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Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Self-Serving Edition

Today's Round-Up is a little bit different. I have a few links for you, but I kinda want to promote myself a little bit. I'm considering starting a Minecraft Youtube series, and I've uploaded the first video. So as my test audience, if you have the time, go watch it and throw me some suggestions and comments. Let me know what ya think, and what I can do to make it more entertaining.


If you didn't quite get what you wanted for Christmas, you can trade in those bunny slippers for a Super Mario, Final Level leather belt. [geekologie]

If that's not  cool enough for you, how about an $800 Illuminated Batman chess set. Seriously... this thing is awesome. [geekologie]

In a previous round-up I posted about a fan-made Back to the Future LEGO DeLorean set. Well now it turns out that LEGO is making it an OFFICIAL LEGO set. WOOHOO! [gammasquad]

If you had the leg lamp from A Christmas Story on your Christmas list, then you may want an upgrade to a Star Wars droid leg lamp instead. [geekologie]

With Nintendo Power finally ending it's magazine publication, it looks as if Nintendo Force is going to pick up where Nintendo Power left off. [geekosystem]

Dead Space 3 can hear you scream! Seriously. It will also change the gameplay accordingly. [warpzoned]

A cat that jumps whenever it hears the jump sound from Super Mario Bros. Hilarity is inevitable. [geekologie]

For the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, the UK is releasing Doctor Who stamps. For you hardcore fans, you may want to get in touch with your UK friends to send you some. [geekosystem]


Merry Christmas from all here at Save Point

For everyone who celebrates it, Merry Christmas to you. For all who celebrates something else, including but not limited to anti-life, happy whatever that would be from all of us at Save Point.

By the way, if you want to download the album, go ahead and do so. It can be free, but if you feel in the giving mood, you can pay what you want. It's full of holiday Chiptune wonderment.



Due to Earth's potential demise, there will be no Friday Round-Up today. Instead, I leave you with this. 

And this... for good measure.



Nick’s Friday Round-Up

What is it with the world, all the sudden, developing a butt-ton of freakishly scary robots? We got the robot that can run like a cheetah, a robot that can make it's way over crazy rough terrain, the humanish shaped robot that can traverse it's way across crazy obstacles, and now we have a knife-wielding robot that can cut a cucumber paper thin, not to mention, stab you in the neck when you're not looking... or even if you are looking. [geekologie]

We can add to that robot takeover with the most advanced prosthetic arm to date. Seriously, folks, there's no way Skynet isn't here making these things. [geekologie]

One of the unseen, but definitely not unheard characters in video games are the radio hosts. You'll be trotting along, leveling up, happily listening to that radio station that you somehow have programmed into a piece of something connected to you. It comes out of nowhere people, and it's kinda creepy. ANYWAY, here are the top 10 greatest radio hosts in videogame history. [dorkly]

This is not one of the coolest rides you can have, but it's better than nothing, especially all pimped out in an R2-D2 theme. [geekologie]

And what an awesome segue that was into my next topic. Harrison Ford is totally open to coming back as Han Solo for the new Star Wars movie. [gammasquad]

So is Carrie Fisher! [blastr]

Are you tired of the daunting task of separating your skittles into different colors, because, well, you just despise those green ones? Well daunt no more! You can have your very own, personal, automatic skittle sorter. [geekologie]

Speaking of candy, a lot of you love gummi stuff. Bears, worms, robots, the list goes on, but how about a gummi python. YEP, you read that right, a ginormous snake made of gummi stuffs. [geekologie]

What are you going to store that gummi snake in? Cuz you know there's no way you're eating that in one sitting. Well how about a $45,000 refrigerator? All I'm saying is it better, as heck, better make me breakfast and serve it to me in bed. [geekologie]

Who wants some super adorbz of the day, with a hefty dose of "awesome" thrown in? YOU ALL DO! I present to you, Dragon Baby! [gammasquad]

One thing we haven't heard about in a while is Elder Scrolls Online. We got a tiny teaser trailer a while ago, but that's about it. However, now they decide to just throw a hefty update into our laps and expect us to absorb it all. OK, I THINK I WILL! [gammasquad]

