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Save Point was created by Lisa Foiles in Feb 2009 in order to provide herself with an outlet for expressing her amazingly awesome and never wrong opinions about video games and nerd culture. Hopefully the writing here at Save Point, involving sarcasm and the occasional real or made-up profanity, doesn't offend you. However, if it does offend you, Lisa might not completely care, and this lack of caring may be offensive to you.

About Lisa
Lisa is a recovering Nickelodeon child star and a convicted jaywalker. She has an unhealthy obsession with video games, Star Wars trivia, and Queen cover bands. Also, she is a columnist for Kotaku and has her own show on The Escapist called Top 5 with Lisa Foiles, as well as host for The Game Station's REMAG. It's pretty sweet, I guess.

Occasionally Lisa's stupid friends will post on here, but be aware that their posts will be far inferior to Lisa's posts.

About Lisa's Stupid Friends

Stuart Newsom
Currently, Stuart is shrouded in mystery. Actually, Stuart's almost always shrouded in mystery. He's a mystery wrapped in an E. Nygma. I wonder how many will get that... Really, Stuart's mostly three parts Jack Skellington, two parts Guybrush Threepwood and a dash of Chandler Bing and Burt from Mary Poppins for flavor.

The question Stuart gets most often is "How did you meet Lisa?" Frankly, he "met" her through the very beginnings of the Lisa Foiles Club on Yahoo Groups, which instantly dates this entire story, after reading a story about the new All That cast and deciding she was cool. Nick may say his decision was wrong there, but he disagrees. It was cool to just talk with her, until one fateful private e-mail where I made a Monkey Island reference and the excited 90% caps lock e-mail he received in return and the rest is history. And present too. BTW: Remember that Monkey Island pitch article on Kotaku? Guess who helped on a lot of the research? This guy. He also helped found Save Point back in 2009 with Lisa and still very few people know who he is and that's as it should be.

Stuart's a long time gamer, growing up on LucasArts adventure games and Kings Quest on his family's IBM 386 to a most unprofessional fighting game button masher, and general nerd of all trades. He tries to know as much as he can on a wide range of topics, one of those who can pull a random fact out of his head that makes everyone around go "Why would you know that?" There's a specialization on theme parks and amusement parks, especially when it comes to Disney Parks, where it just gets to insane amounts of mostly useless knowledge and stories bouncing around in there. Yet he can't do math in his head.

You can add Stuart to your PSN friends list, if you happen to have a PS3, at SavePointStu

Also, you can add him on Steam (and go ahead and join the Save Point Steam Group while you're at it) for gaming stuffs. You can also follow him on Twitter, if you'd like, though it might not be pretty. Speaking of, that's also his mostly defunct YouTube account too.

Nick "LabyrinthX"
Nick has always lived on the wild side. Being pulled over by the cops for running a red light on his bicycle, at about the age of 13, he took the route of a rebel and never looked back. Thus throwing his dirty clothes on the ground with complete disregard for anyone.

Many years ago, his life took a downward spiral, the day he joined the official Lisa Foiles Club Yahoo Group. Over the course of time, he began to develop a close "friendship" with Lisa, which eventually lead to depression, extreme fits of sarcasm, and violent outbursts. This group was also where he met Stuart as well. In 2011 he was forced, by Lisa, to become an author for Save Point, and write lame and stupid articles like a caged monkey. Needless to say there was kicking, screaming, hair-pulling, face-punching, and name-calling. And that was just on Lisa's end.

When he's not unscrewing salt shaker lids and shooting lemon seeds at people through his straw, he's probably playing video games. Like Stuart, he also grew up playing Kings Quest, as well as Oregon Trail, and those weirdly colored math games that they only had on school computers. His first console was the Atari 2600, to which he still owns. Then, one fine Christmas day he finds an NES under the tree (you gotta love great grandmothers), and Nintendo become a way of life. With all of his video game accomplishments, to this day, he still has not been able to beat the original Super Mario Bros. because of that stupid jump in world 8-1. His favorite types of games are RPGs such as Fallout 3, Red Dead Redemption, and Borderlands. Other favorite games include the Broken Sword series, Chrono Cross, Half Life 2, Darksiders II, LEGO Batman 2,  the Prince of Persia series, Metal Gear Solid series, Mass Effect series, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and War for Cybertron, Dishonored, and so many more.  He absolutely sucks at FPS's, especially in multiplayer, so don't even ask him to play. You're little sister could beat him.

You can follow Nick on the Twitters, add him on the Facebooks, or make fun of his lame videos on the Youtubes, of which he needs to use more often. You can also add him on Steam.

