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Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Self-Serving Edition

Today's Round-Up is a little bit different. I have a few links for you, but I kinda want to promote myself a little bit. I'm considering starting a Minecraft Youtube series, and I've uploaded the first video. So as my test audience, if you have the time, go watch it and throw me some suggestions and comments. Let me know what ya think, and what I can do to make it more entertaining.


If you didn't quite get what you wanted for Christmas, you can trade in those bunny slippers for a Super Mario, Final Level leather belt. [geekologie]

If that's not  cool enough for you, how about an $800 Illuminated Batman chess set. Seriously... this thing is awesome. [geekologie]

In a previous round-up I posted about a fan-made Back to the Future LEGO DeLorean set. Well now it turns out that LEGO is making it an OFFICIAL LEGO set. WOOHOO! [gammasquad]

If you had the leg lamp from A Christmas Story on your Christmas list, then you may want an upgrade to a Star Wars droid leg lamp instead. [geekologie]

With Nintendo Power finally ending it's magazine publication, it looks as if Nintendo Force is going to pick up where Nintendo Power left off. [geekosystem]

Dead Space 3 can hear you scream! Seriously. It will also change the gameplay accordingly. [warpzoned]

A cat that jumps whenever it hears the jump sound from Super Mario Bros. Hilarity is inevitable. [geekologie]

For the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, the UK is releasing Doctor Who stamps. For you hardcore fans, you may want to get in touch with your UK friends to send you some. [geekosystem]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Super-Short Edition

Dragonball Z is one of my favorite anime... animes? animi?... of all time. The Hollywood movie was severely lacking, to say the least. This fan-made movie trailer is EXACTLY what the Hollywood movie SHOULD have been. I had chills during the entire thing. [blastr]

During Christmas time, it's popular to make gingerbread houses. Well somebody got a little bored with that, and decided to make a gingerbread Millennium Falcon. [geekologie]

It seems that recreating movies and stuff with LEGO's is the new cool thing to do, so here's a funny recreation of the battle of Helm's Deep. [howtogeek]

It's the end of an era with the last Nintendo Power magazine, so it's very fitting that their last magazine cover is a recreation of their very first cover. [geekologie]

There are certain levels in video games that we all dread. One of them being any water level. Ocarina of Time, anyone? But there's also the ice levels. Some of them are cool, (puns!) and yet, others are the soul cause of so many rage-quits. Here are the top 5 best and worst videogame ice levels. [gammasquad]

It's winter, so that means there will be the wearing of gloves. That also means that you can't do jack squat on your smart phone without taking that glove off... or does it? Here's a relatively cheap DIY on how you can modify your gloves to interact with your touchscreen. [howtogeek]

Not sure what to get that geek friend for Christmas? How about a massive collection of Star Wars action figures. [geekologie]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up

One of the most frustrating things in video games is when you have to deal with a ridiculously difficult puzzle. Even worse is when there's no logic involved in solving it, making it even more frustrating. Have a look at 6 of the most absurdly difficult video game puzzles. [cracked]

Normally you don't think about using Minecraft as a psychological experiment about the human condition. Well some people did, and they executed this experiment with 30 different people. [geekosystem]

In a sad bit of news, Nintendo Power will be printing their last issue this December. Let's all take a moment of silence. [geekologie]

Let's take a look at a re-imagining of Super Smash Bros. IRL. [geekosystem]

For all you fans of Plants VS Zombies, they're making a sequal. Now you can continue to use your "flower power" to push back the endless hoard. [geekosystem]

If you're like me, and I'm sure you are, you've always wondered what a Portal 2 Sentry turret looks like on the inside. Well wonder no more! [buzzfeed]

Ever wanted your own batarang? Who hasn't? AMIRITE?! Well I'll do you one better. How about your very own colorful set of batarang pocket knives. [geekologie]

Earth is one step closer to becoming Star Wars, with the creation of the Aerofex hovercraft bike. A.K.A. prototype speeder bike. [blastr]

Anybody remember a movie called The Rocketeer? Well guess what. A reboot is in the works. [blastr]

How about I give you a few DIY projects.