Also, for good measure, let's throw in this link. Obsidian's Project Eternity is now, officially, the most funded game on Kickstarter. [geekosystem]

Do you all remember that Assassin's Creed Parkour video I showed you a few weeks back? Well they're at it again, Assassin's Creed III style. AWWW YEAH! [youtube]

So this guy re-paints realistic faces on semi to very crappily made movie character dolls/figurines/action figures, whatever you want to call them, and they are surprisingly good. Like... really surprisingly good. [geekologie]

Zombie movies come out of the woodwork like a hefty dose of termites, but once in a while, a gem will appear. A zombie movie like no other. A comedy zombie romance. That's right, you read correctly. A zombie falls in love with a human. Stop being so jaded and cynical and just freakin' watch the trailer. [gammasquad]



Nick’s Time Travel Tuesday: Batman Edition

I'M BAAAAACK! Hey, wait, come back. Where's everybody going? I knew this would happen. Ya know what, I ain't even mad.

Today's theme is, BATMAN! Yes, folks, Batman. There have been many different adaptations of Batman, over the years, and I'm here to spread the awesomeness of all their intro's. Well... at least most of them. So sit back and enjoy a compilation of theme songs from arguably the best super hero ever. (insert controversy here)

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Rising Up From a Dark Night.

I may not have time to post a Friday Round-Up this week, but I do have time to show my respects to the victims and families of the Denver, Colorado movie shooting. It's sickening and sad that people can do something like this. It makes me wonder what happened in this persons life that would cause them to resort to such violent actions. We are a world of heroes, and some of us fall to the Dark Side. All my prayers go out to all those effected.

From everyone here at Save Point, be smart, be safe, keep fighting, and don't lose faith.


Nick’s Friday Round-Up

This is for all those superfans of Doctor Who. For those of you who have everything Doctor Who. Now you can have your own sonic screwdriver. What's that? You say you already have one? Well, not this one. This sonic screwdriver is a universal TV remote control. Yep, you too can control electronics with the wave and pointing of a screwdriver, that doesn't actually tighten screws, but does pretty-much everything else. *still does not work on wood [geekologie]

Here's something for the fans of Game of Thrones, as well as all the Minecrafters out there. The world of Game of Thrones recreated in Minecraft. This is awesome and all, but I won't be impressed until I see the entire Star Wars galaxy recreated. Come on, people, get on that. [geekologie]

And speaking of Minecraft. The official release date for 1.3 has been announced! FINALLY! If you can't tell... I play Minecraft. [geekosystem]

Zombie related things always seem to pop up in this here round-up. It's not my fault. I just find cool stuff about zombies, so I share my findings. Ya know what... if ya don't like it, then don't click the link. STOP YELLING AT ME! *deep breaths*. Ok, sorry, I'm good now. Back to what I was saying. If you're ever on vacation, and find that a zombie apocalypse has broken out, here are 7 zombie-proof landmarks of which you should take your vacation. It never hurts to take precautions. [buzzfeed]

When you're packing your bags for said vacation, don't forget to pack your $24,000 zombie apocalypse kit. It'll defs come in handy in a pinch. [geekologie]

A lot of times, when it comes to superheroes, there isn't much science behind their superpowers, so it gets explained away as being a "mutant" or something like that. When it comes to Spider-Man, however, there is a bit of science that can backup that wall-crawling, web-slinging, and spider-sense. [buzzfeed]

Now that we're in a sciencey mood, it turns out that even though it's super awesome, and nobody messes with The Bat, sadly his cape glider would kill him. Kill 'em dead. No more Bats. He would be a stain on the ground, even though he could actually glide with it for up to a thousand or so feet, he would have far too much speed. [blastr]

Want moar Batman? Here's the evolution of Batman and other Batman characters over the past 70 years. [buzzfeed]

I'm Batman! You have no proof to the contrary. [youtube]

I know you've been sitting there this whole time, asking yourself , "What are the 25 greatest Sega Genesis games of all time.", because I know that's what I'm thinking of as I'm reading through awesome web articles about random geeky links. Well I'm here to satisfy that curiosity. [dorkly]