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    My my, weren’t we in a cheeky mood this weekend?


  4. Of all the stupid friends, I am the most stupid. TRUFAX.

  5. Stuart, you may be stupid but i’d still buy you a beer. A big fuck off massive beer!

  6. Loving your material, keep it coming. :D

  7. I like your work and hope to see more of it on the Escapist. This is my first time posting on anything ever so if I am doing it poorly I apologize.

    • Your comment posting performance was phenomenal. Thanks for stopping by!! Come back often and comment more! :)

  8. When I first noticed the banner for “top 5 robots” on the escapist, I thought the blonde on the left was some kind of creepy animatronic real doll. Despite that, I’ve been thoroughly entertained by your videos, so, er, keep up the good work.

    • How do you know I’m not *actually* a doll? YOU DON’T KNOW ME! *slams door*

      • As far as I’m aware, science won’t have the technology to give robot dolls door-slamming, womanly tantrums until at least 2017.

        • Word up James. That’s my litmus test to see if any of the women in my life are robot dolls. So far…all of them have displayed amazing door-slamming, womanly tantrum skills.

  9. If you think my posting to have been under careful consideration phenomenal then I must undoubtedly post more. What does one who posts say? Should I comment of your excellence or awe inspiring talented performance? Should I make jokes about video games or like interested affairs? Should I vomit up the story of who I perceive I am? Should I try to strike up a conversation? I’m at a loss of what to say and do. However I will say this after posting for my first time my hands are now trembling in fear. What if I am not well received and no one likes me? Nevertheless if ill will grows into malice how do I defend my self from those who come at me with sword and fire?

  10. Anymore top 5′s on the go? great to see more content being added to the website, the more gaming websites to keep me distracted from Uni work the better. Greetings from the UK

  11. Roll 1d20 for new top 5?

  12. Hey Lisa, I heard they’re looking to add a female touch over at, a few people suggested you. Why not contact them?

  13. call me stupid. but i honstly don’t remeber you on all that…..>_>

  14. First post here!

    Just wanted to say thanks for the laughs on these Top 5 lists and for getting drunk in the name of gaming science :) Besides, shouldn’t that qualify you for a Nobel prize or something?

    Can’t wait to see more of your stuff. Both agreeing and disagreeing with you is fun! (Not that I would ever DARE to disagree with you)

  15. Woo! Video games yeah!

    So many words I could put here, don’t wanna get tangled up in my own linguistics though, I’ll start off simple:

    Hi everyone.

    There we go, quick and easy, just like the Barfly’s in down-town Seattle. HIYOOOOOOOOOO!

  16. Hello this is amazing site! really cool and it will be a new inspirations for me

  17. Know what I like? Beer. Quality craft beer. Video Games too. A lot of people enjoy both of those, often at the same time. But come to find out you’re also into musical theater? The Venn Diagram that is my life is complete … hmm, that’s a good t-shirt idea.

    Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say I think you’re smart. Cause you like the things I like. Which come to think of it, isn’t that one of the programming rules the interwebs are based on?

    #if .MyIdeas {include.YourIdeas} #Then $print{FTW}

    Keep up the good work!

  18. I found myself watching All that..
    Coffee and sugar,anyone?

  19. If you are such a big star wars trivia fan. Can you name all of the Null troopers ???

  20. Lisa! What happened to Top 5? I haven’t seen a new video in like 2 months. We miss you over at the Escapist.

  21. Sooooooooo….what’s up nerds? I just accidentally shot my horse in the head while playing Red Dead Redemption…and it made me sad. I remember when I first saw him standing there…proud, and strong…almost daring me to try to break him. At first I thought I shouldn’t even try, I mean look at him…he looks like the horse Jesus would have rode on during the Rapture if any of that shizm were real. So anyway, as I began to walk away, a fleeting thought crossed my cowboy brain. “Why not try? He’s standing right there, daring you to try to break him.” So I pulled out my rope (hee hee) and caught that magnificent stallion on the first try! Go me. I ran up to my prize and jumped on his back (I realize this is sounding like a homo-erotic smut novel…note to self: swing by barnes and noble). This untamed beast began to buck and fight like a fat kid who got a salad of the month club membership. I stayed on for fear of what would happen if I were to let go, and just as he began to calm down, he kicked one last time, sending me flying through the air and falling to the ground where I bashed my head on a rock and died. After I came back to life…I managed to find him again and finaly break him. After many an adventure, through good times and bad, we formed a bond of trust and understanding…and today I accidentally shot him in the back of the head trying to kill a skunk. :(

  22. Hey lisa, your videos are ALL THAT and more… haha see what i did there

  23. Greetings, i was just wondering why did you stop making top 5´s for the escapist, I thought they were quite clever and entertaining. I really enjoy your sense of humor and i thank yee for giving me quite a few laughs. I hope you read this because (unsurprisingly) it is the only place i found to reach to you, since there is no email or anything whatsoever on any page that you write/work for.
    Keep up the good work lad, i hope this post feeds your egocentric needs.

