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Music Monday: “A Tiny Spaceship’s Final Mission” by FantomenK

The Chiptune ninja FantomenK (literally, he's a ninja. A hoodie ninja at that) smoke bombed this new track onto the interwebs of a tiny spaceship's final mission. This one's got a little more traditional electrohouse flair in there in the beat, but the chips are still prevalent. I know I want to play this next time I play Galaga and see how much it enhances the experience. So listen and prepare your own tiny spaceship for your mission. That sounded better in my head.

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  1. Tested and Approved with the following:

    - Renegade Ops
    - Sine Mora
    - Deathsmiles
    - DoDonPachi Ressurection
    - Galaga (and nope, not the XBLA Version….I plugged in my old 1983 MSX for that ^^)
    - Jetfighter/Jetbomber (MSX)
    - Knightmare (MSX)
    - Dead Rising

    Not sure if….

    - Heavy Rain

  2. FantomenK also does the music for Keith Apicary’s awesome videos, in case you’re looking for more. =)

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