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Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Quick Fix Edition

As I was searching for all the links, I ran across this video, and felt it deserved to be the focal point of this weeks round-up. So enjoy the video, with a couple extra links thrown in.


For you cat lovers, you can make your very own Super Mario Piranha Plant cat tree. [instructables]

A bunkbed turned into an X-Wing Figher. [geekologie]

For those who are too lazy or clumsy to separate their Oreos, a man has invented a machine that can do it for you. [geekosystem]

Videogames wouldn't be the same without evil corporations. Here are the 20 most evil corporations in videogame history. [dorkly]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up

Let's hurt you right in the childhood. 5 Creepy things you never noticed about famous kids cartoons. [cracked]

Got a little spare change? You can purchase a $15,000 solid gold LEGO brick. [geekosystem]

IT'S SORCERY! Wait.. no, just anamorphic illusions. [geekologie]

Whether you're a fan of card tricks, or poker, or old maid, you NEED these Legend of Zelda playing cards. [geekologie]

Everyone loves Super Mario Bros. But there's a dark side to the game series. Here are 6 horrible truths about Super Mario Bros. [dorkly]

Another hoodie. This time it's less video game, and more scary sci-fi drama. Get your very own LOTR Wraith hoodie. [geekologie]

What do you get when you combine cute and cuddly with sci-fi awesome in the form of a cake? You get Winnie the Pooh Doctor Who. [geekologie]

Email has never been the best way for sending large files, and most people have to resort to programs like Dropbox. Google wants to fix that by combining Google Drive with Gmail, allowing you to easily send 10gb files. [geekosystem]

Sorry folks, but there will be no multiplayer for Bioshock Infinite. (sad trombone) [geekosystem]

The Legend of Digital Zelda. A video you won't regret watching. Seriously... go watch it. [howtogeek]

With winter upon us, it's time to get your snowflake on. Your Star Wars snowflake, that is. [anthonyherreradesigns]

It's those cold winter months, and that means ice on your windshield. You can be the coolest kid in school with this wampa-arm ice scraper. [geekologie]

It's not halloween anymore, but scaring people is year-round lulz. Check out this "Ghost in the elevator" prank. [blastr]

With the Wii U now released, what's the smartest thing to do with the original Wii? Make it smaller, of course! But only for Canada. The Tiny Wii. It'll be the most tiniest fun you'll ever have, eh! [gammasquad]

Don't know what to get your geek friends for Christmas, and you don't have much  money to spend? Give them a cute and cuddly sci-fi plush toy. It'll soften even the most hardened gamer's heart. [blastr]

Christmas is coming up, and you need to decide which game you want to add to your Christmas list, but for some reason you can only ask for one. I don't know why, that's just the stipulation. Do you ask for Hitman, Dishonored, or Assassin's Creed III? Well here's a rundown comparison to help you make that choice. [gammasquad]

If you haven't played it already, there's now a demo of DMC: Devil May Cry for download on PSN and XBOX Live. [warpzoned]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up

Hey there! For the 3 of you that read my round-up's, I'm sorry I wasn't able to post one last week, but I'm back with links galore! So let's hit the "Cray" button!

For those of you living under a rock, there was this one thing that happened with a dude skydiving from 24 miles up. For those who missed it, here's a recreation of the event with LEGO'S. [geekologie]

MOAR LEGOS, Ninja Turtle style! (not to be confused with gangnam style) [geekologie]

There was also a couple hardcore LEGO builders who built the Batcave. [howtogeek]

A flippin' amazeballs Batmobile concept car! [geekologie]

Time for food! More specifically, cookies. More specifically, things you can stuff inside cookies! [buzzfeed]

One of my favorite things from this time of year is pumpkin. Pumpkin ANYTHING! Here are 19 of the best ways to eat pumpkin for breakfast. [buzzfeed]

Tired of always burning the crap out of your mouth because you're too impatient to wait for your pizza to cool off before you take a bite? Well now, feel free to bite into your scalding hot pizza without fear. You can pop a "breath strip" that heals the burns from eating hot foods. [geekologie]

A real working Portal gun? Sadly, no. But a modded one that can levitate a companion cube exists! [howtogeek]

Let's all kick back, grab some popcorn, and watch 15 minutes of a documentary about the making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. [gammasquad]

Here's something else you all need to watch. A marching band tribute to video games. IT HAS TETRIS! This is a "must watch". [geekologie]

World of Warcraft recreated in Minecraft in 1:1 scale [geekosystem]

A very well made Super Mario Bros. mod for Skyrim [geekologie]

Another hoodie to add to your geek collection. A Mario Bros. Tanooki hoodie. [geekosystem]

THE MOST AMAZING CAR CHASE YOU'VE EVER SEEN! Because it's shot using RC vehicles, and made to look like a scene from a movie. [geekosystem]

If you haven't played Dishonored yet, then you're seriously missing out. Maybe these 5 reasons you NEED to play Dishonored will get you throwing your money at this game. [gammasquad]

