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Nick’s Friday Round-Up

Whether you're a little kid or a big kid, if you're a fan of Doctor Who, this is a must-have item. [geekologie]

Remember back in the day when they had a show called MTV Cribs? Mix that with some weightlessness and you've got awesomesauce all over the place. Here's a tour of the International Space Station in the style of MTV Cribs. [howtogeek]

Some people are too smart and creative for their own good. This dude altered an oldschool Game Boy to where he can mount his Android phone onto it, and use the Game Boy as a game app controller. [geekosystem]

A dude goes through fast food drive-thru's disguised as the driver seat. MAJOR lulz ensue. [geekologie]

Sometimes games getting cancelled before being released is a good thing, sometimes not. Either way, what happened has happened.  Here are 10 of the greatest cancelled projects in videogame history. [dorkly]

Want to play ice cube Tetris in your water glass? WE ALL DO! Although, I'm not sure how you're gonna get all that ice in one little glass, but that's not the point. The point is that there's a DIY on how to make your own Tetris ice cube molds. [howtogeek]

You don't have to be a card player to need these. Official Legend of Zelda playing cards. [geekologie]

If you haven't yet seen the trailer for Pacific Rim, you should totally go watch it. You may notice a familiar voice in the trailer. Yep, that's the voice of GLaDOS from Portal, but only in the trailer. The voice will be a bit different for the actual movie. [kotaku]

Playing video games makes you a better employee. More specifically... hardcore WoW players make better employees. YEP! This is true. [blastr]

2012 is over and it's time for another year of videogames. Here are a few lessons that game developers can learn from 2012 gaming. [gammasquad]

If you haven't seen Wreck-It Ralph yet, what's the matter with you? On the plus side, you'll be able to download it before it gets released on DVD and Blu-Ray. [geekosystem]

LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes is coming this fall! If it's anything like LEGO Batman 2, then it's definitely a must buy. [warpzoned]

I'm a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I feel pretty confident to say that most of you are as well. Recently one of the stunt coordinators who worked on the show started releasing some behind-the-scenes stunt footage on Youtube. Why are you still reading? GO WATCH IT! [blastr]

Also, don't forget to check out my Minecraft series on Youtube. Yes, this is shameless self promotion. I can live with that. [youtube]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Self-Serving Edition

Today's Round-Up is a little bit different. I have a few links for you, but I kinda want to promote myself a little bit. I'm considering starting a Minecraft Youtube series, and I've uploaded the first video. So as my test audience, if you have the time, go watch it and throw me some suggestions and comments. Let me know what ya think, and what I can do to make it more entertaining.


If you didn't quite get what you wanted for Christmas, you can trade in those bunny slippers for a Super Mario, Final Level leather belt. [geekologie]

If that's not  cool enough for you, how about an $800 Illuminated Batman chess set. Seriously... this thing is awesome. [geekologie]

In a previous round-up I posted about a fan-made Back to the Future LEGO DeLorean set. Well now it turns out that LEGO is making it an OFFICIAL LEGO set. WOOHOO! [gammasquad]

If you had the leg lamp from A Christmas Story on your Christmas list, then you may want an upgrade to a Star Wars droid leg lamp instead. [geekologie]

With Nintendo Power finally ending it's magazine publication, it looks as if Nintendo Force is going to pick up where Nintendo Power left off. [geekosystem]

Dead Space 3 can hear you scream! Seriously. It will also change the gameplay accordingly. [warpzoned]

A cat that jumps whenever it hears the jump sound from Super Mario Bros. Hilarity is inevitable. [geekologie]

For the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, the UK is releasing Doctor Who stamps. For you hardcore fans, you may want to get in touch with your UK friends to send you some. [geekosystem]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Super-Short Edition

Dragonball Z is one of my favorite anime... animes? animi?... of all time. The Hollywood movie was severely lacking, to say the least. This fan-made movie trailer is EXACTLY what the Hollywood movie SHOULD have been. I had chills during the entire thing. [blastr]

During Christmas time, it's popular to make gingerbread houses. Well somebody got a little bored with that, and decided to make a gingerbread Millennium Falcon. [geekologie]

It seems that recreating movies and stuff with LEGO's is the new cool thing to do, so here's a funny recreation of the battle of Helm's Deep. [howtogeek]

It's the end of an era with the last Nintendo Power magazine, so it's very fitting that their last magazine cover is a recreation of their very first cover. [geekologie]

There are certain levels in video games that we all dread. One of them being any water level. Ocarina of Time, anyone? But there's also the ice levels. Some of them are cool, (puns!) and yet, others are the soul cause of so many rage-quits. Here are the top 5 best and worst videogame ice levels. [gammasquad]

It's winter, so that means there will be the wearing of gloves. That also means that you can't do jack squat on your smart phone without taking that glove off... or does it? Here's a relatively cheap DIY on how you can modify your gloves to interact with your touchscreen. [howtogeek]

