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Nintendohemian Rhapsody

I have no reservations about saying that, as of now, this video currently wins the internet. As well as many internets of the future. Nintendohemian Rhapsody is one of those parodies that only comes along as often as a really good Spider-man video game. user, Brentalfloss, is no n00b to the creation of video game themed videos. In fact, he's been putting out fantastic videos like this one for about a year now. Swing on over to his channel and give him a follow.


The Star Wars That I Used To Know

Every once in a while a parody video comes along that outshines all other parody videos of its kind. This is one of those videos. Whether you like the song "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye, or not, you have to appreciate the awesomeness of this video, as well as the truth behind the lyrics. If you can, swing by TeddieFilms on Youtube and give them a like and comment on the video.

I want to thank fellow Save Pointer (still not an official follower name) @ArcadeScholar, on Twitter, for showing me this video.

Also, inb4thatguyneedsapedicure


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Rage, Science, Retro and More Edition

When we last left off, our heroes had been turned into aliens. We now find ourselves with a new name. No longer the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Not even the Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles. Nope. As of now, our heroes are only the Ninja Turtles, with Michael Bay saying, "WOAH THERE! This decision is not my fault, Yo. Take yourselves another chill pill." [blastr]

In other rage-inducing news, the writer/directors of Harold and Kumar will be rebooting the Back to the Future trilogy. Yes, you read that correctly. This is something that's going to happen. However, not in the immediate future. [blastr]

If you haven't heard, Silent Hill is being re-released in HD. You would think this would be a most excellent thing. Sadly, the developers felt that it was a good idea to sacrifice the dark, atmospheric, grainy feel, for the sake of HD. Completely causing them to miss the mark of what Silent Hill is all about. Take a look. [geekosystem]

For everyone who loves video game music. Here are the 9 best current-gen video game soundtracks. [gammasquad]

What would you say if I told you that you can go supersonic without the sonic boom? You'd think I was crazy, right? Well guess what. Some dudes have developed a supersonic biplane that, when it surpasses the speed of sound, it doesn't create a sonic boom. Maybe now a flight from LA to NYC won't take 6 hours. [geekosystem]

The future is upon us! We don't have holographic touch screens just yet, but we're close. Flexible E Ink is now in mass production. It's kinda like a Kindle if it was a flexible, thin piece of plastic that'll get lost once you set it down and walk away, or your dog finds it, mistaking it for your homework. [geekosystem]

Playstation 4: Codename Orbis [geekosystem]

Do you love pizza but find yourself too lazy to call the pizza place to order it? Why not move to Dubai?  A pizza establishment there will give you a refrigerator magnet, that, at the push of a button, automatically orders your favorite pizza for you. No fuss, no muss. Ahhh, laziness at its finest. [geekologie]

Thinking of getting engaged? Married? Why not go super ape-geek with it. You can propose to her with a TARDIS themed engagement ring, then, on the big day, you can both exchange Darth Vader/Lightsaber themed wedding bands.

Just an 64-bit girl, livin' in an 8-bit world! (didn't I make this same reference last week?) Check out these movie posters converted to their 8-bit versions. [behance]

First Nickelodeon gives us "The 90s are All That". Now Cartoon Network has decided to follow in their footsteps by giving us CARTOON PLANET. [buzzfeed]

Speaking of old 90s TV shows. Let's take a look at some 90s TV supporting actors, THEN and NOW. [buzzfeed]

For those fans of Terra Nova, with that last ray of hope that Netflix would pick up a second season, it looks as if our hope has been shattered. [blastr]

I present to you, in all it's glory, the Doctor Who season 7 trailer! (insert angelic music. Just don't blink) [geekosystem]

Prepare yourselves for  a battle of EPIC proportions. Man VS Goose. Hold on to your seats, this battle gets serious. Who will be the victor? [youtube]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Video Games and Zombies and Movies, OH MY! Edition

I don't believe this picture needs any kind of comment or introduction. It pretty much speaks for itself.