Now here's 5 things you'll learn about yourself while playing Dishonored. [cracked]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up

What sucks worse than screwing up in front of your friends? How about screwing up on national TV. A BBC newscast used the Halo UNSC logo as the logo for the United Nations Security Council. lulz  [geekosystem]

Prepare to be astounded, once again, by CryEngine 3. The soft-body physics are absolutely amazing. I know what you're thinking, and no, it has nothing to do with Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. [buzzfeed]

I know most of us have thought, while playing Mass Effect, "Man, I wish I had a themed hoodie to wear while playing this amazing game." WELL NOW YOU CAN!.... ALMOST! A fan has designed some Mass Effect themed hoodies, and sent them to Bioware. Bioware is considering to produce a few of them as a test batch. [geekologie]

In all my videogame playing years, I've heard a few rumors and such about various games. Such as, so-and-so is in this game, or if you do "this", then "this" will happen. Most of them being absolute crap and lies! Here are 7 of the cruelest hoaxes and urban legends in videogame history. [dorkly]

More rumors are floating about, saying that George Lucas may be leaving Lucasfilm behind to pursue what he did in the beginning of his career, and produce independent films. [blastr]

Here ya go, you can watch some robots dancing to a short clip of "Thriller". [buzzfeed]

A Fraggle Rock movie is actually happening. [buzzfeed]

How do you know when you've found the perfect girl? When she says, "Yes, let's have a Minecraft themed wedding." NEVER LET THAT GIRL GO! [geekologie]

Yo dawg, I hurd u liek Irons, so we put Iron Man on an iron, so you can iron with an Iron iron. [geekologie]

The first photos from Iron Man 3 are very patriotic. [blastr]

The fish in this tank don't know how awesome they actually have it. A LEGO Super Mario Bros. level as aquarium decorations. [geekosystem]

Survival horror games are a bit cliche, however, "Among the Sleep" is looking to break out of that cliche, with a survival horror experienced from the perspective of a toddler. [gammasquad]

In true Nick tradition, I'm saving the best for last. The latest Doctor Who minisode, created to help promote the 2012 London Olympics. [geekosystem]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: We’re Using Creepy, Alien-Girl Technology Edition

You know at one point or another in your life, you've come across a Highlights magazine; whether in a waiting room, or you actually had a subscription to the magazine as a child. You would think this magazine is all fun and games and learning, but there are actually 5 depressing lessons that this magazine inadvertently taught us. [cracked]

We ALL have to use the restroom during the day, despite what popular internet opinion about girls would have you believe. In some cases some of us may have eaten a bit too much cheese and things just aren't working out too well for us. Well why not use a restroom with a glass bottom, built at the top of a 15 story abandoned elevator shaft. Problem solved! That'll scare the crap right out of you. [geekosystem]

Have you ever gone to the store and bought your favorite two brands of chips and cereal (not to be eaten at the same time) and not even given a second thought that they both might be made by the same parent company. Well for those of you who do think about such things, here's a pictograph of 10 parent companies and the products they make. PREPARE TO BE AMAZED!! [geekologie]

I can totally appreciate a good Photoshopped picture. I mean, look at this masterpiece that Lisa created. What's even more impressive is finding pictures that look like they've been Photoshopped but actually aren't. Here are 18 images you won't believe aren't Photoshopped. [cracked]

For all of you out there who aspire to look like, what seems to be,  the perfect "Barbie" look. DON'T! It's creepy. I mean, uber creepy. Like, aliens attacking in the form of giant plastic freak-dolls creepy. You want proof? Ok then. A Ukrainian girl finally finished her life-long dream of looking exactly like a Barbie doll, using all kinds of plastic surgeries and stuff. It's WAAAAY creepier than you picture in your head. [geekologie]

Tired of playing that awesome game of Tetris on  your tiny, spinach-colored Game Boy screen? Oh... it's on modern gaming systems now? Hmm... Ok. Tired of playing that awesome game of Tetris on your tiny 58" plasma TV? Why not play it on the side of a, what looks to be, 20 story building. [geekosystem]

As gamers, one of the best things you can acquire, while playing your favorite game, is a means to get around the game more quickly. Here are the 10 greatest modes of transportation in videogame history. [dorkly]

Technology has been developing super fast over the last few decades. So-much-so that it's mind-blowing. It's said that by 2014, mobile graphics (i.e. ipad, ipod, etc...)  will be better than the current XBOX 360 graphics card. I remember a few years ago when my "top of the line" PC video card took up 2 PCI slots. [geekosystem]

If you're one of those people who are too lazy to play one of the best video game series over the past few years, but you would still like to know the story it's telling, then you're in luck. A fellow by the Youtube name morphinapg has pieced together all three Uncharted games into movies. Now you can appreciate the Uncharted trilogy without all that pesky playing of the game that's usually involved. [geekosystem]

What would Super Mario Bros. be like if each level was boiled down into a single screen. Well stop wondering, and find out for yourself, because that's exactly what happened for one of the entries in the 23rd Ludum Dare 48 hour game development challenge. Go play "A Super Mario Summary". It's actually a bit more challenging to beat than you would think. [howtogeek]

Last week you got to see the new CryEngine. Now you get a teaser trailer for Crysis 3. Seriously though, my video card would explode if I tried playing this. [geekologie]

The fate of Fringe has FINALLY been decided. FOX has made their decision on whether to keep the show or give it the axe. [blastr]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: What If Edition. Also, Creepy Bunnies.

