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Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Awesome Videos Edition

The first video today is Toy Story. I know you're asking, "Toy Story? What's so great about that?" My reply is, "This is the entire Toy Story movie, re-created, shot-for-shot, with real toys." Enjoy! [geekologie]

Next on the list, we have a live action, Sonic the Hedgehog fan-film. And to add that extra little bit of awesome, they got Jaleel White to voice Sonic. [howtogeek]

This is a stop motion video, in Minecraft, that shows the building of a house. Trust me, it's WAY more amazing than it sounds. If you're any kind of fan of Minecraft, you can appreciate all the work that went into making this video. Even using creative mode, this still would have taken an extremely long time. [howtogeek]

Making a snowman is always a fun thing to do during the winter, but how about destroying them? Here are 10 ways to destroy a snowman... in slow motion. [youtube]

Even the most simple tasks, like clipping your fingernails, becomes over complicated in outer space. [youtube]

In the past, I posted a picture of the TARDIS from Doctor Who mashed up to look like the DeLoreon from Back to the Future. Well it seems someone took that concept and made a short animated video of it. Doctor Who in the world of Back to the Future. [howtogeek]

And to end out the awesome videos, I have a Buffy/Twilight video mashup. Buffy meets Edward. Edward stalks Buffy. Buffy kills Edward. Sounds good to me! [blastr]

This ends our awesome videos section of the Round-Up. BUT WAIT! I still have a few more links for you.

Duck Hunt 2. Need I say more? Get to shooting those ducks! Also, the dog isn't as annoying. In fact, he's pretty cool this time around. [howtogeek]

If you happen to be visiting China, you should check out their new bootlegged World of Warcraft theme park, called Joyland World. Seems legit. [geekologie]

Speaking of World of Warcraft, it looks as if WoW players have broken the fundraising record for hurricane Sandy relief. Who said gamers are lazy and don't care about real life stuff. [geekosystem]

So.... Myspace is back and all rebooted and everything. [geekosystem]

There's now a possibility that we could get a live-action star wars series on ABC. Ya know... with Disney owning Star Wars and all that... [blastr]



Nick’s Friday Round-Up

Looking forward to that highly anticipated video game? Here are 5 ways that you, and the developer, might destroy that game. [cracked]

Vampire skeletons actually discovered IRL? Perhaps... Silly people, you use wooden stakes, not iron rods, everybody knows that! [geekologie]

Watch the history of video games flash before your eyes. Well, in about 3 minutes, that is. [howtogeek]

Everyone's favorite game-cheating hardware is back, for the PS3. The Game Genie! [geekosystem]

People have been making video game mods, since, well, video games. Here are 16 of the most over the top video game mods. [neatorama]

Want to be your favorite super hero? TOO BAD! But as a consolation, you can wear shoes themed as your favorite super hero. [geekologie]

Tired of playing Minecraft on a computer? Want it to be a little more IRL for you? Then go outside and play in the dirt. Alternatively, you can get the new LEGO Minecraft set. [geekosystem]

Need MOAR LEGO? Here's a Star Wars version of MC Escher's House of Stairs. [geekologie]

Nerdiest Parakeet ever. It's like your very own R2-D2, without all the oil leaks. [geekologie]

Take a look at the trailer for Dawnguard, Skyrim's new DLC. [youtube]

Some things are just awesome, no matter what. One of those things is watching stuff happen at a bunch of frames per second, i.e. slow motion. Skateboard tricks! [youtube]

The original Doctor Who doctors, will be returning to the show for the 50th anniversary. Or will they? [blastr]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up

What sucks worse than screwing up in front of your friends? How about screwing up on national TV. A BBC newscast used the Halo UNSC logo as the logo for the United Nations Security Council. lulzĀ  [geekosystem]

Prepare to be astounded, once again, by CryEngine 3. The soft-body physics are absolutely amazing. I know what you're thinking, and no, it has nothing to do with Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. [buzzfeed]

