Save Point

Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Short, Sweet, and to the Point Edition

A game room most of us only dream of having. [geekologie]

A fan builds a working tesla gun from Five Fields of Science [gammasquad]

Are you addicted to coffee? Well, GREAT NEWS, EVERYONE! Studies prove that your addiction will cause you to cheat death a little longer than all those non coffee drinkers. [geekosystem]

A working Mario Kart IRL. [thedailywhat]

A 30,000 piece Nintendo themed domino course. [geekologie]

Here are 7 video game worlds you REALLY don't want to live in, but I guess it's all a matter of opinion. [dorkly]

Take a look at some screenshots from the new Unreal Engine 4. [geekosystem]

As it turns out, Firefly and Prometheus exist in the same universe. [blastr]

When I get old, I hope I never have to use a walker to get around, but if I do, it's definitely going to be this one. [geekologie]

For all of you who've always wanted to punch those kids in the face who have the emo-hair covering their eye. Well, it looks like they're reaping the consequences of  their stupidity. Turns out, it's bad for the eye that's being covered up... MUAHAHAHAHA!!!! THAT'S WHAT YOU GET! [geekosystem]

Here's 48 things that will make you realize how old you really are. [buzzfeed]

Learn how to make your own glow-in-the-dark candy with tonic water. Rave parties will never be the same. [howtogeek]

Finally, guess what's coming back to television. TOONAMI! [geekosystem]