Not sure what to get that geek friend for Christmas? How about a massive collection of Star Wars action figures. [geekologie]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up

Let's hurt you right in the childhood. 5 Creepy things you never noticed about famous kids cartoons. [cracked]

Got a little spare change? You can purchase a $15,000 solid gold LEGO brick. [geekosystem]

IT'S SORCERY! Wait.. no, just anamorphic illusions. [geekologie]

Whether you're a fan of card tricks, or poker, or old maid, you NEED these Legend of Zelda playing cards. [geekologie]

Everyone loves Super Mario Bros. But there's a dark side to the game series. Here are 6 horrible truths about Super Mario Bros. [dorkly]

Another hoodie. This time it's less video game, and more scary sci-fi drama. Get your very own LOTR Wraith hoodie. [geekologie]

What do you get when you combine cute and cuddly with sci-fi awesome in the form of a cake? You get Winnie the Pooh Doctor Who. [geekologie]

Email has never been the best way for sending large files, and most people have to resort to programs like Dropbox. Google wants to fix that by combining Google Drive with Gmail, allowing you to easily send 10gb files. [geekosystem]

Sorry folks, but there will be no multiplayer for Bioshock Infinite. (sad trombone) [geekosystem]

The Legend of Digital Zelda. A video you won't regret watching. Seriously... go watch it. [howtogeek]

With winter upon us, it's time to get your snowflake on. Your Star Wars snowflake, that is. [anthonyherreradesigns]

It's those cold winter months, and that means ice on your windshield. You can be the coolest kid in school with this wampa-arm ice scraper. [geekologie]

It's not halloween anymore, but scaring people is year-round lulz. Check out this "Ghost in the elevator" prank. [blastr]

With the Wii U now released, what's the smartest thing to do with the original Wii? Make it smaller, of course! But only for Canada. The Tiny Wii. It'll be the most tiniest fun you'll ever have, eh! [gammasquad]

Don't know what to get your geek friends for Christmas, and you don't have much  money to spend? Give them a cute and cuddly sci-fi plush toy. It'll soften even the most hardened gamer's heart. [blastr]

Christmas is coming up, and you need to decide which game you want to add to your Christmas list, but for some reason you can only ask for one. I don't know why, that's just the stipulation. Do you ask for Hitman, Dishonored, or Assassin's Creed III? Well here's a rundown comparison to help you make that choice. [gammasquad]

If you haven't played it already, there's now a demo of DMC: Devil May Cry for download on PSN and XBOX Live. [warpzoned]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: I’ve Spent Way Too Much Time Trying to Think of a Title Edition

Whenever I can, I like to start off my posts with food. Why? Because... food... What other reason do you need? So you know how awesome it is when you make that perfect pancake. And by "perfect pancake" I mean when you flip it over and it doesn't break. Well allow this guy to completely show you up. Enjoy some amazing pancake art. [geekologie]

It's Friday. Friday. Gotta post a sequel on Friday. Do you see where I'm going with this? *insert trollface* The "Poor man's Usher" has released an official sequel to the song "Friday". If you were looking forward to some Rebecca Black, I'm sorry to disappoint. It's just fake Usher. BUT... it's actually a pretty funny video. [geekosystem]

Unless you're one of the 7 people in the world who've been on a journey to deliver some kind of ring to a volcano, just so you can melt it down for scrap, then you know the Avenger's movie came out last week. If you've seen the movie, then you know that, *MINI-SPOILER* the city gets smashed up pretty bad. *END MINI-SPOILER* Of course you're thinking to yourself, "What if you were to calculate the damages and put them into an actual monetary value? What would it cost to repair everything?" Well wonder no more. [blastr]

For those of you who follow Lisa on twitter, then you know she steals potential content for my Round-Ups and links them to her followers. I'm pretty sure she does it just to spite me, but ya know what. I DON'T CARE. I'm gonna link it anyway. HAH! IN YOUR FACE LISA FOILES! Now everybody go watch this video of a guy playing the Tetris theme on a laser harp. Yes... a laser harp. [geekologie]

Everybody at one time in their life has watched Star Wars and thought to themselves how they would just love to be frozen in carbonite. Well your dream has come true! For the low low cost of $100 and a trip to a Disney theme park, you can make this dream a reality. Sort-of... [buzzfeed]

QUICK, name 2 things that we all love, and can't believe haven't been combined yet! If you guessed Cheez Whiz and socks.... something is clearly wrong with you. If you guess R2-D2 and coffee... DING DING DING, YOU WIN! [geekologie]

(True story. I bought two laundry baskets. One for clean clothes. One for dirty clothes.)

