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Nick’s Friday Round-Up

Some people have no idea how to decorate their living room. Well this guy did. He figured, "Why not turn it into a huge diorama of the battle of Hoth." "Honey! Do we have any cardboard?!?" [geekologie]

"Keep it, I got a Pit Bull now!" Well... for $13,000. Griff's original hoverboard prop from the movie is for sale on ebay. [geekologie]

So ya know how there's a kickstarter to fund an actual Death Star? Well now there's a kickstarter to fund an Xwing squadron to combat the Death Star. Folks, you can't make this stuff up. [geekosystem]

More diorama fun! A LEGO diorama of a bunch of scenes from Star Wars. Don't you wish you could shrink down and just walk through it at scale size? [blastr]

I don't know how you all feel about 3D, but for any Doctor Who fans, it looks as if the 50th Anniversary special will be in 3D. So grab those glasses and prepare yourselves. [blastr]

The original DeLorean from BTTF has been fully restored to it's amazing, time traveling, glory. I, for one, am very happy about this. [geekologie]

The Ghostbusters headquarters built out of LEGOs. How do they fit all those ghosts inside a containment unit THAT small? [gammasquad]

Here's a look at the cast of the original Star Trek series, if they were created by Pixar. [blastr]

Remember those groundbreaking graphics when Doom first came out? Well take a look at what it would look like if it was created with today's graphic technology. [geekologie]

Moar LEGO stuffs! It looks as if LEGO will officially be releasing an X-Wing Starfighter. [geekosystem]

Who's your favorite comic book villain? For me, it's the Joker, of course. I'm also a pretty big fan of Carnage. Here's a list of the top 25 comic book villains of all time. [dorkly]

If you've been itching to become a Jedi master, but lack the light saber fighting skills, well now you can take a class to learn how to fight with those pretty sabers of light. (rhyming was unintentional, but welcomed) [blastr]

Back in the day everybody wanted to get in on the videogame craze, including all kinds of food companies. Most were lame, but a few of them stood out and shined. Here are some actual GOOD video games that were based on junk food. [gammasquad]



Nick’s Friday Round-Up: These ARE the Links You’re Looking For Edition.

I'm much more comfortable with this. In fact, I'm a pro.

Pause your game, put down that comic book, stop thinking about the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas episode for 2 seconds, and gather around. It's time for everybody's favorite part of the week, Nick's Friday Round-Up!

We start off with a THIS is THAT of the day. What do you get when you cross Star Wars with Dr. Seuss? How about a very entertaining Darth Vader as the Grinch mash-up. [blastr]

This is one talented dog. He loves his snack foods. Dunkers more specifically. Although there's something a little suspicious about how he's eating them. [geekosystem]

I finally got to see the Muppet movie this past Wednesday, and I loved it. It was one of the best nostalgia brain explosions I've had in quite a long time. It'll make you sing. It'll make you laugh. It'll make you cry get all choked up. <_< But what you may not have known is while the Muppets were apart, a few of them tried out for other TV and movie roles. [buzzfeed]

This isn't the nerdiest of news stories, but it's about monkeys throwing poo. MONKEYS. THROWING. POO. SRSLY, how could I not add this to the Round-Up? [geeokosystem]

This right here is another Skyrim related post. Yep, sure is. While playing the game. (that you just lost) I'm sure you've noticed there are many ways you can quickly come to your demise. This video will show you 100 ways to die. A few of my personal favorites, are numbers 7, 8, 10, 18, 22, 49, 54, 72, and 96. Enjoy. [uproxx]

So who doesn't enjoy a good opera, AMIRITE? Anybody.... anybody... yeah. Ok, well let's make an exception for 2 minutes 49 seconds, and watch this Mario opera. Trust me, you won't be disappoint. [geekosystem]

As we go about our day, we rely on many gadgets to help us get through it. We put a lot of our trust in them. Probably definitely too much. Especially in things we rely on the most for our safety i.e. cars. Here are 8 gadgets that lie to you every day. [cracked]

If you recall, back in September, Stuart posted about two floppy disk drives playing the Imperial March. Well how about this. Four floppy disk drives playing Portal's "Still Alive". [geekosystem]

To finish it off, and in honor of the beginning of December and winter approaching, I'll leave you with a winter escape game. Allowing you to take that much needed break from Skyrim. Yep... I mentioned it again. [howtogeek]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Thanksgiving Leftovers Edition

Yesterday was a day of giving thanks, and as American's, consuming gratuitous amounts of turkey and other foods, is how we celebrate. God bless America! The day after thanksgiving is just as sweet, with all the leftovers. You gotta love a good hearty turkey sammich. MmmMmm good. So this week's Round-Up is chock full of Thanksgiving leftovers.

