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Nick’s Friday Round-Up

Some people have no idea how to decorate their living room. Well this guy did. He figured, "Why not turn it into a huge diorama of the battle of Hoth." "Honey! Do we have any cardboard?!?" [geekologie]

"Keep it, I got a Pit Bull now!" Well... for $13,000. Griff's original hoverboard prop from the movie is for sale on ebay. [geekologie]

So ya know how there's a kickstarter to fund an actual Death Star? Well now there's a kickstarter to fund an Xwing squadron to combat the Death Star. Folks, you can't make this stuff up. [geekosystem]

More diorama fun! A LEGO diorama of a bunch of scenes from Star Wars. Don't you wish you could shrink down and just walk through it at scale size? [blastr]

I don't know how you all feel about 3D, but for any Doctor Who fans, it looks as if the 50th Anniversary special will be in 3D. So grab those glasses and prepare yourselves. [blastr]

The original DeLorean from BTTF has been fully restored to it's amazing, time traveling, glory. I, for one, am very happy about this. [geekologie]

The Ghostbusters headquarters built out of LEGOs. How do they fit all those ghosts inside a containment unit THAT small? [gammasquad]

Here's a look at the cast of the original Star Trek series, if they were created by Pixar. [blastr]

Remember those groundbreaking graphics when Doom first came out? Well take a look at what it would look like if it was created with today's graphic technology. [geekologie]

Moar LEGO stuffs! It looks as if LEGO will officially be releasing an X-Wing Starfighter. [geekosystem]

Who's your favorite comic book villain? For me, it's the Joker, of course. I'm also a pretty big fan of Carnage. Here's a list of the top 25 comic book villains of all time. [dorkly]

If you've been itching to become a Jedi master, but lack the light saber fighting skills, well now you can take a class to learn how to fight with those pretty sabers of light. (rhyming was unintentional, but welcomed) [blastr]

Back in the day everybody wanted to get in on the videogame craze, including all kinds of food companies. Most were lame, but a few of them stood out and shined. Here are some actual GOOD video games that were based on junk food. [gammasquad]



Sony Can’t Get it Up

A picture is worth 70,000,000 words accounts.


Update: The documentary, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles told us that Skynet would be launched April 19, 2011. This got me thinking how that date coincides with the PSN outage. Who knew it would all start with something so simple?

April 17-19: An “unauthorized intrusion” into Sony’s PlayStation Network servers occurs.

April 19: Sony notices that unusual activity is taking place on PSN, including servers rebooting themselves. Sony’s network team begins internal investigation, finds more servers were compromised. Sony discovers “credible indications that an intruder had been in the PlayStation Network systems.” Sony begins shutting down all of PSN.


"Um excuse me human, can I have your permission to launch every nuclear device on the planet, ensuring our future dominance over your pitiful excuse for an existence?"

"No, Skynet."

"Pretty please?" *bats laser eyes*

"Welllllll, ok. How could I ever say no to you, Skynet? You run along and tell John I say hello." *pats on head*

Downtimeline: Charting the PlayStation Network Outage [wired]

Skynet [wikipedia]