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Music Monday: Space Jam Style

Say what you will about Psy's Gangnam Style, it is now the number 1 watched video on YouTube, beating out the Bieber's Baby. It's quickly on track of having one billion views. Honestly, outside of a resurgence of Never Gonna Give You Up or a song famous for being atrocious, I would equate this to being one of the first ultra hits, even if it's a one hit wonder, created first on the Internet as a psudo-meme into mainstream hit charts, though for me Gangnam Style will always be associated with this. So, with this mash up, let's take the meme levels, throw them to 11 and rip off the knob. Come on and slam and welcome to the jam everyone. BTW: This mash is actually extremely easy because Space Jam and Gangnam Style are in the same key and have the same BPM. Somewhere, Randy Savage  is smiling.

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  1. Mostly pleasant, but perhaps 30-45 seconds too long.

  2. that last link was fudging awesome,
    the rest…
    not so much

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