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Nick’s Friday Round-Up

In movies, there's a thing called "foreshadowing". This is when a movie shows you something early in the movie, seemingly for no reason, so when it happens again later in the movie, it makes sense. Sometimes it's in your face, while other times it's tiny clues that you can completely miss. Here are 5 examples. [cracked]

Someone built a full-scale X-Wing Figher... out of 5 million LEGOs. [blastr]

A father/son team put together a full-size arcade in their basement. I wouldn't even consider doing this. The main reason being that my basement is filled with spiders, and there's no way I'm going down there. [geekologie]

There has always been a battle between the Star Wars fandom and the Trekkies. With that said, you should watch this video. Death Star vs Enterprise. [blastr]

Ever wondered to yourself what Batman and Superman would smell like? Well wonder no more. You can purchase their cologne. I'm serious... [geekologie]

A big part of selling a videogame is the cover art. Some are amazing, while others are definitely something to be desired. Here are the 20 worst videogame covers of all time. [dorkly]

There are some games out there that people have played for so long, that they don't realize some of the rules they're using aren't officially rules at all. However, these rules do tend to make THE GAME more fun. Case in point... [cracked]

When you're too lazy to walk to your xbox to switch out the game disc, you build a 32 disc changing carousel out of LEGOs. Me... I just use the force. [geekologie]

Someone finally did it. They made a real-life fire-breathing Super Mario Bros. Piranha Plant. I'm not jumping over that. I value my sun-deprived skin. [geekosystem]

There've been many Legend of Zelda games throughout the franchise, but which are the best ones? Here are the top 10. [dorkly]

You know when you purchase a new laptop, you get it home, fire it up, and there's tons and tons of crap already installed on it? Yeah... people are actually paid to slow your laptop down, on purpose, with all that stuff. [howtogeek]

Want to feel really dumb and have your geek-cred go down -5 points? This 4 year old girl knows more about comics than you do. [blastr]



Nick’s Friday Round-Up

Some people have no idea how to decorate their living room. Well this guy did. He figured, "Why not turn it into a huge diorama of the battle of Hoth." "Honey! Do we have any cardboard?!?" [geekologie]

"Keep it, I got a Pit Bull now!" Well... for $13,000. Griff's original hoverboard prop from the movie is for sale on ebay. [geekologie]

So ya know how there's a kickstarter to fund an actual Death Star? Well now there's a kickstarter to fund an Xwing squadron to combat the Death Star. Folks, you can't make this stuff up. [geekosystem]

More diorama fun! A LEGO diorama of a bunch of scenes from Star Wars. Don't you wish you could shrink down and just walk through it at scale size? [blastr]

I don't know how you all feel about 3D, but for any Doctor Who fans, it looks as if the 50th Anniversary special will be in 3D. So grab those glasses and prepare yourselves. [blastr]

The original DeLorean from BTTF has been fully restored to it's amazing, time traveling, glory. I, for one, am very happy about this. [geekologie]

The Ghostbusters headquarters built out of LEGOs. How do they fit all those ghosts inside a containment unit THAT small? [gammasquad]

Here's a look at the cast of the original Star Trek series, if they were created by Pixar. [blastr]

Remember those groundbreaking graphics when Doom first came out? Well take a look at what it would look like if it was created with today's graphic technology. [geekologie]

Moar LEGO stuffs! It looks as if LEGO will officially be releasing an X-Wing Starfighter. [geekosystem]

Who's your favorite comic book villain? For me, it's the Joker, of course. I'm also a pretty big fan of Carnage. Here's a list of the top 25 comic book villains of all time. [dorkly]

If you've been itching to become a Jedi master, but lack the light saber fighting skills, well now you can take a class to learn how to fight with those pretty sabers of light. (rhyming was unintentional, but welcomed) [blastr]

Back in the day everybody wanted to get in on the videogame craze, including all kinds of food companies. Most were lame, but a few of them stood out and shined. Here are some actual GOOD video games that were based on junk food. [gammasquad]



Nick’s Friday Round-Up

It was only a matter of time before somebody made a real hot air balloon that looked like the one from "Up", house included. [geekologie]

The Final Fantasy series got a little classy with a symphony dedicated to it. [geekosystem]

With the progression of video games, are "boss fights" relevant anymore? [gammasquad]

Well it looks as if most of Gamestop's, and other second-hand video game selling companies will soon see their businesses slow to a crawl. The Next-gen Xbox games will only work for it's original owner. I have a feeling that not a lot of people are going to be happy about this. Myself included. [geekosystem]

Kickstarter, you so crazy. Since the government has official declined our requests to build a real Death Star, Kickstarter has taken it upon themselves to fund it. [geekosystem]

In amazeballs news, Half Life and Portal are connected with J.J. Abrams, and movies are in the works. [blastr]

The most important emergency practice drills you can perform in a zoo are for when the zebra escapes. Zebra escapes are SRS BSNS! Now let's throw someone in a zebra costume and run this drill! [geekosystem]

With Disney owning Star Wars, awesome things are happening, such as spinoff movies. Yes please! [blastr]



Nick’s Friday Round-Up

A guy  carved the Death Star out of a ping pong ball. What more is there to say? [geekologie]

I'm usually one to encourage creative ways to revamp foods, but how in the world does putting cheese on top of the bun, make any kind of sense at all? Here's the KFC Cheese Top burger [geekologie]