  24. wait wait wait hold the…some thing train….whatever.
    Where has Everyday Achievements gone?!

  25. Hey you used to be on All That apparently. I watched that show like a million times when I was younger. I don’t remember you at all

  26. Hey Lisa?
    (Insert geeky appreciation comment, remember to mention to her that you bought the mountain dew scented NES controller from Etsy a year ago!)
    anyways, I see so much of you on the internet and am just wondering how you got started? I am some random 17 year old that definitely wouldn’t mind professionally contributing or writing for the likes of say theescapistmagazine, and really would appreciate any help or tips on how you got your name out there so quickly, and well

  27. I wish I had some sort of sarcastic lead-in to get your attention, but since I don’t I’ll just get to the point and recommend Terraria… I picked it up about a week ago and it’s an amazing game.

    P.S. Everyday Achievements…? :(

  28. Hello Lisa:

    Does my name ring any bells to you?

    Well, I’ll give you a hint. Go to the bunch of bussiness cards you got during the E3 (I guess you had a lot) and check them out. You will find one with my name on it.

    Anything yet? If not, allow me to refresh your memory.

    Maybe you remember a tall Spanish guy that talked to you during the fair? The one that told you about the idea of putting Spanish subtitles in the videos of The Escapist?

    Yeap, that’s me.

    I was wondering if you still could send me the information I asked you about. I would really appreciate it if you did. And of course, if you are ever interested in expanding your audience a little bit, I make the same offer to you.

    Please, if you can, send it to me as soon as you can.

    Best regards.

    PS: Were some of you expecting some praise comment for Lisa instead of a self-selling message? Don’t worry. Now that I know of this blog, I will put them eventually in due time.

    I just needed to take this issue out of the way first, and I couldn’t find any other way to reach her more “privately”.

    I will say this, though:

    KOS-MOS in the Top 5 Robots list FTW!!!!!!!


  29. To the guy above: ME GUSTA!

    A little off-topic, I work at a very popular video game chain-store (Well, the only one, maybe?) and there are a lot of Spanish-speaking people asking me about games with subtitles. You know, “Si, game-o por me, senorito!” (Actually, I’m hispanic so I’m one to talk…). F3AR (However you pronounce that) was a great option and I know some other games have that feature. But it’s usually either Japanese or French. great choices but, hey, let’s broaden our choices.

    If you want to laugh a bit, you can even get the original voice actors and force them to talk in Spanish. Ah, yes. I would but that game. Whatever game. I’ll just buy it. :]

    Uhh…on-topic? Um, Lisa rules? I wanna be like her when I grow up? No…? D8


    keep up the ….uh……..whatever it is you do?

  31. So Lisa, we have the same BIRTHDAY! Anyway, I’ve been watching your vids and looking on this site for awhile now.

    Great work! :D

  32. Well, I used to watch All That all day, every day, and I had a HUGE crush on Ms. Lisa up here, and now I find out she loves video games. Ah, if only I were 20….

    (P.S. You still look REALLY hot. :D)

  33. Hello there, awesome queen of all that is good in gaming. ^_^

    Okay, okay, I just wanted to ask a favor. After seeing you put Tengaar as the top red head on one of your top 5 vids, I would like to humbly request thy greatness to make a review/skit/video/whatever in honor of Suikoden. Recently, us suikoden fans have been getting the boot from konami. they don’t wanna make us a new suikoden game, and have even disbanded their development team. it’s sad to see such a great game go down the drain. you’re interesting, funny, beautiful, and plain AWESOME all at the same time, and you know, it would be cool if you could help us out a bit so that konami would listen. =) you have awesome almighty powers in the video game industry. hahaha. so…

    pretty please?

    annnd, great work. consider me a fan. =) keep gaming!~

  34. Your reviews are odd and interesting, I LOVE IT!!! ^.^
    P.S. Have you got any news on the new Kingdom Hearts games or Arkham city? Im an RPG nut and must know!!!! That and if you ever played Suikoden do you think there will be a 6th game were everyone meets and there are like 1,080 stars of destiny?

