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Nick’s Friday Round-Up

Once again, I ran across a video that absolutely deserves to be spotlighted in this post, so here it is. Possibly the best video ever to grace the stage of the internet.

Want to really screw with peoples minds? Decorate your house with glitch furniture. Make your house look like a dying computer screen. [io9]

If you need an amazing graphic of war-torn Syria, go ahead and grab a picture from Assassin's Creed. This news station did. [geekosystem]

Who's fingers are THAT small to make a half-inch papercraft Millennium Falcon. [blastr]

Let's scale things up a bit with a life size papercraft Zelda. [geekologie]

If you haven't heard, which I don't know how you couldn't have, there's a kickstarter to raise $2,000,000 to help make a Veronica Mars movie. Within the first 4 hours, it had already received 1 million, which is just one of at least 3 records it broke for kickstarter. As of me writing this, it's already surpassed that, by earning $3.3 million. Let me say that VM is my second favorite shows ever, and this pleases me greatly. [wired]

The previous wired article raised many questions, such as if people were duped into actually giving money toward the project. Here is a conversation by some IGN editors to help answer these questions. [youtube]

With the success of the Veronica Mars movie kickstarter, there's even a possibly of another one of my top favorite shows ever to have a movie. Chuck! [blastr]

Now why would you want to manually switch songs, when your headphones can do it for you by reading your mind based on your mood. [geekologie]

Minecraft, in my opinion, is an amazing game, and now it's even being used as an educational tool, possibly the ultimate educational tool. [geekosystem]

As it turns out, elderly people who play video games tend to be happier and more active. [geekosystem]

There are games that have amazing launches, earning buttloads of money, and then there are some that nearly flop, however, a bad launch doesn't necessarily mean the game will fail. Here are the 9 worst videogame launches of all time. [dorkly]

Just because there's been a lack of news about a new sequel to Bill and Ted, doesn't mean the movie has been delayed. Movies just take time. [blastr]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up

This goes out to all you hardcore gamers out there. You got an extra $300.00 laying around? Good. Then I present to you the Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 gaming keyboard. And here I thought my Razer Tarantula keyboard was pretty cool. [geekologie]

For those of you who are putting together a zombie themed room, or perhaps you just enjoy blood splatter, or maybe you're just a regular ol' homicidal maniac, and want to camouflage the real blood. Either way, you'll love this beautiful blood stain wallpaper. It's sure to match your drapes. [geekologie]

Once you get that gaming keyboard, why not drop another $300.00 on a brand new, top-of-the-line video card. That way you can actually play Crysis 3 in all it's extremely beautiful splendor. [gammasquad]

Going to the opposite end of the spectrum. You all remember QWOP, right? Personally, I wasn't able to take 2 steps in that game. Well the creator of said game has created another one, called CLOP. You move a unicorn across the hillside to get to the fair maiden. At first, it seems much easier to play, but just wait until you get to the incline. [geekosystem]

What do you get when you mix up a pot of Animaniacs and throw in a good dash of Skrillex? You get sheer awesome, that's what. [buzzfeed]

Here's a 7-foot LEGO replica of Firefly's Serenity ship. [geekologie]

Not cool enough for you? How about a life-size, functional Wall-E robot? [geekologie]

Here's something that might be of interest to Lisa. A stackable tetris desk lamp. [geekosystem]

Forget magnets, HOW THE CRAP DO MIRRORS WORK?!? And while we're at it, what color is a mirror anyway? Why are your eyes blue or green, or hazel? What color are their hands now? [howtogeek]

Anybody want a Batman toilet paper holder? [geekologie]

Here ya go. Have a few awesome facts about stuff you've seen at Toys R Us [mentalfloss]

What are the best multiplayer maps ever made? Let's find out, shall we? [dorkly]

I love the show, Grimm, and I was extremely excited when season 2 started this past Monday. Here are 11 secrets about Grimm season 2. WARNING: THAR BE SPOILERS AHEAD! [blastr]

Speaking of "spoilers", want to build your own little paper TARDIS? [howtogeek]

The 11th doctor has been around for a couple seasons now, and from the looks of it, he's going to be sticking around for a while longer. [blastr]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Party Spock is in the Round-Up Tonight Edition

I'm going to start by posting this. Why? Because, Japan. Because, I can, Because lulz. Because... I don't even know. [youtube]

I really can't top that, which makes me wonder why I didn't end with it instead... Oh well.

Ever wanted to be a superhero? Well, guess what. That's never gonna happen, but I have the next best thing. You can get your head on a superhero action figure. Close enough, right? [geekologie]

Speaking of things that will never happen; here are 10 nerd dreams that will never come true. [dorkly]

You know all those old video games sitting on your shelf that you never play anymore? Society would have you believe that you should trade them in to Gamestop. Well, guess what. There are more options now than just Gamestop. Let's find out who gives you the best value for your old games. [gammasquad]

I've played Halo and Halo 2, and a tiny bit of Halo 3. I suck at FPS's, so after Halo 2, I was pretty much spent. However, for those of you still hardcore into the Halo franchise, it's officially been announced when Halo 4 will be released. [geekosystem]

Now Metroid, on the other hand, is a game franchise I can get behind. For those of you into the whole paper folding world, I present to you a 7 foot tall, papercraft Samus. [geekologie]

Papercraft and Metroid aren't your thing? Ok then, let's go a little more oldschool with Frogger. Not just regular Frogger, no no. 5th Avenue Frogger. You can play Frogger in real-time from 5th Ave. in NYC, against actual NYC traffic. [gizmodo]

Who doesn't enjoy a fun game of mini-golf? What about a video game inspired mini-golf course, including Minecraft and Portal? [geekologie]

Last week we saw a bunch of new trailers from CAPCOM. This week I have a bunch of new trailers from NAMCO BANDAI, including Dragon Ball Z for Kinect. This might be the game that convinces me to get the Kinect. Seriously, I'd KAMEHAMEHA the crap out of that game. [gammasquad]

This is NOT actual camera footage, this is a trailer for the CryENGINE 3.4 to be used with the upcoming Crysis game. inb4 your video card can't handle it, and your stuck playing on the lowest graphic settings causing the game to look nothing like it does in the trailer. [geekologie]

Good ol' Freddie25 on Youtube has put together an awesomazing video game medley. See if you can guess all the songs. There's a cheat sheet in the video description. [youtube]

Earlier the rumor was thrown around that the next Doctor Who could actually be a girl. Well I have some more speculation to throw into the pot of Who. There's also the possibility that it could be Capt. Jack. "HOW WOULD THAT HAPPEN?", you ask? Not sure, but it's still a possibility. [blastr]

Here's a very good replica of a proton pack from Ghostbusters, and it's ONLY $850.00 [geekologie]

Speaking of Ghostbusters, there's a possibility of Bill Murray being in Ghostbusters 3. Who knows... It's been a bunch of back and forth. I guess only time will tell. [blastr]

With the fate of Fringe still up in the air, they've actually created 2 season finale's. Hopefully it'll just be a season finale and not a series finale. [blastr]

The snozzberries taste like snozzberries, the jaffa cakes taste like jaffa cakes! Apparently some scientific people took a page from Willy Wonka and actually created IRL lickable wallpaper. I'm a bit hesitant with how sanitary this is. [geekologie]

Here's a once-in-a-lifetime picture of 8 bolts of lightning hitting the San Francisco Bay bridge. [dailymail]