A few weeks back we posted about Kickstarter funding Double Fine Adventure, with amazing results. Here are 6 Indie video games (including Double Fine Adventure) that Kickstarter made possible. [cracked]

So what's with lists being "top 6"? Whatever happened to top 10? Seriously, it's just 4 more. Stop being so lazy. ANYWAY! Here are the 6 worst endings in video game history, according to Dorkly. And no, Mass Effect 3 isn't in the list. [dorkly]

Hey Kel, why don't you grab a laser, some firecrackers, and a balloon, and meet me in the garage. COME ON, SPICY! Bu-but Kenan... Kenan.. KENAN! AWWW here it goes. [geekologie]

Let's play a little game of "What If".

What if Daleks put their world-destroying ways on hold, and created a relaxation tape? [youtube]

What if Doctor Who regenerated into a girl? There may be some credibility to an April Fools joke/rumor. [blastr]

What if they made a Doctor Who RPG in the 90s. [collegehumor]

What if Angry Birds were an 80s PC game. [youtube]

What if Alfred Hitchcock movies were Nintendo game box-art? [geekologie]

What if video games were actually children's books? [dorkly]

What if Yoda spoke normally? [vimeo]

What if you still had all the toys from your childhood, and kept them in good condition? How much would they be worth? [buzzfeed]

What if Scorpian, from Mortal Kombat, were to replace Mario in Super Mario Bros? [howtogeek]

What if a Rainbow Pegacorn were turned into an amazingly detailed cake? [geekologie]

As we all know, Easter is this Sunday, and this post wouldn't be complete without a couple Easter related links.

Tired of the same old Easter-egg hunt every year? Why not have an Easter-egg hunt in the dark, with glowing eggs? Here's a super simple way to make glow-in-the-dark eggs. [howtogeek]

Where my Peeps at?!? Well, this being Easter, they're everywhere. So much so that they've had some spare time to recreate some Sci-Fi dioramas. [blastr]

And finally, let's take a look at some Easter eggs gone geek. [dorkly]


Kinda Cool? I Guess?: Super Mario Bros. Player Select Screen Reimagined

Eh? Eh? Is this cool? What do we think? It's pretty sweet, I just wish there was more to it. THAT'S RIGHT I'm a greedy Internet-er who has nothing better to do than demand awesome things from other people that I will enjoy for 5 minutes and then go on with my day. SO SUE ME. Actually, don't sue me. I'd like to keep my cat.

[Geekologie - Reimagining The Super Mario Bros. Player Select Screen]


Mari0: Mario with a Portal Gun is Best Thing of Today

This is awesome, my brain hurts. Where am I. What year is it. Who are these large Italians in my bed.


Two genre defining games from completely different eras: Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. and Valve's Portal. These two games managed to give Platformers and First-Person Puzzle Games a solid place in the video game world. But what if Nintendo teamed up with Valve and recreated the famous Mario game with Portal gun mechanics?

Let me just be the first to say that I would play the ever-loving crap out of this game.


Mario Fish Bowl Is So Much Better Than Owning Actual Fish, Which Is Pointless

I'm not super entirely sure what's happening in this photo because I don't have time to read descriptions beneath awesome photos when I find them, and if you don't either than that means I can say whatever I want here and you'll never know. BALLS. BOOBS. BANANABALLSBOOBS.

Okay, fine, give me a second to figure this shit out.

*does research to ensure continued journalistic integrity*

Oh! Fantastic! It's some kind of DIY project that's entirely in a different language, probably Japanese, so I have no idea what the hell it says. If a translator could contact me and let me how I can build one of these things, that'd be great. I'll sit here and eat this miniature cupcake while I wait for your email. *slowly peels off cupcake wrapper, rapidly refreshes Gmail*


What, No Upside Down Buckets?: Incredible Video Game Sand Castle

Remember when you went to the beach as a kid and set your mind to building a MIND-BLOWING and SOCIETY-ALTERING sand castle, only to have it ruined by either nature, a sibling, or your absurdly short attention span? Well, look at what you could have accomplished if you hadn't been such a lazy giver-upper. This could be YOUR temporary, easily-destroyed piece of sand art! Bet you're wishin' you hadn't run off so quickly to those Capri Suns now, aren't ya? AREN'T. YA.

Good job on this pretty-much-the-coolest-sand-castle-I've-ever-seen sand castle, Guy-Oliver. Now, make me LeChuck's Fortress!