  35. Actually, there’d only be 648 Stars o’ Destiny in the sixth Suikoden, yeah? You’re thinking of Suikoden X. ;)

  36. This video on youtube, yeah this is goodness to share on the site, like Scott Pilgrim * 100 good.

  37. Show us you Bobies…

  38. Here is a comment that is unrelated to anything, but I wanted to say it, and this seemed like as good a place as any. I just came across the profiles for this year’s girls of geek calendar, and yours was by far the best. Of course, if I ever have any kind of shot at a date with any of those other girls I will disavow all knowledge of this comment.

    p.s. You know what’s harder than typing with an Xbox controller? Typing with a cat on your keyboard flicking her tail across the keys. Just sayin’. No reason.

  39. You may be the awesome queen of gaming and nerd culture. But is Yoda on your side.

  40. I just saw your crazy Peach costume on Kotaku. Pure. Unadulterated. WIN.

    Anyway, I thought you looked familiar, and after a minute of pondering, BAM, I remembered seeing you in Even Stevens.

    P.S. Cool site.

    P.P.S. Are you really that good at Star Wars trivia?

  41. Dear Lisa Foiles,

    I heard that You put together The All That Reunion at The Comikaze Expo, I just wanted to know if there will ever be another Reunion sometime in the future. I live in San Diego and a Large amount of My Friends and I tried to make to up to LA for the Convention in time for the Panel and Signing but our transportation broke down on the way up there. So we missed out on basically the only reason we were going to the Convention, also a lot of us are Fans of Top 5 and especially wanted to meet You. Do you think that possibly at Next Year’s Comikaze or maybe even at Next Year’s San Diego Comic-Con there could be a Second Cast Reunion? All of us in San Diego feel terrible like we missed out on a once in a life time thing, and TeenNick just keeps reminding us every night. So if there are any plans for a Second Reunion either up in LA or possible hear in San Diego please let us know on Save Point. Again we are very bummed out and wanted to meet all of you guys we Love the whole cast. So please let us know of any News if you have the time to respond to this message, we know that you are most likely very busy and do not have time for Fan Messages buy we hope this gets to You some how.

    - Sincerely, Cody Leigh Jones

  42. At the risk of sounding really creepy, I just got a Reddit account and stumbled across your AMA. I read this question: Would you ever pose for Playboy?
    Proof that I’m not making shit up:
    You answered “Only if I can have video game controllers to cover up my lady bits”
    Well, they did that:
    I was just wondering if you knew that…

  43. Lisa what do you think of the new zelda game? i wanna know how it is before i get it

  44. Really enjoying the Street Fighter :P

  45. you are fricking beautiful…not that you prolly havent heard it before…but when i say it I feel good to know that you know i said it ! keep up the work <3 ur articles!

  46. i’m a huge fan of you since the old days, and knowing that you are a video game freak like me, just makes me love you even more. your personality is one in a million and ur funny as F*ck i mean hell i mean… you know what i mean! tehee.. anyways, keep on doing what you’re doing, you make every NERD human being laugh and get hard (shouldnt have said that :p) and much love n respect from your FAN on a country that you are probably never heard of… INDONESIA! cheers with beers lisa! :)

  47. Hey Lisa, how’s it going? I read the site and like your videos, you do some awesome work in the written articles I must say. I would really love to ask you some questions about working in video game journalism, your acting and the internet celebrity you have for my site, Obviously you don’t need the publicity, I found you on your site, but if you have any interest then just reply or send something into the Ask Dr. Shortbus section on the site and I’ll hit you back…in a non Chris Brown way of course. Thanks!

  48. Well… This site was a delightful read! Gotta say, I don’t remember you on All That, but I’m sure a few minutes on Google should refresh my memory. I’ll be adding your site to my “list of places to visit to keep me up to date on video games without actually playing them”. Admittedly, the list needs a better name.

  49. lol cool i found it i read about your website on the gaystation uk magazine cool website i read that you said the idea of making this website came when you ran out of games one day and you didn’t know what to do with yourself and that you felt your thumbs regaining ha ha ha well i used to play gaystation but i don’t play video games anymore well i do play small online games but i don’t like to follow games anymore. anyway this is a cool website i mean who ever thought that someone like you will create a website lol

  50. (Insert text here)

  51. I always wondered where Nick’s infamous snark came from.

  52. Yay, more Lisa! Why haven’t I come to this place before? Fo shame.

  53. I suppose now that Lisa is with TGS, Nick is admin now?

    • Nope. The site is still Lisa’s. It’s her baby,and always will be. She does want to do more stuff with it, but her time is limited. Hopefully she’ll be able to eventually work out a good schedule, and we can do a lot more stuff with the site. =)

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