Computer case modding has been a thing for quite a while. Screw you, iPad! I've seen some insane case mods, but once in a great while you run across one that completely wins the internet. This one has done that such thing. An AT-AT case mod, for your viewing pleasure. [geekosystem]

We have SO MANY videogames these days with so many genres. Some of them are amazing, while most of them are forgotten about. Even the great games could be made even better with a few tweaks. Here are 6 of the greatest video games we'll never get to play. Or maybe we could... Kickstarter anyone? [cracked]

Those crazy people down at Ubisoft have finally released an actual gameplay trailer for Assassin's Creed 3. I'm totally feeling this. Seriously... a bear. You get to fight a bear. If they're anything like the bears in Skyrim, then this is some SRS BSNS! [joystiq]

Speaking of Skyrim... I haven't talked about that in quite a while. Remember back in the day when I posted about that every week? Ah, yes... those were the days. Ok, so how about this. An Alduin dragon Skyrim cake. Legit baking skills are legit. [geekologie]

Speaking of Skyrim... Guess what's being developed into an MMO? The Elder Scrolls! It's been a long time coming, but we finally have a sneak peak. The Elder Scrolls Online teaser. [youtube]

You know when you get that urge to play Wolfenstein 3D, and you have to break out the 3 1/2" Floppy disks? Well, you can throw those disks away! Wait... you already have? What do you mean "what's a 3 1/2" Floppy disk?" You know what... screw you guys. Go play the game in your browser for free. [geekosystem]

This right here is something that NEEDS to be mass produced. A homemade RC Transformer. Not only is it RC'd as a vehicle, but it transforms, and can be completely controlled in it's robot form. It transforms without help, and doesn't fall over. TAKE MY MONEY NOW! [geekologie]

To finish it off, here's a guy who legally changed his name to Tyrannosaurus Rex. [geekosystem]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Video Games and Zombies and Movies, OH MY! Edition

I don't believe this picture needs any kind of comment or introduction. It pretty much speaks for itself.

HOWDY-HO Junior Woodchucks! An entire week has just flown by. It seems like just yesterday I was typing this thing up. This week I went to Philadelphia for a flower show. It's much more manlier than it sounds, trust me, but I have to say my dogs were barking from all that walking. Going for a walk/run the day before didn't help much, either. The entire lower-half of my body is so sore. BUT WHATEVER, NOBODY CARES ABOUT MY STUPID LIFE STORIES. "COOL STORY BRO" Maybe next week I'll make up some story about a ninja midget baby. Maybe that'll be more interesting for you. Gosh you guys are so freakin' hard to please. GO CHOKE ON YOUR COUNT CHOCULA CEREAL! Let's get started!

Sorry to just spring this on you without any kind of a segue, but it needs to be said. Sadly, Ralph McQuarrie has passed away at the age of 82. You don't know that name? Well you most assuredly know his work. He was the visionary for the concept art for the original Star Wars trilogy, as well as many other popular movies. [mentalfloss]

Are you a fan of Terra Nova? Then you probably know that it's officially been canceled, BUT, there's a small ray of hope. It looks as if the series might be picked up by Netflix. [blastr]

ZOMBIES! Yep, as much as you may want this topic to die, there will always be an oncoming zombie apocalypse, so you NEED to stock up on your weapon arsenal. Here's a couple weapon necessities you'll want in your stockpile. First, we have a zombie hunting assault rifle with working chainsaw bayonet. [geekologie]

For those of you who need a zombie apocalypse weapon, but aren't comfortable with things that have moving parts, this is the weapon for you. The Dead-On Annihilator. [geekologie]

Here are a couple people who don't need weapons, just their hands, feet, and super powers. Superman and the Hulk. What if the two universes collided, and they had to do battle. Well guess what. Some dude wanted to see this happen, so instead of just sitting around wishing, he did something about it. He decided to animate it himself. And, honestly, it's quite good. Enjoy Superman VS Hulk. [geekologie]

NOW... I have a bunch of video game related things for you, so let's get into it.
MARIO/PORTAL mashup game. It's real. It's free. It's here. [geekologie]

Remember I showed you some Sim City 5 concept art last week? Well, here's the official trailer. [geekosystem]

Japan found out about Minecraft, and liked it so much that they decided to give it a VERY Japanese style theme song. Prepare for Japanese overload. [geekosystem]

Ever wonder how tall certain structures, in video games and movies, actually are, in comparison to some of the tallest buildings on Earth? Here's a comparison of Barad-Dur from LOTR. [deviantart] And here's a comparison of the Citadel from Half-Life 2. [geekosystem]

We all love video games, and usually the longer the game, the more we consider having gotten our money's worth, but what if video games took the "easiest route" to achieve their main goal. A more "practical" solution. [cracked]

Everybody has their own "top 10" lists of video games. Well here's a Top 15 video games of all time list, according to dorkly. Overall I'm pleased, but never satisfied. [dorkly]

Speaking of lists, how about 12 movies we thought would tank, but actually didn't. Are you surprised? [blastr]

With the upcoming TMNT reboot, we all have things we hope they do, and things we hope they don't do. Here's a wishlist of things, that if they do, could make the movie amazing. [ugo]