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Brock Wilbur’s comedy special 28 Years Later out now

Hey SavePoint! My hour long comedy special is available for download now through If you like jokes about Eternal Darkness and Lisa Foiles, then it has 100% of the things you're looking for. You can download through the link below, or check out for a deluxe edition, complete with the audio files, bonus performances, and deleted scenes. The audio version is also available through Amazon Music and iTunes.

Love, Brock.


Nick’s Time Travel Tuesday

Are you ready for your weekly trip in the TARDIS? Or perhaps a DeLorean is more your style. Wait, wait, I know, an 80s style phone booth is your vehicle of choice. No matter what your preference, let's all jump in the hot tub and get this blast from the past started.

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Nick’s Time Travel Tuesday

Here ya go Save Point-ers. Your weekly dose of nostalgia. Time Travel Tuesday is in full effect. LET'S GET THIS PARTY STAAAAARTTTTEEEED!! Ok, I have to apologize for that last sentence. That was completely uncalled for, and it will never happen again. (that last statement is probably false)

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Time-Travel Tuesday

For just over a week now, I've been posting a retro TV intro/theme song video on twitter every day, because... nostalgia. Seriously who doesn't love a good, hard slap in the face of the good ol' days, looking back and remembering the sweet theme songs from the 80s and 90s? I totally just sounded like a TIME-LIFE infomercial right there. So I figured, why not do a weekly (or bi-weekly) (or whenever I feel like it) 'Time-Travel Tuesday', where I post a collection of all the theme songs I've posted on Twitter throughout the week. Sounds like a plan, right? Right! LET'S DO THIS!

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Nick’s Friday Round-Up: UMAD BRO? Edition

This is just soooo wrong, making fun of Canada like that. We all know Canadians have Mounties, not a CSI.

This week has been awesome, cuz it finally snowed, and not crappy snow, but the good kind you can make snowmen with. I made a tiny snowman in front of the movie theater last night. When I perfect my skills, I'll be making snowman works of art such as this. Welp... there's not much to talk about, so let's just jump into this thing.

We all know Whitney Houston passed away recently, and in Save Point fashion, I've found the best tribute ever made. Vegeta's tribute. [youtube]

What would you say if I told you that Link and Samus action figures will soon be released, with two versions of Samus, both with and without armor? What if I said, the Armored Samus action figure would be fully poseable, like seriously poseable for all your action-packed posing needs. *pew* *pew* *pew* [geekologie]

Speaking of "*pew* *pew* *pew*", what do you get when you shoot a large acrylic slab with a particle accelerator? Freakin' amazing fractal art, that's what! I'll take two, thanks. [geekosystem]

Normally you wouldn't think it dangerous to light a firecracker and drop it down a sewer manhole. Well guess what... Looks like this dude thought the same thing. Boy was he wrong. Hey, two little kids next to him, you might want to run away before you get crushed. What has this video taught us? Don't throw firecrackers in the Ninja Turtles home. Their booby traps will MESS YOU UP! [youtube]

TMNT 1 and 2 were awesome movies. TMNT 3, well... meh. Maybe we can rectify TMNT 3 with a TMNT live-action reboot? What do you think? Turns out Jonathan Liebesman, the guy who directed Battle L.A., is in negotiations to direct a new one. I LOVE me some live-action Ninja Turtles. If this goes though, he better not screw it up, that's all I'm sayin'. [gammasquad]

Another franchise in the works of becoming a live action movie is Twisted Metal, to be written and directed by Brian Taylor. This was one of my favorite games to play on the PlayStation. Over time it has developed an in depth and dark storyline for each of the characters. This has the potential to become a seriously amazing movie if Brian does it right. [geekosystem]

We have 3 years until 2015. That's the year when hoverboards are suppose to be made and already widely circulated. Mattel will soon be releasing Hoverboard replicas. Sadly it's only a replica of Marty's hoverboard, and as it clearly states on the packaging, it does not work on water. Looks like I'll have to wait a few years to get a Pitbull, because it's got POWAH!! [geekologie]