As you're sitting there, enjoying your turkey sammich, sitting in your living room chair, why don't you entertain yourself with 14 of the best Thanksgiving episodes from "Sci-Fi" TV shows. The Buffy episode happens to be my personal favorite. [blastr]

I've never actually had a turducken before. It's just a bit too much to handle, but I would be more than happy to have a Cherpumple. A cherry pie, pumpkin pie and apple pie baked inside a 3 layer cake. *droooool* [buzzfeed]

Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without the turkey, and don't even give me your crap about a tofurky. GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE WITH THAT TOFURKY! Ok, sorry... (not really) Now wouldn't it be even greater with that sense of accomplishment knowing that you hunted your own Thanksgiving turkey? Yes it would. So go ahead and learn how to be a turkey hunter. (lulz will happen) [geekosystem]

Everyone loves and appreciates a good infograph. You can find one for anything, including Thanksgiving. [buzzfeed]

Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without watching the Cowboy's football game. This year's game was 82% better than usual, simply because of the super hot Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleader that got tackled by one of the players. [youtube]

I've mentioned leftover Thanksgiving sammiches a few different times during this post. I now present to you 24 of the best looking Thanksgiving leftover sammiches you've ever seen. [buzzfeed]

I'll leave you with something non-Thanksgiving related. If you're anything like me, you've been playing Skyrim like crazy, and still not yet even put a dent in the game, but if you've powered though and actually run out of map to explore, why not travel through Morrowind and Oblivion as well... Inside the Skyrim game. [geekosystem]



Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Edition

Picture presented without comment.

It's Friday! And you know what that means? It means you have 6 more days before you can stuff your face while watching football, after enjoying a mega-parade on TV. There's a rumbly in my tumbly now.

Ya know how when you're on the road, everyone going faster than you is an idiot, and everyone going slower than you is a moron? Have you ever wanted to let them know that, but all you had was a car horn. Well want no more! Learn how to turn your rear windshield into an LED display. [geekosystem]

You're driving along rainbow road and you just barely miss that extremely dangerous banana peel that somebody nonchalantly flung into the street. As you take half a second to breath after that near miss, you get slammed in back by a red turtle shell, causing you to wildly spin out of control. If this is your dream, then it's your lucky day, cuz it's dream come true! The guys at West Coast Customs built, not one, but TWO karts from Mario Kart. [geekologie]

Keeping in theme with Mario. PETA is on the prowl again. Apparently the new Super Mario 3D Land game has caught PETA's interest in the Mario franchise. Their complaint: Mario promotes that it's okay to wear fur. (excuse me while I place a -_- face here.) I'll post a few links here, just so you can see how ridiculous this is. [mashable] [geekologie] BONUS VIDEO: Black Nerd Comedy [youtube]

Video games now-a-days just love to offer you some extra DLC a little while after the game is released. In my opinion, this is actually a great thing, offering you more game, for a moderate price, usually. And then there are the games, that are just trying to squeeze every little bit of money they can out of you, on the basis that 'people are stupid'. You really want me to pay money to be able to ride a train in a train simulator game, I already bought? SRSLY? Here are the 10 Most Insulting Things Video Games Charged Money For. [cracked]

Tesla coils on your head and Mortal Kombat, what could go wrong? NOTHING, ONLY AWESOME CAN COME FROM THIS! [geekosystem]

Back in the day, doing 'the robot' was cool. As time went on, well.... not so much. However, a couple guys who call themselves the Robotboys, have brought it back, and more awesomazing  than ever. God bless you, dubstep. It gets good at 1:55, it gets awesomazing at 2:22. [buzzfeed]

