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Nick’s Friday Round-Up: I Refuse to add a Title Edition…. REFUSE!

Ever sleep on that one bed that makes you feel like you're floating on air? Well now you can literally float on air, with a levitating bed. You can also forgo the comfort and softness for a stiff back and crick in the neck. [geekologie]

Ewoks are evil. "But, Nick, they're so cute and furry. Didn't you see the Ewok Adventure?" Yes, yes I did, which further proves my point. Need more proof? Take a look at these pictures. [buzzfeed]

Speaking of evil Ewoks, Diablo III is the fastest selling PC game in history. [geekosystem]

In further Diablo III news, you may have heard of a secret level called Whimsyshire. A spoof of the new My Little Pony show. Want to know how to access it? Well here ya go. [geekosystem]

In the past we've seen some portal mashups with other video games. The latest mashup is Super Street Fighter II with a Portal gun. It's just a video, not a playable game, but it's still lulzy. [gammasquad]

There have been many iterations of Tetris in the past, but this one is the most trolliest version of it ever. Sadly, like the Street Fighter/Portal game, it's not a playable version. MAKE THESE GAMES PLAYABLE, PEOPLE. SRSLY! [geekosystem]

I know all of you have pondered what it would be like if Tetris was turned into a movie. Well ponder no more. Prepare yourself for action, drama, and suspense, in this fan-made Tetris movie trailer. [buzzfeed]

Nintendo can do no wrong, amirite? Yes?... Anybody... Anybody at all... -_- Yeah, you're right. Here's the 5 biggest mistakes ever made by Nintendo. [dorkly]

We've all heard rumors of a possible Shadow of the Colossus movie. Well now those rumors have a bit of credence to them, with the announcement of a director. [geekosystem]

Usually around this time of year, we're all kicked back, watching new episodes of Doctor Who, and to those of you who have taken notice, there are no new episodes at the moment. Curious as to why your favorite time-traveling doctor is not entertaining you right now? Steve Moffat has your answer. [blastr]

How well do you know your video games? I'm talking tiny details in the games that the average gamer wouldn't give a second thought to? I think it's about time to up your video game trivia knowledge. [didyouknowgaming]

Most, if not all of us, have used Windows XP in the past, maybe even still. Unless of course you're a die-hard Apple person. I'll just leave that statement alone. For those of us who are familiar with XP, you know the iconic, default background image of the green hill with clouds above. Someone has taken it upon themselves to use Minecraft to recreate this image. inb4acreeperruinsit [geekosystem]

If there's one show's theme song EVERYBODY knows, it's the theme to Fresh Prince. Here's a clip of Will Smith on the Graham Norton Show, rapping the theme song with the audience. [viralviralvideos]

Boy Meets World was an awesome show that imparted all kinds of knowledge and wisdom, among other things. Here are 18 things that Boy Meets World has taught us. [buzzfeed]

As time goes on, and technology gets better and faster; video games get more intense and involved. They have better graphics and even more immersive worlds, or do they? I think a lot of the newer video games can learn a lot from their older predecessors, such as Myst, one of the best video games from the 90s. Here are 5 things that modern games could learn from Myst. [gammasquad]