Whether you love or hate the fact that Star Wars is coming out in 3D, the fact is, that it's happening, and there's nothing you can do about it. George Lucas will keep finding ways to re-release the Star Wars movies, and he'll keep finding little things to change about it. Even if you hate this, is it really all that bad? Here's 4 things you need to accept about George Lucas. [cracked]

Are you only familiar with 3 or 4 Darths in the Star Wars universe? Educate yourself, with a list of ALL THE DARTHS!! in all of the Star Wars. (darth maul will always be my favorite darth. come at me bro) [ugo]

What if Star Wars actually took place within Feudal Japan? What would the characters look like? Let's find out, shall we? [howtogeek]

I'll finish up this Round-Up by destroying small bits of your childhood. Or at least show you things about it that you never realized. [buzzfeed]

GAME BONUS: Do you love Shadow of the Colossus? How about a simplified, yet still nearly as fun flash game with the same gameplay style? I present to you, Heir. [armorgames]


Double Fine Adventure: Tim Schafer Is Creating A Classic Point-And-Click Game With Our Help!

Monkey Island.

Grim Fandango.

Day of the Tentacle.

You guys know these are my favorite games of all time. They turned me into a gamer. Ron Gilbert is my hero. Tim Schafer is my OTHER hero. I'm incredibly passionate about the point-and-click adventure genre, and have experienced the heartbreak of watching it become a dying artform, just like tap dancing, and Pogs. TellTale Games has done its best to keep adventure gaming somewhat alive, but it has been nothing compared to now.

We're talking a FAN-FUNDED OLD-SCHOOL ADVENTURE GAME, developed by my heroes, Tim and Ron.

Someone get the defibrillators, my heart just exploded like an illegal firework.

Guys. This is it. This is what I've... we've been waiting for. The project pledged $400,000, yet it's already raised $950,000 in under 24 hours. It will no doubt reach a million in just a few more hours. I'm clicking refresh every five minutes like a neurotic eBayer.

Donate. Donate like you can afford it. Donate like you really do care about charities and dying kids in Africa or whatever. You know why? Because those dying kids in Africa don't have a good adventure game. Give it to them, Daddy Warbucks. Give it to them so super hard.

In addition to creating a game that is for the fans and (in a way) by the fans without having to worry about pleasing investors and publishers and other bossy rich snobs, Double Fine will also be showing you behind-the-scenes footage of the entire process along the way. The best part? This is being filmed and produced by my pals based in Portland, Oregon known as 2 Player Productions. You may be familiar with their Minecraft documentary and their awesome chip music documentary, "Reformat The Planet."

This is the adventure of an adventure gamer's lifetime. Be apart of it. If not for you...

Do it for Dr. Fred.

Do it for Manny.

Do it for Guybrush.


** UPDATE **

We did it, adventure gamers!


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Only PARTIALLY Super Bowl Related Edition


As we all know, this Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday. A day where people all around the world come together to stuff their faces with empty calorie foods, and not get judged for it. Also, to watch football. Now, if you want my opinion, which you probably don't, but I'm going to give it to you anyway, I usually always enjoy the Super Bowl, however, I don't like either team playing this year, so I hope nobody wins. Score 0:0. First tie in Super Bowl history. Giants suck. Patriots suck. Cowboys FOREVER! Yeah, THAT'S RIGHT! COME AT ME, BRO! So in celebration of this year's crappy Super Bowl, I'll start off with a few SB related links.

Let's begin with 5 reasons NOT to watch the Super Bowl this year. [bleacherreport]

We all know that a lot of people don't even care about football, and only watch the Super Bowl because of the commercials. I can respect that. Some of the best commercials ever have spawned from the Super Bowl. Here are the 5 funniest Super Bowl ads that aren't Doritos. [bleacherreport]

If you recall, a couple weeks ago, I posted a link to a teaser ad with a bunch of dogs barking the Imperial March. Well if you can't wait until the Super Bowl to watch it, here's the actual commercial that will be playing. How do you think it compares to last year's L'il Vader commercial? [blastr]

Did any of you see the teaser ad with Ferris Bueller? Well once again, if you're too lazy to wait until SB Sunday, here's the full ad that will be airing. [geekosystem]