I know most of us have thought, while playing Mass Effect, "Man, I wish I had a themed hoodie to wear while playing this amazing game." WELL NOW YOU CAN!.... ALMOST! A fan has designed some Mass Effect themed hoodies, and sent them to Bioware. Bioware is considering to produce a few of them as a test batch. [geekologie]

In all my videogame playing years, I've heard a few rumors and such about various games. Such as, so-and-so is in this game, or if you do "this", then "this" will happen. Most of them being absolute crap and lies! Here are 7 of the cruelest hoaxes and urban legends in videogame history. [dorkly]

More rumors are floating about, saying that George Lucas may be leaving Lucasfilm behind to pursue what he did in the beginning of his career, and produce independent films. [blastr]

Here ya go, you can watch some robots dancing to a short clip of "Thriller". [buzzfeed]

A Fraggle Rock movie is actually happening. [buzzfeed]

How do you know when you've found the perfect girl? When she says, "Yes, let's have a Minecraft themed wedding." NEVER LET THAT GIRL GO! [geekologie]

Yo dawg, I hurd u liek Irons, so we put Iron Man on an iron, so you can iron with an Iron iron. [geekologie]

The first photos from Iron Man 3 are very patriotic. [blastr]

The fish in this tank don't know how awesome they actually have it. A LEGO Super Mario Bros. level as aquarium decorations. [geekosystem]

Survival horror games are a bit cliche, however, "Among the Sleep" is looking to break out of that cliche, with a survival horror experienced from the perspective of a toddler. [gammasquad]

In true Nick tradition, I'm saving the best for last. The latest Doctor Who minisode, created to help promote the 2012 London Olympics. [geekosystem]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: The 4th of May Edition

I believe that food is always a good way to start a post. So, for your drooling pleasure, I present to you one of the greatest food inventions to come along in the past decade. The lasagna burger. [geekosystem]

Let's take a look at 16 "gross" pizza's from international pizza huts. To be honest, some of these really don't look that bad. [buzzfeed]

We've all talked about how awesome it would be to mount laser beams onto sharks. Well guess what... this dream has been made into reality. [buzzfeed]

We all love our theme songs, and so does Youtuber 331Erock. In fact, he loves them so much, he decided to reimagine many of them with a metal overlay. That's right, folks, you can listen to metal versions of TMNT, Dr Who, Zelda, Star Wars, Megaman, and more. [geekologie]

Our dreams are slowly coming true. A Back to the Future LEGO kit is a definite possibility, with different LEGO's to redesign the DeLorean to match all 3 movies. [geekosystem]

For those of you who still haven't been able to purchase an XBOX 360 over the past 6 years, now's your chance. XBOX is offering a $99 XBOX 360 with Kinect, with a 2 year XBOX LIVE contract at $15 a month. [geekosystem]

Video games have inspired many things, including movies and TV shows. Some of them turn out well, others, well, don't. Here are 8 of the worst TV shows inspired by video games. [dorkly]

All of us have our favorite super hero, but when it comes down to it, we ALL must respect the Batman. Or should we...? Here are 6 ways that Iron Man is objectively better than Batman. [cracked]

Geeks love their cosplay, especially when someone puts some serious work into their costume. Even better when the costume is a working version of the character. Case-in-point, this motorized Iron Man cosplay armor. [blastr]

When you take a glance at children's movies, it's all, "awww, that was a cute movie.", but let's take a deeper look at some of these movies to discover 6 disturbing, unanswered questions they present. [cracked]

One of my favorite shows on TV is Mythbusters. It's so awesome to see real science put up against myths, stereotypes, and even Youtube videos. I'm also not ashamed to say that the explosions and Kari Byron also play a part in my interest of this show. Here are 5 reasons that Mythbusters is one of the best nerd shows on TV. [gammasquad]

Speaking of explosions, let's watch a video of people explosively launching 55 gallon metal drums into the air. This seems perfectly safe. [geekologie]

Finally, in honor of May the 4th, Obiwan Kenobi has been arrested. I kid you not. [gammasquad]