Project 1) DIY Spray-bottle of Sorcery. It sprays in any direction. [buzzfeed]
Project 2) DIY Car dashboard camera mount, on the cheap. [howtogeek]
Project 3) DIY Movie screen. [howtogeek]

Pack your bags, people. We're all moving to China to live in a house built on top of a shopping mall. Those Chinese are geniuses. [geekosystem]

Here's the skyline of Japan made out of 1.8 million LEGO's. [buzzfeed]

Here's a fictional city made from 100,000 staples. [gammasquad]

If superheroes were fonts, what typographic classification would they be? [behance]

Please enjoy some pictures of some too-fat-to-function animals. [buzzfeed]

Finally, for those of you Doctor Who fans, don't "boohoo" over the Ponds. As it turns out, there will be a spin-off miniseries. [blastr]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: We’re Using Creepy, Alien-Girl Technology Edition

You know at one point or another in your life, you've come across a Highlights magazine; whether in a waiting room, or you actually had a subscription to the magazine as a child. You would think this magazine is all fun and games and learning, but there are actually 5 depressing lessons that this magazine inadvertently taught us. [cracked]

We ALL have to use the restroom during the day, despite what popular internet opinion about girls would have you believe. In some cases some of us may have eaten a bit too much cheese and things just aren't working out too well for us. Well why not use a restroom with a glass bottom, built at the top of a 15 story abandoned elevator shaft. Problem solved! That'll scare the crap right out of you. [geekosystem]

Have you ever gone to the store and bought your favorite two brands of chips and cereal (not to be eaten at the same time) and not even given a second thought that they both might be made by the same parent company. Well for those of you who do think about such things, here's a pictograph of 10 parent companies and the products they make. PREPARE TO BE AMAZED!! [geekologie]

I can totally appreciate a good Photoshopped picture. I mean, look at this masterpiece that Lisa created. What's even more impressive is finding pictures that look like they've been Photoshopped but actually aren't. Here are 18 images you won't believe aren't Photoshopped. [cracked]

For all of you out there who aspire to look like, what seems to be,  the perfect "Barbie" look. DON'T! It's creepy. I mean, uber creepy. Like, aliens attacking in the form of giant plastic freak-dolls creepy. You want proof? Ok then. A Ukrainian girl finally finished her life-long dream of looking exactly like a Barbie doll, using all kinds of plastic surgeries and stuff. It's WAAAAY creepier than you picture in your head. [geekologie]

Tired of playing that awesome game of Tetris on  your tiny, spinach-colored Game Boy screen? Oh... it's on modern gaming systems now? Hmm... Ok. Tired of playing that awesome game of Tetris on your tiny 58" plasma TV? Why not play it on the side of a, what looks to be, 20 story building. [geekosystem]

As gamers, one of the best things you can acquire, while playing your favorite game, is a means to get around the game more quickly. Here are the 10 greatest modes of transportation in videogame history. [dorkly]

Technology has been developing super fast over the last few decades. So-much-so that it's mind-blowing. It's said that by 2014, mobile graphics (i.e. ipad, ipod, etc...)  will be better than the current XBOX 360 graphics card. I remember a few years ago when my "top of the line" PC video card took up 2 PCI slots. [geekosystem]

If you're one of those people who are too lazy to play one of the best video game series over the past few years, but you would still like to know the story it's telling, then you're in luck. A fellow by the Youtube name morphinapg has pieced together all three Uncharted games into movies. Now you can appreciate the Uncharted trilogy without all that pesky playing of the game that's usually involved. [geekosystem]

What would Super Mario Bros. be like if each level was boiled down into a single screen. Well stop wondering, and find out for yourself, because that's exactly what happened for one of the entries in the 23rd Ludum Dare 48 hour game development challenge. Go play "A Super Mario Summary". It's actually a bit more challenging to beat than you would think. [howtogeek]

Last week you got to see the new CryEngine. Now you get a teaser trailer for Crysis 3. Seriously though, my video card would explode if I tried playing this. [geekologie]

The fate of Fringe has FINALLY been decided. FOX has made their decision on whether to keep the show or give it the axe. [blastr]