Jerry Seinfeld + Soup Nazi = another SB ad you can watch before it airs. [geekosystem]

Ok, here's a Super Bowl ad, from Budweiser, that will ONLY be airing in Canada, so it's not a spoiler for the rest of us, since we won't be seeing it anyway. It's not a funny ad, but one of those "heart-warming" style commercials. But don't let that deter you, it's still a good commercial. [buzzfeed]


If you're like me, you know a lot of people who are completely ignorant when it comes to computers, and that's the nice way of putting it. The second something goes wrong, they have NO CLUE what to do, and totally freak out. Then they either come to me to have me take time out of my day to fix it, or drop $200 to have it fixed by a computer repair shop. When if they took a little time, they could run a couple programs, and completely fixed the problem by themselves, without having to waste my time, or going into debt. For all of you people like that, here's 5 things you should know before trying to fix your computer. [cracked]

Ever wanted to build your own Borderlands Claptrap, or more accurately CL4P-TP? Well this guy did. It may not move around or talk, but it's still pretty dang awesome. [baronriot]

Hill Valley re-created with LEGOS. That should be incentive enough to click the link. [geekologie]

Have you ever looked at a video game controller and thought to yourself, "Man I wish I could wash myself with that thing." I know Lisa sure has. Well now all your dreams have come true, and not only with controllers, but other geeky things as well. How about scrub-a-dub-dubbing it up with a Rubix Cube? [geekosystem]

Click the picture to see a larger version.

HOLY EVERYTHING THAT'S HOLY! NEW NINJA TURTLE ACTION FIGURES! Move over little snot-nosed 12 year old kiddies, these suckers are MINE! [geekologie]

Thursday was Groundhog day, and if you're anybody who's anybody you have love the movie. It's a classic, and hilarious, and is on the list of required movies to watch or be shunned by humanity for the rest of your life. So with that said, here are 12 things you probably didn't know about the movie. [buzzfeed]

Whether you love 3D movies, or hate them, the honest truth is they're here to stay, and aren't you tired of the same old black, uncomfortable 3D glasses? For the release of the upcoming Avengers movie, you can get a pair of special edition 3D glasses for an extra $5.00. I'm sure they'll be more comfortable, and you can wear them to other 3D movies as well, and be the envy of all your black-glasses-wearing friends. [ology]

Remember the Abominable Snow Monster from the most awesomazing Microsoft Windows game, Ski Free? Well it looks like he's getting a bit more creative in trying to catch the skier as he ski's down the endless mountain-side. [howtogeek]

Finally, if you recall a few weeks ago I presented you with a video called Skyrim 2012, created by the GroBroPros. Well it seems it was so popular, that the guys have made a part 2. Let us watch, and bask in the hilarity, shall we? [gammasquad]


Nick’s Friday Round-Up: BLOW… YOUR… MIND… EDITION

That was your mind, and that's the little girl who doesn't give two flying flips about it. Nick's Round-Up for Friday the 13th has begun. I'm gonna start of small and build up to the mind explosion. Let us commence.

I'll begin with something food-related. I'm actually a pretty good cook. Especially when it comes to baking. I've never had any training, so for any of us in the same boat, we tend to believe some things about cooking that are actually lies, ALL LIES!! Here are 9 ridiculous cooking myths that most of you probably thought to be truths. HAHA, SUCKERS! Oh wait... I have to admit, believed a couple of them. Maybe now, Lisa will be able to cook something besides cereal... Probably not. [cracked]

Here's a bit of nostalgia. I remember growing up, waking up early every Saturday to watch cartoons. When Saturday-morning cartoons were GOOD. Not like the crap they show today. Here are some cartoons from the 1990's that we want back, and that today's generation could benefit from. Maybe they'll actually grow some brain cells back that they've lost from the complete stupidity of today's cartoons.[ugo]

I'm not one to ever have any kind of interest in makeup, but this particular line actually caught my eye. A new brand called Fotoshop by Adobé. Remove wrinkles with a swipe of the brush. Lose those 40 extra pounds and reshape your body without the mess of surgery. It also works for men, animals, landscapes, and pretty much whatever you want to change. Check it out. Fotoshop by Adobé [vimeo]