HOWDY-HO Junior Woodchucks! An entire week has just flown by. It seems like just yesterday I was typing this thing up. This week I went to Philadelphia for a flower show. It's much more manlier than it sounds, trust me, but I have to say my dogs were barking from all that walking. Going for a walk/run the day before didn't help much, either. The entire lower-half of my body is so sore. BUT WHATEVER, NOBODY CARES ABOUT MY STUPID LIFE STORIES. "COOL STORY BRO" Maybe next week I'll make up some story about a ninja midget baby. Maybe that'll be more interesting for you. Gosh you guys are so freakin' hard to please. GO CHOKE ON YOUR COUNT CHOCULA CEREAL! Let's get started!

Sorry to just spring this on you without any kind of a segue, but it needs to be said. Sadly, Ralph McQuarrie has passed away at the age of 82. You don't know that name? Well you most assuredly know his work. He was the visionary for the concept art for the original Star Wars trilogy, as well as many other popular movies. [mentalfloss]

Are you a fan of Terra Nova? Then you probably know that it's officially been canceled, BUT, there's a small ray of hope. It looks as if the series might be picked up by Netflix. [blastr]

ZOMBIES! Yep, as much as you may want this topic to die, there will always be an oncoming zombie apocalypse, so you NEED to stock up on your weapon arsenal. Here's a couple weapon necessities you'll want in your stockpile. First, we have a zombie hunting assault rifle with working chainsaw bayonet. [geekologie]

For those of you who need a zombie apocalypse weapon, but aren't comfortable with things that have moving parts, this is the weapon for you. The Dead-On Annihilator. [geekologie]

Here are a couple people who don't need weapons, just their hands, feet, and super powers. Superman and the Hulk. What if the two universes collided, and they had to do battle. Well guess what. Some dude wanted to see this happen, so instead of just sitting around wishing, he did something about it. He decided to animate it himself. And, honestly, it's quite good. Enjoy Superman VS Hulk. [geekologie]

NOW... I have a bunch of video game related things for you, so let's get into it.
MARIO/PORTAL mashup game. It's real. It's free. It's here. [geekologie]

Remember I showed you some Sim City 5 concept art last week? Well, here's the official trailer. [geekosystem]

Japan found out about Minecraft, and liked it so much that they decided to give it a VERY Japanese style theme song. Prepare for Japanese overload. [geekosystem]

Ever wonder how tall certain structures, in video games and movies, actually are, in comparison to some of the tallest buildings on Earth? Here's a comparison of Barad-Dur from LOTR. [deviantart] And here's a comparison of the Citadel from Half-Life 2. [geekosystem]

We all love video games, and usually the longer the game, the more we consider having gotten our money's worth, but what if video games took the "easiest route" to achieve their main goal. A more "practical" solution. [cracked]

Everybody has their own "top 10" lists of video games. Well here's a Top 15 video games of all time list, according to dorkly. Overall I'm pleased, but never satisfied. [dorkly]

Speaking of lists, how about 12 movies we thought would tank, but actually didn't. Are you surprised? [blastr]

With the upcoming TMNT reboot, we all have things we hope they do, and things we hope they don't do. Here's a wishlist of things, that if they do, could make the movie amazing. [ugo]


Assassin’s Creed III Announcement Trailer

Hello fellow Save Pointers. I hope your Monday is gong well. If not, well it's about to be. If so, then I'm about to make it 42% more awesome, with THIS!

The Assassin's Creed III Announcement Trailer!

First we found out that Abraham Lincoln is an butt-kicking Vampire Hunter, and now we find out that George Washington was a part of the Assassin's Guild. OUR U.S. PRESIDENTS WERE AWESOME!!


Nick’s Time Travel Tuesday

Here ya go Save Point-ers. Your weekly dose of nostalgia. Time Travel Tuesday is in full effect. LET'S GET THIS PARTY STAAAAARTTTTEEEED!! Ok, I have to apologize for that last sentence. That was completely uncalled for, and it will never happen again. (that last statement is probably false)

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NEW ON KOTAKU: The Konami Code Shows Up In The Strangest Places

True story.

One day I discovered that the Konami Code worked on the remote of my Vizio TV in order to reset my Netflix app. Now, I'm not sure if I'm overlooking something in that statement, but I'm PRETTY CERTAIN that situation has nothing to do with video games. Or Contra.

Watch me talk about all the silly crazy nutty WTF places the Konami Code pops in the real world.

