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Nick’s Friday Round-Up

There's a lot of controversy with the Xbox One. There were rumors that they would not run used games. Well, it will, but they made it extremely difficult for retailers to sell them. [gammasquad]

The end is neigh! Oh, it begins with LEGOs, but then it evolves into Armageddon! A full-size LEGO terminator. [geekologie]

When the apocalypse comes, whether it be zombie, terminator, asteroid, or otherwise, you're gonna need a nice, safe place to play your xbox. You should invest in a personal gaming module. [gammasquad]

A guy rides a snowmobile off a cliff. Major points deducted for not sticking the landing. [geekologie]

One of the most perplexing questions in the history of nerddom is "How does Superman shave?". This question has actually been explained, but most people just don't know it. [gammasquad]

So unless you don't have a soul, then you absolutely love grumpy cat, which means you'll love this bit of news. Grumpy cat is getting her own movie. [geekosystem]

If you recall a couple round-ups back, I posted some TMNT twistie-tie art. Apparently it's a thing now, and there's a lot more of it. [geekologie]

BREAKING NEWS: A Dalek was found at the bottom of a pond in the UK! [blastr]

WE HAVE AN IRL LIGHT SABER! Well about as good as it's gonna get, at least for now. [blastr]

This really isn't news, but just a really beautiful game that I'm excited to play, called Rain. [gammasquad]





Nick’s Friday Round-Up

What if Jurassic Park and Star Wars were one movie? Well here's a mashup trailer for that exact thing. [geekosystem]

Now-a-days people's time is very limited, so sitting down to watch an entire movie saga is nearly impossible. So for those of you in this situation, who want to watch all 6 Star Wars movies, why not watch all 6 at the exact same time. [blastr]

Ever been curious as to what current video games would look like as Atari cartridges? [geekologie]

For those of you die-hard NES fans, you can now buy game cartridge pillows. They even work all the time without having to blow on them. [geekologie]

A Best Buy employee discovered a complete NES deluxe system that was sold to the store, including R.O.B. the robot. It was meant to be recycled, but this fellow could not let that happen. He took some risks at the chance of being fired. Here is his story. [gammasquad]

I've never been able to solve a Rubik's cube without removing and replacing the stickers. This guy juggles three of them, and solves them at the same time. I can't even comprehend how this is possible. [geekologie]

One thing I'm not a big fan of in any video game, is the stupid escort missions. All you want to do is get from point A to point B, but now you have to worry about some other person who can't even lift a finger to help, or if they can, their health is so low it doesn't even matter. Here are the 13 worst escort missions in videogame history. [dorkly]

The upcoming TMNT movie has finally cast all 4 turtle actors. [blastr]

Speaking of ninja turtles, take a look at the seriously creepy looking turtles in this upcoming tmnt game. I'm gonna have nightmares. [gammasquad]

If you don't know yet, Doctor Who will be back with new episodes this Saturday! Here are a couple mini-episodes you should watch before the new episodes. First Episode [blastr] Second Episode [blastr]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Awesome Videos Edition

The first video today is Toy Story. I know you're asking, "Toy Story? What's so great about that?" My reply is, "This is the entire Toy Story movie, re-created, shot-for-shot, with real toys." Enjoy! [geekologie]

Next on the list, we have a live action, Sonic the Hedgehog fan-film. And to add that extra little bit of awesome, they got Jaleel White to voice Sonic. [howtogeek]

This is a stop motion video, in Minecraft, that shows the building of a house. Trust me, it's WAY more amazing than it sounds. If you're any kind of fan of Minecraft, you can appreciate all the work that went into making this video. Even using creative mode, this still would have taken an extremely long time. [howtogeek]

Making a snowman is always a fun thing to do during the winter, but how about destroying them? Here are 10 ways to destroy a snowman... in slow motion. [youtube]

Even the most simple tasks, like clipping your fingernails, becomes over complicated in outer space. [youtube]

In the past, I posted a picture of the TARDIS from Doctor Who mashed up to look like the DeLoreon from Back to the Future. Well it seems someone took that concept and made a short animated video of it. Doctor Who in the world of Back to the Future. [howtogeek]

And to end out the awesome videos, I have a Buffy/Twilight video mashup. Buffy meets Edward. Edward stalks Buffy. Buffy kills Edward. Sounds good to me! [blastr]

This ends our awesome videos section of the Round-Up. BUT WAIT! I still have a few more links for you.