ZOMG ADORBZ OF THE DAY: A cute little pug is dressed up as a Wampa, Wampug. [geekologie]

For those of you who just don't have any good games to play, because I know this month has been super lacking on awesome video game releases, and you seriously have not-a-game to keep you occupied, I present to you, Potty Racers! Have you ever wanted to fly inside a porta-potty, earning money for upgrades, tricks, and scrap to turn your porta-potty into an airplane? Do you love the fresh smell of steaming hot dung? Then head out on this poo-centric adventure. [addictinggames]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Hodgepodge Edition

He should had done a barrel roll. =(

It's 11/11/11, and you know what that means? NOTHING! Except a lot of 1's, so it makes it easy to remember today's date. Also, Veteran's Day, so a big thank you goes out to all the veteran's who helped to keep this country safe and free.

Video games are awesome, but then you hear that one of them is educational, and you think to yourself, "Wow, that game must be super lame." Right? WRONG! Here are 6 educational games that were awesome! [dorkly]

Cute little animals. We love and adore them. We even allow them to become our best friends, but underneath that cute, loyal exterior is a troll. A cute, fuzzy, conniving troll. [geekosystem]

We all love Muppets, and probably grew up watching Sesame Street. I know I did. What you probably didn't know was they used to have a black stereotype Muppet that quickly got the axe. Here's are 10 fun facts that you didn't know about Sesame Street. [buzzfeed]

Nothing is faster than the speed of light, at least that's what most of us believe. Well, in actuality, you can break the speed of light in your own backyard. Curious, are you? [howtogeek]

Technology has come a loooooong way in the past 20 years, and people's skills in using this technology has evolved with it. I thought Lisa's Photoshop skills were pretty top-notch, but this guy blows her out of the water. A guy uses Photoshop to create a drawing that looks like a photograph of a real girl. [youtube]

Keeping in theme with the Photoshop skills, here's some fantastic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan art. Some are amazing, some are super cute, and some will give you nightmares for weeks. [buzzfeed]

You know as a kid you always wanted some sort of secret passageway or hidden room in your house. Ok, who am I kidding, I STILL want a secret passageway in my house, and there are people out there who made that desire into a reality. [mentalfloss]

I'll leave you with another fun game to waste time playing, that is if Solip Skier hasn't occupied enough of your time this week. Zombie Trailer Park, is quite simple. Build up your trailer park and keep the zombies at bay long enough to overpower them and destroy their base. Stage 1: Easy and fun. Stage 2: inb4uragequit. Stage 3: I'm still rage quitting from stage 2, but I'll be back. [addictinggames]



Nick’s Friday Round-Up: All Hallow’s Eve Edition

Zombie Pikachu wants your brains. Scary pumpkin head guy wants your soul!

Hello there, frightened little gamers. Welcome to the All Hallows Eve edition of Friday Round-Up. I hope you brought an extra pair of underwear.

You know when you go out at night, and you see a freaky looking moth flying around the front porch light, well be even more afraid, because now they'll suck your blood. [buzzfeed]

Are you tired of the same old costumes every year for your pets? Well why not give them a complete zombie makeover. It's a no-brainer... [geekologie]

I've seen some amazing pumpkin carvings over the years, but I have to say that, by far, this one is the awesomest. [dailypicksandflicks]

Every year you have the one group of people who just love going around to all the houses and smashing everyone's pumpkins. I mean, who DOESN'T enjoy watching pumpkins explode on the ground? Well now you can see those pumpkins being smashed, in slow motion. [youtube]

Awww, your sister just and a new baby, and she's trying to get it to fall asleep, so she sings her a lullaby, or reads a children's story. Well... have you ever stopped to actually listen to what your actually saying to that child? Here are 8 popular children's tales that are HORRIFYING! [buzzfeed]

Are you tired of the same old sounds from Vampires, zombies, werewolves, mummies and the like? Well why not switch out those halloween sounds with a Scary Star Wars soundtrack. It's sure to frighten any little snot-nosed trick or treater. [starwarsblog]

And finally for those of you who have no plans for Halloween, and are just staying at home. Here's a little Halloween shooter game to help  pass the night away. [howtogeek]