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Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Rage, Science, Retro and More Edition

When we last left off, our heroes had been turned into aliens. We now find ourselves with a new name. No longer the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Not even the Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles. Nope. As of now, our heroes are only the Ninja Turtles, with Michael Bay saying, "WOAH THERE! This decision is not my fault, Yo. Take yourselves another chill pill." [blastr]

In other rage-inducing news, the writer/directors of Harold and Kumar will be rebooting the Back to the Future trilogy. Yes, you read that correctly. This is something that's going to happen. However, not in the immediate future. [blastr]

If you haven't heard, Silent Hill is being re-released in HD. You would think this would be a most excellent thing. Sadly, the developers felt that it was a good idea to sacrifice the dark, atmospheric, grainy feel, for the sake of HD. Completely causing them to miss the mark of what Silent Hill is all about. Take a look. [geekosystem]

For everyone who loves video game music. Here are the 9 best current-gen video game soundtracks. [gammasquad]

What would you say if I told you that you can go supersonic without the sonic boom? You'd think I was crazy, right? Well guess what. Some dudes have developed a supersonic biplane that, when it surpasses the speed of sound, it doesn't create a sonic boom. Maybe now a flight from LA to NYC won't take 6 hours. [geekosystem]

The future is upon us! We don't have holographic touch screens just yet, but we're close. Flexible E Ink is now in mass production. It's kinda like a Kindle if it was a flexible, thin piece of plastic that'll get lost once you set it down and walk away, or your dog finds it, mistaking it for your homework. [geekosystem]

Playstation 4: Codename Orbis [geekosystem]

Do you love pizza but find yourself too lazy to call the pizza place to order it? Why not move to Dubai?  A pizza establishment there will give you a refrigerator magnet, that, at the push of a button, automatically orders your favorite pizza for you. No fuss, no muss. Ahhh, laziness at its finest. [geekologie]

Thinking of getting engaged? Married? Why not go super ape-geek with it. You can propose to her with a TARDIS themed engagement ring, then, on the big day, you can both exchange Darth Vader/Lightsaber themed wedding bands.

Just an 64-bit girl, livin' in an 8-bit world! (didn't I make this same reference last week?) Check out these movie posters converted to their 8-bit versions. [behance]

First Nickelodeon gives us "The 90s are All That". Now Cartoon Network has decided to follow in their footsteps by giving us CARTOON PLANET. [buzzfeed]

Speaking of old 90s TV shows. Let's take a look at some 90s TV supporting actors, THEN and NOW. [buzzfeed]

For those fans of Terra Nova, with that last ray of hope that Netflix would pick up a second season, it looks as if our hope has been shattered. [blastr]

I present to you, in all it's glory, the Doctor Who season 7 trailer! (insert angelic music. Just don't blink) [geekosystem]

Prepare yourselves for  a battle of EPIC proportions. Man VS Goose. Hold on to your seats, this battle gets serious. Who will be the victor? [youtube]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Let Me Tell You a Story Edition

Welcome! Friday is here, once again. It seems like I JUST got done typing the last one up. Geez! So, OK, this week I've been playing the crap out of Minecraft. I discovered the YOGBOX, and Singleplayer has been turned from a rather boring way to play, to an amazing way to play. I definitely recommend playing the YOGBOX if you're any kind of a fan of Minecraft. [YOGBOX] Awesome, let's get started.

I think I will begin the Round-Up, this week, with a story. A story of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It begins with a very well known and beloved rag-tag gang of ninja turtles, who entered our lives in the 90s with an amazing cartoon show. Following the cartoon were 3 live-action films. Followed by other cartoon adaptations of the series, as well as a CGI movie. All of which have retained the very root of what makes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
It is now present day. We hear the announcement that the live-action movies are being rebooted. Fangirls and Fanboys everywhere become cautiously excited. Enter Michael Bay as the director. He announces that these Ninja Turtles will not be mutants in his movie, but aliens. Fanboys and girls everywhere nearly riot in the streets. Flipping over cars, breaking out store windows, sending stern letters. A voice actor from the original live-action movies speaks out about his feelings towards this decision. The cry is loud, and deafening. People from all over the world are speaking out. These cries are heard by Michael Bay, and yet, his reply is, "Take a chill pill." To add to the salt in the wound by Michael Bay, one of the co-creators of the Ninja Turtles speaks out in Michael Bay's defense in this mutant to alien decision. So far we've been wounded, we've had salt thrown in it, and now, as we sit there licking the wound, a wild bunny appears. Awwww, how cute, but as it turns out, this is a werewolf bunny! Yes... yes... a werewolf bunny, that tears into our wound and leaves us with nothing but a nub for an arm, because this werewolf bunny turns out to be the OTHER co-creator of the Ninja Turtles, giving his support for Michael Bay's decision. As we lay twitching on the ground in pain and disgust, our body jerks real hard, our eyes open, and we realize this werewolf bunny wasn't real, but only a dream. We look down at our arm, and see it's still there, but the wound is still pretty bad. We look to the side and see a little bunny hopping about. "OH NO!" we exclaim to ourselves, as we remember our dream. Fortunately this bunny is just a cute bunny who seems to have been misunderstood.
And this, my friends, is where the story resides. Only the future will tell what's in store, and we can only take guesses as to the outcome. Time will tell if these beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will become the Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles, or, as the Nostalgia Critic thinks... Michael Bay's Racist Alien Big Boobied Explosions.

How do I follow up an AMAZING story like that, you ask? With LASERS!

Some of you Apple fans might want to look away. A man destroys an new iPad 3 with nothing but lasers. It's a beautiful sight. [geekologie]

Not awesome enough for you? How about a laser that plays the Portal theme song as it etches the Aperature logo. [geekologie]

Ok, ok, enough about lasers. Next on the list, we have some TV news.

The new Doctor Who companion has been announced. [blastr]

If Fringe is actually canceled, we may see a season 5 in comic book form. [blastr]

Now for some video game news

After a huge outcry by the fans, Bioware is working on a new ending to Mass Effect 3 [geekosystem]

Our favorite video game company, Telltale Games, the creators of such favorites as Sam and Max, the Back to the Future game series, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, Jurassic Park, and.. oh yeah... Tales of Monkey Island, are working on a new game for The Walking Dead. [ign]

Get an inside look at the mechanics of Sim City 5's glassbox engine. [gammasquad]

Just a small-town girl. Livin' in an RPG world. Took a midnight dragon flying anywhere.... and then it ate her and pooped out her bones. Here are 7 reasons it sucks living in an RPG world. [dorkly]

A scaled down BTTF DeLorean made completely out of LEGOs [geekosystem]

Are you tired of buying your Lucky Charms cereal and filtering through the box to pick out, and eat, all the marshmallow goodness? Well now you don't have to. Just make the marshmallows yourself. [geekologie]