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Nick’s Friday Round-Up

Let's go ahead and get it out of the way. Unless you've been living in a galaxy far far away, or under the sea, then you've heard about Disney buying LucasFilms. Now let's see how Darth Vader feels about this. [geekosystem]

Now let's see how Mark Hamill feels about this. [blastr]

Finally, what's George Lucas plan on doing with the 4 BILLION dollars he got from the sale? [geekosystem]

You know how some nights you'll be looking outside and see the moon, and you're like, "HOLY CRAP, THAT MOON IS HUUUUUUGE TONIGHT!!" Well guess what. It's no bigger than it looks at any other time of night. It's all an illusion. [geekosystem]

If your geek level isn't as high as you'd like it to be, you can always make Portal Companion Ice Cubes. You'll be the hit at your next geek gathering. It'll definitely add a +5 to your latest cosplay party. [geekologie]

What if Minecraft was the Matrix. MAYBE IT IS! [howtogeek]

Most games are pretty balanced when it comes to weaponry, however, there are those few games that give you a ridiculously overpowered weapon. This is super fun unless you're that one guy who uses it in some sort of multiplayer online match. Then you're just "that guy" who everybody hates. Here are 15 of the most overpowered weapons in videogame history. [dorkly]

Something we all have to bear through on any flight is the safety video, or if you're not even that lucky, the flight staff speaking over the intercom. I think every airline should take a tip from New Zealand and show a Hobbit themed video. Seriously, what's the downside? [geekologie]

What does every boy and girl want for Christmas? A fully functioning Fallout Pipboy! Because we all need V.A.T.S in our lives! [geekologie]

Speaking of fully functioning, here's a fully interactive Tetris Jack-O'-Lantern. [howtogeek]

A TACO CANNON! [gammasquad]

Back in the 90s there was this little game called Wolfenstein. You may or may not remember it.... Well guess what movie is currently in the works. [blastr]



Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Click ALL THE LINKS Edition

Once again the topic of zombies has veered it's ugly head. Until the oncoming apocalypse actually happens, it's a topic that just won't die. PUNS! To aid you in preparation of this event, a map service has been provided to us, using the power of Google Maps. It shows you all the danger zones, where supplies can be found, food, guns, ammo, first aid, gas, military, and more. If you're serious about preparation, THIS is the place to start. [mapofthedead]

On the topic of Zombies, if you happen to have a spare $1,300.00, then why not buy the Limited Edition Resident Evil 6. No, I didn't misplace any comma's or decimal points. That's one thousand three hundred dollars. FOR A VIDEO GAME with extras.... [geekologie]

$60.00 for a video game is expensive enough, but then you tag on some DLC. Which is a great way to keep the game going, but a lot of companies already have the DLC ready to go when the game is released. They hold onto it for a few months, and THEN release it, instead of just adding it to the game when you bought it. This is their devious way of  getting another $10 out of you, but what about an extra $1,000 out of you for DLC. Yep, and the worst part... it's a train simulator game. Here are the 8 most awful paid DLC in videogame history. [dorkly]

On a brighter note, a bunch of new trailers for upcoming CAPCOM games have been released. Resident Evil 6, Devil May Cry, Lost Planet 3, and Dragon's Dogma. [gammasquad]

Ever thought about what it would be like if Mega Man was a live-action film? Well think no more! Here's a Mega Man X fan-film, shot by the absolutely HILARIOUS Olan Rogers. You know, that dude from all the BalloonShop videos. Here are a few of my favorites. Snack Pack, Hey Ben, Whips, I'm Enjoying a Treat Derrick!, HALO 3: I Am The Master Chief . Olan took a mere $700 (I use the word "mere" lightly) and created this awesome piece of Mega Man movie awesomeness.[geekologie]

Speaking of things that are awesome, what about S'mores? We all love S'mores, right? Well some crazy evil genius has decided to upgrade the traditional S'mores, to super-ultra levels of awesomazingness. A Krispy Kreme donut S'mores toasted with a giant marshmallow and a Reece's Peanut Butter Cup as the chocolate. I'll give you a minute to wipe the drool off your keyboard. [laughingsquid]

Here's a slow-motion video of a guy breaking fragile things with a slingshot. [geekologie]

Here's a video of a girl throwing a paper plane out of an 18 story building and birds attacking it. [youtube]

Here's a video of a guy texting while nearly walking into a bear. [youtube]

Remember those couple weeks in a row I made the same reference to the song, Don't Stop Believing? Well apparently it caught on, and now ALL THE MOVIES have come together to sing the song. [youtube]

And finally, it looks as if BeetleJuice 2 is gonna happen. Not some stupid reboot, but a legit sequel with Michael Keaton, and Tim Burton on board. [blastr]