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Music Monday: “Chips Ahoy Mateys” by Big Giant Circles

It's a foregone conclusion, seeing we have Trash80's link right next to this and also our countless posts on the subject, we enjoy chiptune here. Well, here's one that I've heard remixed, but I wanted to give theĀ originalĀ it's due. The song, with its piratey motif, makes me think of an sprite animated Guybrush sailing in The Sea Monkey back and forth between Melee and Monkey Islands. And anything to put me into that mindset is a good thing. Big Giant Circle's whole album where this came from, "Impostor Nostalgia" is full of these fantastic tunes that sound like could come from your favorite NES or SNES game, but don't. Hence the name. I also highly suggest "Fight the Current", "Katana Blaster", and "HappiNESs (featuring Disasterpeace)". Heck, just buy the whole darn album.

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