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Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Self-Serving Edition

Today's Round-Up is a little bit different. I have a few links for you, but I kinda want to promote myself a little bit. I'm considering starting a Minecraft Youtube series, and I've uploaded the first video. So as my test audience, if you have the time, go watch it and throw me some suggestions and comments. Let me know what ya think, and what I can do to make it more entertaining.


If you didn't quite get what you wanted for Christmas, you can trade in those bunny slippers for a Super Mario, Final Level leather belt. [geekologie]

If that's not  cool enough for you, how about an $800 Illuminated Batman chess set. Seriously... this thing is awesome. [geekologie]

In a previous round-up I posted about a fan-made Back to the Future LEGO DeLorean set. Well now it turns out that LEGO is making it an OFFICIAL LEGO set. WOOHOO! [gammasquad]

If you had the leg lamp from A Christmas Story on your Christmas list, then you may want an upgrade to a Star Wars droid leg lamp instead. [geekologie]

With Nintendo Power finally ending it's magazine publication, it looks as if Nintendo Force is going to pick up where Nintendo Power left off. [geekosystem]

Dead Space 3 can hear you scream! Seriously. It will also change the gameplay accordingly. [warpzoned]

A cat that jumps whenever it hears the jump sound from Super Mario Bros. Hilarity is inevitable. [geekologie]

For the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, the UK is releasing Doctor Who stamps. For you hardcore fans, you may want to get in touch with your UK friends to send you some. [geekosystem]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up

Looking forward to that highly anticipated video game? Here are 5 ways that you, and the developer, might destroy that game. [cracked]

Vampire skeletons actually discovered IRL? Perhaps... Silly people, you use wooden stakes, not iron rods, everybody knows that! [geekologie]

Watch the history of video games flash before your eyes. Well, in about 3 minutes, that is. [howtogeek]

Everyone's favorite game-cheating hardware is back, for the PS3. The Game Genie! [geekosystem]

People have been making video game mods, since, well, video games. Here are 16 of the most over the top video game mods. [neatorama]

Want to be your favorite super hero? TOO BAD! But as a consolation, you can wear shoes themed as your favorite super hero. [geekologie]

Tired of playing Minecraft on a computer? Want it to be a little more IRL for you? Then go outside and play in the dirt. Alternatively, you can get the new LEGO Minecraft set. [geekosystem]

Need MOAR LEGO? Here's a Star Wars version of MC Escher's House of Stairs. [geekologie]

Nerdiest Parakeet ever. It's like your very own R2-D2, without all the oil leaks. [geekologie]

Take a look at the trailer for Dawnguard, Skyrim's new DLC. [youtube]

Some things are just awesome, no matter what. One of those things is watching stuff happen at a bunch of frames per second, i.e. slow motion. Skateboard tricks! [youtube]

The original Doctor Who doctors, will be returning to the show for the 50th anniversary. Or will they? [blastr]