Duck Hunt 2. Need I say more? Get to shooting those ducks! Also, the dog isn't as annoying. In fact, he's pretty cool this time around. [howtogeek]

If you happen to be visiting China, you should check out their new bootlegged World of Warcraft theme park, called Joyland World. Seems legit. [geekologie]

Speaking of World of Warcraft, it looks as if WoW players have broken the fundraising record for hurricane Sandy relief. Who said gamers are lazy and don't care about real life stuff. [geekosystem]

So.... Myspace is back and all rebooted and everything. [geekosystem]

There's now a possibility that we could get a live-action star wars series on ABC. Ya know... with Disney owning Star Wars and all that... [blastr]



Nick’s Friday Round-Up

Convert your horse into a dragon with this simple device. [geekologie]

Convert your doggy into a duck with this simple device. [geekologie]

Looks like the beginning of Skynet is upon us. Don't even think about running. This robot runs faster than you, and it's freakin' creepy looking to boot. [geekosystem]

What's more awesome than playing Assassin's Creed? Watching Assassin's Creed IRL, that's what. Prepare to be amazed. [geekologie]

New School video games vs Old School video games, who would win? Check out this live-action video to find out. [gammasquad]

Can you imagine if the Justice League world and the Transformers world were thrown together? We almost got to find out, but sadly, legal crap got in the way. [blastr]

I don't usually mention Star Trek things on here, but when I do, it's awesome. How about this 6-player Starship Bridge Simulator game. I'm not a huge Star Trek fan, but I'll admit, I'd play the heck out of this. [blastr]

Gamers are pretty outspoken about speaking their mind, but here's 15 things you'll never hear a gamer say. [dorkly]

With the WiiU coming up, it looks like the Wii has pretty-much ran its course. So let's take a look back at the top 10 best Wii games not published by Nintendo. [gammasquad]

Have a little time to kill? Why not watch 14 minutes of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero footage. [gammasquad]

You know what's always funny? Laughing at other people's expense. There's a step in an NYC subway station that's slightly taller than the rest of the steps. A guy decided to record people walking up these steps, and hilarity ensues. [buzzfeed]

Turns out, there's one billionaire in the world who hasn't seen Jurassic Park, or if he has, he hasn't even considered the repercussions of his plans to make a real life Jurassic Park. Yes, you read that right. Cloned Dinosaurs and all, IRL. [blastr]

What would sci-fi TV shows, movies, and video games be without spaceships? Pretty crappy, that's what. Here are 7 of the greatest spaceships in video game history. [dorkly]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: I Refuse to add a Title Edition…. REFUSE!

Ever sleep on that one bed that makes you feel like you're floating on air? Well now you can literally float on air, with a levitating bed. You can also forgo the comfort and softness for a stiff back and crick in the neck. [geekologie]

Ewoks are evil. "But, Nick, they're so cute and furry. Didn't you see the Ewok Adventure?" Yes, yes I did, which further proves my point. Need more proof? Take a look at these pictures. [buzzfeed]

Speaking of evil Ewoks, Diablo III is the fastest selling PC game in history. [geekosystem]

In further Diablo III news, you may have heard of a secret level called Whimsyshire. A spoof of the new My Little Pony show. Want to know how to access it? Well here ya go. [geekosystem]

In the past we've seen some portal mashups with other video games. The latest mashup is Super Street Fighter II with a Portal gun. It's just a video, not a playable game, but it's still lulzy. [gammasquad]

There have been many iterations of Tetris in the past, but this one is the most trolliest version of it ever. Sadly, like the Street Fighter/Portal game, it's not a playable version. MAKE THESE GAMES PLAYABLE, PEOPLE. SRSLY! [geekosystem]

I know all of you have pondered what it would be like if Tetris was turned into a movie. Well ponder no more. Prepare yourself for action, drama, and suspense, in this fan-made Tetris movie trailer. [buzzfeed]

Nintendo can do no wrong, amirite? Yes?... Anybody... Anybody at all... -_- Yeah, you're right. Here's the 5 biggest mistakes ever made by Nintendo. [dorkly]

We've all heard rumors of a possible Shadow of the Colossus movie. Well now those rumors have a bit of credence to them, with the announcement of a director. [geekosystem]

