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Nick’s Friday Round-Up

Some people have no idea how to decorate their living room. Well this guy did. He figured, "Why not turn it into a huge diorama of the battle of Hoth." "Honey! Do we have any cardboard?!?" [geekologie]

"Keep it, I got a Pit Bull now!" Well... for $13,000. Griff's original hoverboard prop from the movie is for sale on ebay. [geekologie]

So ya know how there's a kickstarter to fund an actual Death Star? Well now there's a kickstarter to fund an Xwing squadron to combat the Death Star. Folks, you can't make this stuff up. [geekosystem]

More diorama fun! A LEGO diorama of a bunch of scenes from Star Wars. Don't you wish you could shrink down and just walk through it at scale size? [blastr]

I don't know how you all feel about 3D, but for any Doctor Who fans, it looks as if the 50th Anniversary special will be in 3D. So grab those glasses and prepare yourselves. [blastr]

The original DeLorean from BTTF has been fully restored to it's amazing, time traveling, glory. I, for one, am very happy about this. [geekologie]

The Ghostbusters headquarters built out of LEGOs. How do they fit all those ghosts inside a containment unit THAT small? [gammasquad]

Here's a look at the cast of the original Star Trek series, if they were created by Pixar. [blastr]

Remember those groundbreaking graphics when Doom first came out? Well take a look at what it would look like if it was created with today's graphic technology. [geekologie]

Moar LEGO stuffs! It looks as if LEGO will officially be releasing an X-Wing Starfighter. [geekosystem]

Who's your favorite comic book villain? For me, it's the Joker, of course. I'm also a pretty big fan of Carnage. Here's a list of the top 25 comic book villains of all time. [dorkly]

If you've been itching to become a Jedi master, but lack the light saber fighting skills, well now you can take a class to learn how to fight with those pretty sabers of light. (rhyming was unintentional, but welcomed) [blastr]

Back in the day everybody wanted to get in on the videogame craze, including all kinds of food companies. Most were lame, but a few of them stood out and shined. Here are some actual GOOD video games that were based on junk food. [gammasquad]



Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Video Edition

Video Stories:

WiiU has crappy space. [gammasquad]

Motion control technology pitched to Sony and Microsoft before Nintendo. [gammasquad]

Star Wars Episode VII has a writer. [blastr]

Splinter Cell movie has an actor for Sam Fisher. [gammasquad]

Jurassic Park in 3D. [blastr]

Other Stories:

15 Behind the scenes secrets of Wreck-It-Ralph [mentalfloss]

Breaking eggs in slow motion. [howtogeek]

Star Wars origami. [geekologie]

Robots controlled with your mind. [geekosystem]

12 greatest videogames based on movies. [dorkly]

Black Ops 2 buyers receive Mass Effect 2 disc instead. [geekosystem]

R2-D2 Engagement ring. [geekologie]

Working camera made out of LEGO's, cardboard, and duct tape. [geekosystem]

TARDIS refrigerator. [geekologie]




Nick’s Friday Round-Up

Let's go ahead and get it out of the way. Unless you've been living in a galaxy far far away, or under the sea, then you've heard about Disney buying LucasFilms. Now let's see how Darth Vader feels about this. [geekosystem]

Now let's see how Mark Hamill feels about this. [blastr]

Finally, what's George Lucas plan on doing with the 4 BILLION dollars he got from the sale? [geekosystem]

You know how some nights you'll be looking outside and see the moon, and you're like, "HOLY CRAP, THAT MOON IS HUUUUUUGE TONIGHT!!" Well guess what. It's no bigger than it looks at any other time of night. It's all an illusion. [geekosystem]

If your geek level isn't as high as you'd like it to be, you can always make Portal Companion Ice Cubes. You'll be the hit at your next geek gathering. It'll definitely add a +5 to your latest cosplay party. [geekologie]

What if Minecraft was the Matrix. MAYBE IT IS! [howtogeek]

Most games are pretty balanced when it comes to weaponry, however, there are those few games that give you a ridiculously overpowered weapon. This is super fun unless you're that one guy who uses it in some sort of multiplayer online match. Then you're just "that guy" who everybody hates. Here are 15 of the most overpowered weapons in videogame history. [dorkly]

Something we all have to bear through on any flight is the safety video, or if you're not even that lucky, the flight staff speaking over the intercom. I think every airline should take a tip from New Zealand and show a Hobbit themed video. Seriously, what's the downside? [geekologie]

What does every boy and girl want for Christmas? A fully functioning Fallout Pipboy! Because we all need V.A.T.S in our lives! [geekologie]

Speaking of fully functioning, here's a fully interactive Tetris Jack-O'-Lantern. [howtogeek]

A TACO CANNON! [gammasquad]

Back in the 90s there was this little game called Wolfenstein. You may or may not remember it.... Well guess what movie is currently in the works. [blastr]



Nintendohemian Rhapsody

I have no reservations about saying that, as of now, this video currently wins the internet. As well as many internets of the future. Nintendohemian Rhapsody is one of those parodies that only comes along as often as a really good Spider-man video game. user, Brentalfloss, is no n00b to the creation of video game themed videos. In fact, he's been putting out fantastic videos like this one for about a year now. Swing on over to his channel and give him a follow.


