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Nick’s Friday Round-Up

It was only a matter of time before somebody made a real hot air balloon that looked like the one from "Up", house included. [geekologie]

The Final Fantasy series got a little classy with a symphony dedicated to it. [geekosystem]

With the progression of video games, are "boss fights" relevant anymore? [gammasquad]

Well it looks as if most of Gamestop's, and other second-hand video game selling companies will soon see their businesses slow to a crawl. The Next-gen Xbox games will only work for it's original owner. I have a feeling that not a lot of people are going to be happy about this. Myself included. [geekosystem]

Kickstarter, you so crazy. Since the government has official declined our requests to build a real Death Star, Kickstarter has taken it upon themselves to fund it. [geekosystem]

In amazeballs news, Half Life and Portal are connected with J.J. Abrams, and movies are in the works. [blastr]

The most important emergency practice drills you can perform in a zoo are for when the zebra escapes. Zebra escapes are SRS BSNS! Now let's throw someone in a zebra costume and run this drill! [geekosystem]

With Disney owning Star Wars, awesome things are happening, such as spinoff movies. Yes please! [blastr]



Nick’s Friday Round-Up

Tornadoes are destructive and scary things just by themselves, but when you throw fire in the mix, God help us. [geekologie]

The coolest little miniature figurines ever. You can take an 8-bit video game character and print it as a 3D model. [howtogeek]

As a kid, one of my favorite shows was Mr. Wizard. Looking back now, it's still cool, but I had no idea Mr. Wizard was such a jerk. [gammasquad]

As you all should know, the new Resident Evil movie came out recently. Some of you may hate the series, some may love it, but if you sit down and look at the facts, the movies are actually much better than the games. [cracked]

Borderlands 2! Need I say more? I probably should. I haven't got to play it yet... but I will, mind you, I will. In the meantime let's have a look at this Claptrap cake. [geekologie]

Check out the new Robocop armor. If I were a cyborg, I think I'd be satisfied with it. [geekosystem]

With the colder weather close upon us, it's time to start pulling out the coats and jackets. This is DEFINITELY on my list of cold-weather apparel. An Assassin's Creed III jacket. You know what, I don't even need cold weather. I'd wear that thing all the time. [kotaku]

Ever wanted your own life-size Dalek replica? ME TOO!! We can all get one and then go to Comic-Con and have a Dalek takeover! Now I'm super excited. Somebody start a kickstarter to raise money for all of us to get one. [geekologie]

Guess Who. Doctor Who, that's who! Doctor Who in Guess Who. Yep, a fan-made Doctor Who themed Guess Who game. [geekologie]

So you're playing a video game, and you've already had 2 cups of coffee. All the sudden that side effect of caffeine kicks in, and you need to run to the potty, but you forget to pause the game. Here's a video of what videogame characters do when they're idle and not paused. [howtogeek]

That crazy NASA, trying to create an IRL warp drive, just like in Star Trek. [blastr]

Ninja Gaiden with zombies. And just when you thought Ninja Gaiden couldn't get any better, the creator of Mega-Man is making a cell-shaded Ninja Gaiden zombie game. [gammasquad]

As a child, we saw some seriously terrifying things. Here's some of the most terrifying out of them all. [buzzfeed]

The very first movie I saw in the theater was E.T. Yes, that definitely dates me, but whatever... deal with it. Here are 10 things you probably didn't know about E.T. [buzzfeed]

For those of you with fancy schmancy camera phones, here's a cheap trick (no, not your mom... but who knows <_<) to be able to take macro shots. [howtogeek]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up

One of the most frustrating things in video games is when you have to deal with a ridiculously difficult puzzle. Even worse is when there's no logic involved in solving it, making it even more frustrating. Have a look at 6 of the most absurdly difficult video game puzzles. [cracked]

Normally you don't think about using Minecraft as a psychological experiment about the human condition. Well some people did, and they executed this experiment with 30 different people. [geekosystem]

In a sad bit of news, Nintendo Power will be printing their last issue this December. Let's all take a moment of silence. [geekologie]

Let's take a look at a re-imagining of Super Smash Bros. IRL. [geekosystem]

For all you fans of Plants VS Zombies, they're making a sequal. Now you can continue to use your "flower power" to push back the endless hoard. [geekosystem]

If you're like me, and I'm sure you are, you've always wondered what a Portal 2 Sentry turret looks like on the inside. Well wonder no more! [buzzfeed]

Ever wanted your own batarang? Who hasn't? AMIRITE?! Well I'll do you one better. How about your very own colorful set of batarang pocket knives. [geekologie]

Earth is one step closer to becoming Star Wars, with the creation of the Aerofex hovercraft bike. A.K.A. prototype speeder bike. [blastr]

Anybody remember a movie called The Rocketeer? Well guess what. A reboot is in the works. [blastr]

How about I give you a few DIY projects.

Project 1) DIY Spray-bottle of Sorcery. It sprays in any direction. [buzzfeed]
Project 2) DIY Car dashboard camera mount, on the cheap. [howtogeek]
Project 3) DIY Movie screen. [howtogeek]

Pack your bags, people. We're all moving to China to live in a house built on top of a shopping mall. Those Chinese are geniuses. [geekosystem]

Here's the skyline of Japan made out of 1.8 million LEGO's. [buzzfeed]

Here's a fictional city made from 100,000 staples. [gammasquad]

If superheroes were fonts, what typographic classification would they be? [behance]

Please enjoy some pictures of some too-fat-to-function animals. [buzzfeed]

Finally, for those of you Doctor Who fans, don't "boohoo" over the Ponds. As it turns out, there will be a spin-off miniseries. [blastr]