Usually around this time of year, we're all kicked back, watching new episodes of Doctor Who, and to those of you who have taken notice, there are no new episodes at the moment. Curious as to why your favorite time-traveling doctor is not entertaining you right now? Steve Moffat has your answer. [blastr]

How well do you know your video games? I'm talking tiny details in the games that the average gamer wouldn't give a second thought to? I think it's about time to up your video game trivia knowledge. [didyouknowgaming]

Most, if not all of us, have used Windows XP in the past, maybe even still. Unless of course you're a die-hard Apple person. I'll just leave that statement alone. For those of us who are familiar with XP, you know the iconic, default background image of the green hill with clouds above. Someone has taken it upon themselves to use Minecraft to recreate this image. inb4acreeperruinsit [geekosystem]

If there's one show's theme song EVERYBODY knows, it's the theme to Fresh Prince. Here's a clip of Will Smith on the Graham Norton Show, rapping the theme song with the audience. [viralviralvideos]

Boy Meets World was an awesome show that imparted all kinds of knowledge and wisdom, among other things. Here are 18 things that Boy Meets World has taught us. [buzzfeed]

As time goes on, and technology gets better and faster; video games get more intense and involved. They have better graphics and even more immersive worlds, or do they? I think a lot of the newer video games can learn a lot from their older predecessors, such as Myst, one of the best video games from the 90s. Here are 5 things that modern games could learn from Myst. [gammasquad]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Something for Everyone Edition

Hmmm, yes. Quite right, quite right.

Welcome to the end of this week. I'm glad you've arrived. Please have a seat and enjoy the article. Feel free to have a refreshment and tasty beverage.

Speaking of refreshments, let's take a look at the difference between fast food as it's advertised, and the actual food you purchase. [geekologie]

Tired of having to eat around those annoying leaves on the top of a strawberry? Do you get frustrated trying to fold a fitted sheet? Want to amplify the volume of your iPod speaker? How about making heart-shaped hard-boiled eggs? Here are 25 clever ideas to make life easier. [thedailybuzz]

While we're on a DIY theme, how about a few more geek-style DIY projects. Create your own stylus for an iPad. An easy and efficient way to organize all your extra cables, and a dirt cheap way to extend the range of your routers wi-fi antennae. [howtogeek]

Space... the final frontier. TV and movies would never lie to us about space, right? When it comes to black holes, and yellow suns, and asteroid belts, we all have our facts straight. DON'T GO NEAR THEM! Or can we? Here are 6 myths everyone believes about space, thanks to movies. [cracked]

Here are a few legitimately newsworthy links:
No Blizzcon in 2012 [geekosystem]
If Fringe is canceled it could continue on through another medium [blastr]
Microsoft could be phasing out Microsoft Points by the end of 2012 [geekosystem]

Ever played Duck Hunt and just wanted to go at it with a machine gun? (sidenote: I wanted to shoot the living brains out of that laughing dog.) Well, sorry, you can't do that, BUT, you can watch a video of Bill "Mad Dog" Rizer from Contra do it, as well as a bunch of other video-game mash-ups. [youtube]

Who didn't play the original Command and Conquer? Anybody?  Anybody at all? Good. Well why not take yourself back to the 90s and play it again, but this time in your browser. A guy by the name of Aditya Ravi Shankar (don't ask me to pronounce it) took it upon himself to recode the entire C&C game as an html5 game. It's not finished, but you can still play it in it's current state. [howtogeek]

Two words. Dubstep Cat. Watch this video all the way through. I promise you will thank me for it. For those of you who need instant gratification, jump to the 34 second mark. [youtube] (I just watched it again... omg, I'm crying. hahaha)

If going to isn't enough to fulfill your nerdy desires of awesomazing things, then check out this website. [needwant]

Want to be one of the original Power Rangers? HECK YEAH, YA DO! Well now you can, with these new Power Ranger hoodies! Now you can play Power Rangers outside with 37% less imagination. [geekologie]

Hyrule Kingdom. A place of wonder and excitement. A place where a little fairy follows you around, annoying the life out of you. If you can't get enough of this world in the actual video games, then why not role-play inside the Hyrule Kingdom in Minecraft? [gammasquad]

OMG, ADORBZ OF THE DAY: A baby reacts to hearing a new sound. [buzzfeed]

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