorns? That one explains itself.

And dinosaurs? Come on. Think of all the fun - wait, Turok. Nevermind.

It's unfortunate because I do like zombie games. Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil, Dead Space, and Little Red Riding Hood Zombie BBQ are all great to name a few. I have just gotten to the point where I want something other than rotting flesh to smear across my screen.

Zombies can have their turn in the spotlight-of-my-shotgun again in the future.


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Hodgepodge Edition

He should had done a barrel roll. =(

It's 11/11/11, and you know what that means? NOTHING! Except a lot of 1's, so it makes it easy to remember today's date. Also, Veteran's Day, so a big thank you goes out to all the veteran's who helped to keep this country safe and free.

Video games are awesome, but then you hear that one of them is educational, and you think to yourself, "Wow, that game must be super lame." Right? WRONG! Here are 6 educational games that were awesome! [dorkly]

Cute little animals. We love and adore them. We even allow them to become our best friends, but underneath that cute, loyal exterior is a troll. A cute, fuzzy, conniving troll. [geekosystem]

We all love Muppets, and probably grew up watching Sesame Street. I know I did. What you probably didn't know was they used to have a black stereotype Muppet that quickly got the axe. Here's are 10 fun facts that you didn't know about Sesame Street. [buzzfeed]

Nothing is faster than the speed of light, at least that's what most of us believe. Well, in actuality, you can break the speed of light in your own backyard. Curious, are you? [howtogeek]

Technology has come a loooooong way in the past 20 years, and people's skills in using this technology has evolved with it. I thought Lisa's Photoshop skills were pretty top-notch, but this guy blows her out of the water. A guy uses Photoshop to create a drawing that looks like a photograph of a real girl. [youtube]

Keeping in theme with the Photoshop skills, here's some fantastic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan art. Some are amazing, some are super cute, and some will give you nightmares for weeks. [buzzfeed]

You know as a kid you always wanted some sort of secret passageway or hidden room in your house. Ok, who am I kidding, I STILL want a secret passageway in my house, and there are people out there who made that desire into a reality. [mentalfloss]

I'll leave you with another fun game to waste time playing, that is if Solip Skier hasn't occupied enough of your time this week. Zombie Trailer Park, is quite simple. Build up your trailer park and keep the zombies at bay long enough to overpower them and destroy their base. Stage 1: Easy and fun. Stage 2: inb4uragequit. Stage 3: I'm still rage quitting from stage 2, but I'll be back. [addictinggames]



Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Awesome Stuff Edition

Yes, yes it is.

Hello people of the instanets, Nick here. It's Friday, so you all know what that means... REBECCA BLACK! Wait... no... sorry. FRIDAY ROUND-UP!

Do you want to be the envy of all your friends this Halloween? Then why don't you make your very own Optimus Prime costume. It's pretty legit. []

You know how your parents were always telling you to stop playing video games and go outside and play? Well now you have a legitimate reason for playing them. Well... other than the fact that video games are AWESOME. They teach you life skills. []

I know I'm always thinking to myself what kind of ammo I'm gonna need during a zombie apocalypse, because, let's be honest, It's gonna happen someday. Well now you don't have to think about it. You can now buy live ammunition, specifically for fighting off zombies. []

This really doesn't even need an intro summary, or whatever these paragraphs are called. It's the freakin' MUPPETS! The new Muppet movie trailer. Enjoy the awesome. [Youtube]

Are you annoyed with trying to find a place to set your portable webcam? Do you want to do fancy schmancy angles with it, or just put it someplace out of your way? Well here's a how-to on connecting your webcam to a swing-arm lamp. [TheNewHobbyist]