Nick’s Friday Round-Up

I'll start this week with something pretty awesome. The Hylian Shield made completely out of LEGOs. [geekologie]

Borderlands 2 is sitting high on the hog with its success, and there's a reason for that. It's a remorseless addiction machine, and here's 5 reasons why. [cracked]

A couple weeks ago I showed you a Mega-Man hoodie and an Assassin's Creed hoodie. Now, to add to your collection, here's an Optimus Prime hoodie. Can you tell it's hoodie season? [geekologie]

I now present to you a life-changing invention. An invention that will make you feel so stupid that you didn't think of it yourself. The Dorito's grinder hack. [buzzfeed]

The next few links will be strictly Star Wars related. You can thank me in the comments. First, I present to you, the battle of Hoth completely recreated in Minecraft using the actual audio from the movie. [blastr]

For those of you motorcycle enthusiasts, I'm looking at you, Lisa, here's one that's Boba Fett themed. [geekologie]

Here's something to feed your nightmares. The head sculpture of Yoda, re-imagined as if he were human...esqe. [gammasquad]

To finish out the Star Wars related links, those crazy people down at DARPA, have created a real-life AT-TE... well... as close to an IRL version as we can get. It may only have 4 legs, but it gets the job done, and MAN, is it super creepy! [blastr]

It's been 20 years since Cartoon Network has hit the airwaves. As a "thank you for watching" from the network, they managed to come up with a fan-service, drug-induced, super-trippy video. Seriously... what in the world? [geekosystem]

Most of the time, when you play video games, you don't think twice about defeating a level boss. Next time, sit back and think about who it is you're defeating, because they just might be the victim, and not the villain. [cracked]

I'M BATMAN! Ok, so I wasn't Batman in this particular instance. Batman was arrested... again... for, basically, being dressed as Batman, and refusing to leave a crime scene. [blastr]

Who doesn't enjoy a good easter egg in a video game? Every once in a while you'll get a celebrity appearance or two. Sometimes, they're cool, but other times it's just down right weird. [dorkly]

I shall finish out this weeks round-up with a super-insane Rube Goldberg machine, parkour style!  [gammasquad]


My New Kotaku Video! (It’s Basically a Top 5.)

Remember that time you guys were all "WAAHH WAAHH WE WANT TOP 5 TO COME BACK EVEN THOUGH YOU GOT SCREWED OVER AND WERE DOING IT FOR FRE--" oh, wait. I didn't mean to say that. Scratch that from the record.

ANYWAY, my video today for Kotaku is practically a Top 5 list, I mean who are we even kidding. It actually felt like a Top 5 when I was filming/editing it. So, watch and enjoy! And read my article afterward because it's surprisingly serious and I've been meaning to get it off my chest for a long time.

Kotaku: A Birthday Letter To Myself About Video Games


Alice: Madness Returns Fan-Made Live-Action Trailer

Ever since American McGee's Alice was released in the year 2000, I've been obsessed with goth Alice and this new, twisted and demented world of Wonderland. When I heard there was going to be a sequel to this game, I got all kinds of excited. Each new teaser trailer that was released had my mind racing as to what new disturbed Wonderland world awaited me.

Sadly, when Alice: Madness Returns was released back in June, it didn't turn out to be quite the amazing game I had hoped it would be, aside from the absolutely beautiful worlds, and goth Alice being even more attractive than before (don't judge me!), the gameplay gets to be taxing and redundant, however, this post isn't about me reviewing the game. This post is about this fan made, live action trailer I happened to run across. Continue reading...


Another Silly Lisa Foiles Video: “Playtime With Lily”

A few weeks ago, my favorite photographer in the entire known planetary system, Brooks Ayola, asked if I wanted to come over and play video games with his daughter, Lily. So, what did we do? We filmed it, because we had the technology.

Here is the result! A silly video for you where I terrorize a small child and fail miserably.

Also, check out my scrunchy troll face in the screencap.