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Nick’s Friday Round-Up: It’s My Birthday Edition!

Yes, folks, as is states in the title, today is my birthday! After an entire year of gaining XP, I've finally leveled up. So other than that, this Round-Up will go on as usual. Please enjoy.

I grew up watching the original Transformers series. I loved, and still love Transformers. Yes, I even enjoyed the Michael Bay movies. Why? Uhhh.. Transformers, that's why! I have no reservations about saying that on this site, because Lisa's not even gonna read this, so it don't even matter. haha OK, BACK ON POINT...  During the course of the existence of Transformers, there have been a few... bizarre ones to say the least. [geekosystem]

Want to be a genius, or at least look like you are? Try these nifty tricks! [cracked]

If you enjoy a good pair of high heels then why not buy yourself a nerded out pair of R2D2 high heels. You'll be the envy of everyone at the party. [geekologie]

None of you can say you haven't imagined how awesome it would be to have a super power, but there are a few super powers that look like they'd be amazing to have, but in real world physics and what-not, they would suck. [cracked]

Now why isn't everyone's grandpa as awesome as this guy? Grandpa plays Call of Duty and Halo, and totally enjoys every minute of it. To be honest, he'd probably kick my but. I've stated many times in the past... I suck at FPSs. I won't even front. [geekologie]

There is now, officially, a director for Star Wars Episode VII. [geekosystem]

Do you have a video game room, but it's missing that one thing that you can't quite place your finger on? Well look no more, I've found it for you. You need this wooden NES controller coffee table, DUH! [geekologie]

Most of the time video games based off of movies or TV shows, to put it mildly, SUCK! However, once in a while you get a gem or two that don't. Here are the 10 greatest videogames based on TV shows. [dorkly]

As we all know, Valentine's Day is 2 weeks away. What do you get for your significant other? How about a geeky Valentine's card! [gammasquad]

Also, if you want to give me a b-day present. Go check out my Minecraft series on my Youtube channel. Any Likes, Subscribes and comments are great b-day presents! [youtube]



Nick’s Friday Round-Up

Looking forward to that highly anticipated video game? Here are 5 ways that you, and the developer, might destroy that game. [cracked]

Vampire skeletons actually discovered IRL? Perhaps... Silly people, you use wooden stakes, not iron rods, everybody knows that! [geekologie]

Watch the history of video games flash before your eyes. Well, in about 3 minutes, that is. [howtogeek]

Everyone's favorite game-cheating hardware is back, for the PS3. The Game Genie! [geekosystem]

People have been making video game mods, since, well, video games. Here are 16 of the most over the top video game mods. [neatorama]

Want to be your favorite super hero? TOO BAD! But as a consolation, you can wear shoes themed as your favorite super hero. [geekologie]

Tired of playing Minecraft on a computer? Want it to be a little more IRL for you? Then go outside and play in the dirt. Alternatively, you can get the new LEGO Minecraft set. [geekosystem]

Need MOAR LEGO? Here's a Star Wars version of MC Escher's House of Stairs. [geekologie]

Nerdiest Parakeet ever. It's like your very own R2-D2, without all the oil leaks. [geekologie]

Take a look at the trailer for Dawnguard, Skyrim's new DLC. [youtube]

Some things are just awesome, no matter what. One of those things is watching stuff happen at a bunch of frames per second, i.e. slow motion. Skateboard tricks! [youtube]

The original Doctor Who doctors, will be returning to the show for the 50th anniversary. Or will they? [blastr]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Keep Yourself Entertained Edition

I admit, I end up doing a few of these. I will never admit which ones! <_<

Halloween is over, and now all you have is candy. Unless you ate it all already, in which case, get the heck off the internet and go find yourself a treadmill! Ok, sorry, back on point. It's starting to get colder, and you probably don't want to go outside, so you need to find things to entertain you for a while. Well allow me to help you in your goal of non-bordom.

I will start off with 10 Google tricks, slash easter eggs you can do. There are more than this, but let's just start with 10 and work our way up. [buzzfeed]

Ever wonder what it would be like if shopping IRL was like shopping on the instanets? [makeuseof]

First of all, all of you Mac users may not know what I'm talking about, but please bear with me. You know back in the day when IE was one of the only browser options, so you had to use it. You'd be browsing and all of the sudden IE would crash on you. This would be a bittersweet experience. On the one hand, your browser crashed, and who knows what you were in the middle of doing. On the other hand, you got that nifty "send error report" window that popped up. It wasn't so much the window that was cool, but what you could actually do with it. A guy by the name of Ryan Watson was entertained enough by this, that he created a little flash simulation of the error. Go ahead... have fun. [crashmyie]

You know about every 6 months or so, you have to go buy a new pair of ear-buds. Well what if you could actually repair them when that right bud shorts out. Sure it only costs $10 to buy another pair of cheap ones, but sometimes you actually splurge and buy yourself a good pair and don't want to replace them. Why not use those fingers of yours for more than just typing and clicking, and go fix it yourself? [spodesabode]

For the grand finale, I present you with a game that, when I first discovered it, sucked the life right out of me. I spent DAYS playing this game, slowly getting better and better, racking up my score into the high millions, and still never coming anywhere near the high score. I apologize in advance for the amount of time you will waste, but then again, I'm not forcing you to play it.  I present to you... SolipSkier [mikengreg]