If you haven't seen this making it's way around the instanets yet, then here's "Meet the Pyro", from Team Fortress 2. [geekosystem]

Watch this guy create a 3D Mario chalk drawing. It's amazing what you can do with the right angles and a bit of shading. [howtogeek]

For those of you who love a good MMORPG, but don't like paying the $15 a month to play... I'm looking at you, Guild Wars fans. Guild Wars 2 now has an official release date of August 28. [geekosystem]

Those Japanese are pretty awesome. Especially when their politicians are having a legitimate discussion about building a life-size working Gundam. Yes, you read that correctly. [geekosystem]

Do you want to create things with LEGO's, but can't afford to drop $20+ on a small set of them? (seriously, LEGO's are expensive) Then why not make your LEGO creations inside Google Chrome for free! [howtogeek]

They say video games make you stupid, and by "they" I mean, usually, "parents". Now when they tell you that, you can just show them how wrong they are by demonstrating your awesomazing problem solving skills, and sword-fighting ability. (i don't recommend demonstrating the sword-fighting ability in the house) Here's 7 ways video games make us smarter. [dorkly]

Tired of the ol' cartoony Minecraft? Want a little more live-action in your life? Well you're in luck. Youtube channel, CorridorDigital has just the thing. An extremely well done live-action Minecraft video, as well as other videos on their channel that you will definitely be interested in watching. [geekosystem]

Have you ever wanted to use Hulu and Netflix, but had that tiny little problem of not living in the US? Well have I got a fix for you, and it's much cheaper than actually moving to the USA. In fact, it's super easy and free. [howtogeek]

Ever had a brain freeze? There are surprisingly some people out there who have never had one. I say to them, "Consider yourselves very VERY lucky." What exactly causes a brain freeze, aka ice cream headache, and what can you do to make it go away faster? HERE'S THE SCIENCE!!! [howtogeek]

And finally, test your reaction time by tranquilizing some sheep. No, not real sheep, just fake, computer sheep. It's fun! Try it! My average is "Bobbing Bobcat" [bbc]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: It’ll Rock Your Face Off, but Only at First Edition

This morning I got woken up by a ton of banging downstairs. When I was finally able to open my eyes and get up, I met my dad in the hallway. It turns out a giant grey squirrel got in the house and my cat was chasing it all over the place. The squirrel got upstairs and ran across my dad while he was laying in bed, followed by my cat. Long story short, my dad was able to open the window and let the squirrel run out. My cat almost followed, but managed to stop before jumping out the second story window. COOL STORY, BRO!

This week has been pretty lackluster with interesting links and stories to post about, with a couple exceptions, so you're just going to have to live with the stuff I give you!

Let's start out with the awesome stuff first... BORDERLANDS 2 TRAILER! Because it's so awesome, I'm not even going to link it. I'm going to post the actual video here. ENJOY!

How can I follow up a video game trailer as awesome as that? Easy... with this! MASS EFFECT 3: TAKE EARTH BACK cinematic trailer! Also provided here, link-free!

Now that the awesome stuff is out of the way, we can move on to the more milder things.  Such as...

Have you ever looked at Batman and wondered what he would look like if he was alive back in medieval times? No, not the dinner and show, the actual historical time. Well wonder no more! [geekologie]

LOOK! UP IN THE SKY! IT'S A BIRD! IT'S A PLANE! NO.... IT'S... THE DEATH STAR!! Now how in the world could you confuse the Death Star with a bird or plane? Seriously people, open your eyes! What if the Death Star were an actual real thing? How much would it actually cost to build something like that, and how long? Well some fancy schmancy college kids decided to put their heads together and come up with an actual cost. [gammasquad]

A guy by the name of Ulises Farinas decided he'd draw a mural. A mural of Tatooine. A mural of Tatooine with a bunch of sci-fi characters in it. A very large mural of Tatooine with a bunch of sci-fi characters in it, with rumors that Waldo is also hidden somewhere in said mural. Sadly, it looks like Carmen Sandiego has alluded us once again. [geekosystem]

Those Make-a-Wish kids get all the coolest things, including a giant drivable R2-D2. Yep. Luckiest kid on earth. Apparently this WAS the droid he was looking for. [geekologie]

Somebody had to say it.

You know how in all those cartoons and movies, when people are looking for a hidden door, they always start pulling books that are conveniently positioned on a book case near the hidden door in question. What if you could actually create a real life hidden book switch that could open a hidden door, turn on a light, release a boxing glove that comes out and punches you in the face, or pretty much whatever you wanted it to do? WELL YOU CAN! YOUR CHILDHOOD DREAM CAN BECOME A REALITY! [howtogeek]

What's cooler than being cool snowboarding at night? How about snowboarding at night while emitting your own light created by the LED snow suit you made. Just add some wings and you'll look like an angel coming down the hill, or a ghost that failed it's Transparency 101 class. [geekologie]

Still playing Skyrim? I know I am, especially with the new Skyrim Steam Worshop release. Here's a list of the top 10 Skyrim Steam Workshop mods. Pet dragon anyone? [ugo]

Here's a little bit of good news on the Fringe front. It looks like Twitter hashtags might just save Fringe from being cancelled. (please please please please let this work!) [blastr]

Lastly I'll leave you with a funny video of Mario vs The Indestructible Castle. [howtogeek]