Google Maps has given us a few lulz now and then with things they've captured as they've intrusively driven down our streets, taking pictures. Some of the things they've caught, they've actually had to blur out. This instance, as of yesterday, was not blurred. Sadly I just now checked it, and they blurred it. GRRRR. However, you can still see it, even with the blur.  Just click on the blur. The blur is a woman walking. You won't be disappoint. [google maps] UPDATE: I found a website that saved the original pictures. Now you can fully enjoy the lulz! [flowerpoop]

As you all know, I love Skyrim. If you haven't figured that out by now, well then, apparently you don't read my Round-Ups very often, which is your own loss. Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wonder what Skyrim would be like in the present day?" Well, the good people at GroBroPros, on youtube, have created a video of that very thing. Here is SKYRIM 2012 [youtube]

You remember watching The Street Fighter series, right? Well our good pals at TheGameStation have created a new video spoof of the show Pawn Stars, creatively called, PWN Stars. If you don't laugh during this video, you've either never watched Pawn Stars, or never played any Legend of Zelda games. In either case, you're dead to me. [youtube]

I've been holding on to this link for the past few weeks. Since before Christmas. I believe now is the time to post it to you. A company in France has developed a special lighting display called CT Light Concept. Basically, it's able to project a 3D-style lighting display onto buildings, and thus opening new areas of awesome! Let the mind-blowing begin! [gammasquad]

If you've ever been to NYC or LA or Vancouver, or well, basically any big city with a good source of tourism, then you've seen a busker or two. a.k.a. street performer. I've seen people with some pretty amazing talents, but NOTHING quite like this. This guy absolutely blows me away. Apparently he didn't listen when his mom told him not to finger-paint on the walls, and it's a good thing he didn't. Whenever I finger-paint, it comes out looking like this. Whatever... I suck. Just watch the video. [youtube]

Here ya go. You can thank me later. [b3ta]

AND NOW... THE MOST EPIC THING YOU WILL EVER SEE, EVER! EVER! I tried to prepare you for this a couple days ago. I honestly don't think there's enough time to be able to train yourself to handle something this awesomazing. Maybe a mute monk up in the mountains of somewhere, with 50 years of training, but other than that, no. I am not responsible for anything that may happen to you during the viewing of this video. You can't say I didn't warn you. Lisa, if there's one thing you click on in all my Round-Ups, this would be the thing. [youtube]



OMFG: Microsoft Studios Acquires Twisted Pixel Games aka Lisa’s Favorie Game Studio


This is the best news all week. All YEAR. My favorite game studio of all time, TWISTED PIXEL STUDIOS, has been lasso'd by Microsoft Games.

“Twisted Pixel has an incredible track record of delivering innovative, critically acclaimed, and most importantly, fun, games,” said Phil Spencer, corporate vice president, Microsoft Studios. “Microsoft Studios is home to cutting-edge entertainment experiences, and the incredible creativity of the Twisted Pixel team will help drive further innovation around Kinect and Xbox LIVE.”

OMFFFFFFGGGGGGG. Love you, Twisted Pixel.

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Gaming Makes Fine Art Way Cooler And Less Boring

Art is pretty cool. I don't understand it half the time, which makes going to art museums an extremely enjoyable pasttime. I'll be standing next to two art connoisseurs, gazing at some large fancy piece of art, and one will say, "Hm, yes, the distemper of the impressionism is reminiscent of the 18th century," and the other will say, "Quite right. I do find the perspective of the underpainting as bisque as the ceramics of the collograph, a rather remarkable lifochrome classic," then I chime in, "Mm, yes. It looks like the hot wings and car bombs I threw up on a sports bar pool table last night."

But maybe if art involved more VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS I'd be a lot more interested and knowledgeable, and would perhaps stop comparing so many paintings to splattered bodily fluids, sometimes coming out of babies. Check out the rest of these Video Game Fine Art pieces, because rad.

[Geeks Are Sexy: Fine Art + Gaming = Awesome]