[Kotaku: The Konami Code Shows Up In The Strangest Places]


Time-Travel Tuesday

For just over a week now, I've been posting a retro TV intro/theme song video on twitter every day, because... nostalgia. Seriously who doesn't love a good, hard slap in the face of the good ol' days, looking back and remembering the sweet theme songs from the 80s and 90s? I totally just sounded like a TIME-LIFE infomercial right there. So I figured, why not do a weekly (or bi-weekly) (or whenever I feel like it) 'Time-Travel Tuesday', where I post a collection of all the theme songs I've posted on Twitter throughout the week. Sounds like a plan, right? Right! LET'S DO THIS!

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Nick’s Friday Round-Up: UMAD BRO? Edition

This is just soooo wrong, making fun of Canada like that. We all know Canadians have Mounties, not a CSI.

This week has been awesome, cuz it finally snowed, and not crappy snow, but the good kind you can make snowmen with. I made a tiny snowman in front of the movie theater last night. When I perfect my skills, I'll be making snowman works of art such as this. Welp... there's not much to talk about, so let's just jump into this thing.

We all know Whitney Houston passed away recently, and in Save Point fashion, I've found the best tribute ever made. Vegeta's tribute. [youtube]

What would you say if I told you that Link and Samus action figures will soon be released, with two versions of Samus, both with and without armor? What if I said, the Armored Samus action figure would be fully poseable, like seriously poseable for all your action-packed posing needs. *pew* *pew* *pew* [geekologie]

Speaking of "*pew* *pew* *pew*", what do you get when you shoot a large acrylic slab with a particle accelerator? Freakin' amazing fractal art, that's what! I'll take two, thanks. [geekosystem]

Normally you wouldn't think it dangerous to light a firecracker and drop it down a sewer manhole. Well guess what... Looks like this dude thought the same thing. Boy was he wrong. Hey, two little kids next to him, you might want to run away before you get crushed. What has this video taught us? Don't throw firecrackers in the Ninja Turtles home. Their booby traps will MESS YOU UP! [youtube]

TMNT 1 and 2 were awesome movies. TMNT 3, well... meh. Maybe we can rectify TMNT 3 with a TMNT live-action reboot? What do you think? Turns out Jonathan Liebesman, the guy who directed Battle L.A., is in negotiations to direct a new one. I LOVE me some live-action Ninja Turtles. If this goes though, he better not screw it up, that's all I'm sayin'. [gammasquad]

Another franchise in the works of becoming a live action movie is Twisted Metal, to be written and directed by Brian Taylor. This was one of my favorite games to play on the PlayStation. Over time it has developed an in depth and dark storyline for each of the characters. This has the potential to become a seriously amazing movie if Brian does it right. [geekosystem]

We have 3 years until 2015. That's the year when hoverboards are suppose to be made and already widely circulated. Mattel will soon be releasing Hoverboard replicas. Sadly it's only a replica of Marty's hoverboard, and as it clearly states on the packaging, it does not work on water. Looks like I'll have to wait a few years to get a Pitbull, because it's got POWAH!! [geekologie]

Whether you love or hate the fact that Star Wars is coming out in 3D, the fact is, that it's happening, and there's nothing you can do about it. George Lucas will keep finding ways to re-release the Star Wars movies, and he'll keep finding little things to change about it. Even if you hate this, is it really all that bad? Here's 4 things you need to accept about George Lucas. [cracked]

Are you only familiar with 3 or 4 Darths in the Star Wars universe? Educate yourself, with a list of ALL THE DARTHS!! in all of the Star Wars. (darth maul will always be my favorite darth. come at me bro) [ugo]

What if Star Wars actually took place within Feudal Japan? What would the characters look like? Let's find out, shall we? [howtogeek]

I'll finish up this Round-Up by destroying small bits of your childhood. Or at least show you things about it that you never realized. [buzzfeed]

GAME BONUS: Do you love Shadow of the Colossus? How about a simplified, yet still nearly as fun flash game with the same gameplay style? I present to you, Heir. [armorgames]


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

It has been brought to my attention that this is real. This is a thing that's happening. The absolute ridiculousness of this is far outweighed by the total amount of awesomeness. If you were to get an old-timey scale, and put the ridiculous on one side, and the awesome on the other, the awesome would be touching the ground. It's true, I already tried it.

So, get ready, folks. Your previous views and ideas of our former president are about to be shot in the face, or should I say, stabbed in the heart. (yeah, I went there)