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Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Something for Everyone Edition

Hmmm, yes. Quite right, quite right.

Welcome to the end of this week. I'm glad you've arrived. Please have a seat and enjoy the article. Feel free to have a refreshment and tasty beverage.

Speaking of refreshments, let's take a look at the difference between fast food as it's advertised, and the actual food you purchase. [geekologie]

Tired of having to eat around those annoying leaves on the top of a strawberry? Do you get frustrated trying to fold a fitted sheet? Want to amplify the volume of your iPod speaker? How about making heart-shaped hard-boiled eggs? Here are 25 clever ideas to make life easier. [thedailybuzz]

While we're on a DIY theme, how about a few more geek-style DIY projects. Create your own stylus for an iPad. An easy and efficient way to organize all your extra cables, and a dirt cheap way to extend the range of your routers wi-fi antennae. [howtogeek]

Space... the final frontier. TV and movies would never lie to us about space, right? When it comes to black holes, and yellow suns, and asteroid belts, we all have our facts straight. DON'T GO NEAR THEM! Or can we? Here are 6 myths everyone believes about space, thanks to movies. [cracked]

Here are a few legitimately newsworthy links:
No Blizzcon in 2012 [geekosystem]
If Fringe is canceled it could continue on through another medium [blastr]
Microsoft could be phasing out Microsoft Points by the end of 2012 [geekosystem]

Ever played Duck Hunt and just wanted to go at it with a machine gun? (sidenote: I wanted to shoot the living brains out of that laughing dog.) Well, sorry, you can't do that, BUT, you can watch a video of Bill "Mad Dog" Rizer from Contra do it, as well as a bunch of other video-game mash-ups. [youtube]

Who didn't play the original Command and Conquer? Anybody?  Anybody at all? Good. Well why not take yourself back to the 90s and play it again, but this time in your browser. A guy by the name of Aditya Ravi Shankar (don't ask me to pronounce it) took it upon himself to recode the entire C&C game as an html5 game. It's not finished, but you can still play it in it's current state. [howtogeek]

Two words. Dubstep Cat. Watch this video all the way through. I promise you will thank me for it. For those of you who need instant gratification, jump to the 34 second mark. [youtube] (I just watched it again... omg, I'm crying. hahaha)

If going to isn't enough to fulfill your nerdy desires of awesomazing things, then check out this website. [needwant]

Want to be one of the original Power Rangers? HECK YEAH, YA DO! Well now you can, with these new Power Ranger hoodies! Now you can play Power Rangers outside with 37% less imagination. [geekologie]

Hyrule Kingdom. A place of wonder and excitement. A place where a little fairy follows you around, annoying the life out of you. If you can't get enough of this world in the actual video games, then why not role-play inside the Hyrule Kingdom in Minecraft? [gammasquad]

OMG, ADORBZ OF THE DAY: A baby reacts to hearing a new sound. [buzzfeed]

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Super Mario Enemies Drawn All Realistic and Junk


More awesome video game fan art! This time, the Super Mario enemies have gotten a realistic make-over and frankly, I dig it. EXCEPT THE MUSHROOM SLASH GOOMBA THING. That one's just creepy. I have enough creepy images to keep me awake at night, like that little Zoom Zoom kid from those balls-ass-retarded car commercials, and Paris Hilton's hook nose. Why can't I bounce on either of THEIR heads and make them disappear? IRL video game physics... always too much to ask.

Super Mario Enemies Frighteningly Reimagined [Via Geekologie]


Reader Art Saturday! Let’s Ride Dinosaurs.

Wait, I didn't finish that thought: Let's ride dinosaurs while not wearing pants. Because I'm currently not wearing pants. Maybe that's why this laptop is burning my thighs! Ha ha! Ha... ow.

This was a picture drawn for me by my Twitter pal, BstrdChris. He may or may not be an actual 'Bastard,' but I assume he is because of the eyepatch in his avatar. That's pretty bastard-like. I have no idea what inspired him to create this society-alteringly incredible picture, but the world is better for it. Or at least my "LOLZ" folder.

HEY, IDEA. I'll start posting art from you guys on Saturdays. SEND ME YOUR ART:


BAD YOSHI. BAD. SIT!: Yoshi Eating Mario Art Is Kind Of Not Okay

*sticks Yoshi's nose in Mario's splattered guts* Just LOOK at what you did!

Lord knows I love dinosaurs but OH GOD this is... okay it's awesome. I mean we all kind of assumed it would happen one day anyway. Why not now? Why. Not. Now. And can someone remix the Jurassic Park theme with the Super Mario theme? Is that a thing that can happen? I'll wait here. And by wait here I mean pretend to be a dinosaur by tromping around my house and growling at the neighbor's dog. WATCH YOUR ASS, FIDO.

[Drawn by this guy.]


Sinister Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Art


These character portraits are insanely badass. Dave Rapoza has turned our beloved pizza-eating heroes in half-shells into blood-thirsty death reptiles, or "deathtiles." I would watch this movie. I would buy it on Blu-Ray and watch it in 3D, even though 3D makes me vomit. That's how much I love this artstyle - I would vomit for it.

EDIT: Okay, apparently that's not one of the Ninja Turtles up there, even though he is a turtle with a colored mask, and those are pretty much the defining features of a Ninja Turtle. It's Slash. Oh! I see. From the yellow eye. Neat.

Click here to see the rest of the pictures. (Via Geekologie)