Whenever I get a watermelon, the first thing that comes to mind, is what awesome sci-fi thing can I carve this watermelon into. Not really. I usually just end up with watermelon juice all over my face, trying to beat my latest seed-spitting distance record, however, there are plenty other people who can do the sci-fi carving. [blastr]

The most evil villain in all of the Disney universe, or even all of the fairy tale universe, is Maleficent. Any and all arguments to the contrary will be responded to with violence, consisting of face-punching and knee-kicking. A fellow by the name of Dan, and no, not fellow Savepointer Dan, another Dan, has created a paper mache bust of the dragon form of Maleficent, and mounted it upon his wall, like a boss. LIKE. A. BOSS. This bust is amazing. [geekologie]

The Assassin's Creed movie is further along, with an actor chosen to play the part. [geekosystem]

Tired of having a sloppy computer desk? Look at it. Just look at it. You see those cups there? How about that half-eaten bag of chips. You know I'm right. NOW CLEAN IT UP! While you're at it, why not hide all your dangling cords, and add a few LED lights and make your desk look all super sleek. Here's an example of what I expect it to look like. Now get started. [howtogeek]

An X-Wing Figher beard, because... why the heck not? [geekologie]

Do you enjoy real-time strategy/shooter mashup games? I'm talking Command and Conquer mixed with Starcraft. Do you like free games? Good. Then go play Airmech, for the Chrome browser. It won't disappoint. Also, did I mention it's free?  [howtogeek]

For those of you who enjoy my weekly round-ups, and actually read it and click ALL THE LINKS! And based on the comments, that's about 2 of you, I'm gonna give you a heads-up that next week there's a 90% chance that I won't be able to post a Round-Up for reasons of being crazy busy. So try not to go into withdrawals, and I'll be back in 2 weeks.



Happy American Independence Day!

How better celebrate freedom than using an Internet meme? I know we have readers from around the world, but today is American Independence Day so go out and celebrate freedom by doing what we do: Blowing stuff up.

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Kotaku Presents: Lisa Foiles

Hey guys!

I know, I'm FINALLY posting something in here! Well, I'm just letting you know that Kotaku Presents: Lisa Foiles is debuting tonight, on at 8PM ET. I basically get to take over the site for an entire hour with ridiculous programming and content. In fact, the first post will be a comedy sketch with a certain someone over at SMBC Theater. Should be fun, so BE THERE! Hang out with me in the comment section and on my Twitter for the duration of the Foiles invasion. See you then! Remember West Coast retards, that's 5PM your time.




Nick’s Friday Round-Up

6 moments that make "wasting time" playing video games, completely worth it. [cracked]

There's been a bunch of Portal videos that people have made, but none of them stack up to the awesomazingness of this one. [geekosystem]

Want to play an Australian live-action zombie game, similar to Left 4 Dead? [geekosystem]

There's been so many movies turned into LEGO video games; why not Inception? LEGOception? LEGception? [buzzfeed]

There are some aspects of video games we all wish existed IRL, here are 8 of them, as well as 1 thing we're glad that doesn't. [dorkly]

What if Super Mario Bros. was more modern, with more violence and gore? I present to you, Super Modern Mario Bros. [geekologie]

Ever had a friend come over to play XBOX, but you only had one controller. Too bad you couldn't use your PS3 controller as a second XBOX controller. WELL NOW YOU CAN, with the Cronus USB adapter. [geekosystem]

Middle Earth's Moria recreated in Minecraft. Prepare for awe and wonderment. [geekologie]

25 more awesome things recreated in Minecraft. Is there anything that can't be built in Minecraft? [blastr]

Is that local theme park rollercoaster not doing it for you? Why not go to Nepal and zipline at 87mph for over 1 mile, at 2,000 feet in the air? Sounds good to me! [geekologie]

After 40 years, a certain monster is going to be returning to Doctor Who. [blastr]

Speaking of Doctor Who, let's listen to every single "EXTERMINATE", and variation of the word, uttered by the Daleks since their first appearance in 1963. Can you watch the entire video? CHALLENGE PRESENTED! [gammasquad]