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Stu’s Web Wednesday: JonTron

You know those times where you just stumble upon a show and then just compulsory watch every single one like a complete addict then watch your favorite ones over again just because. JonTron's show has been that for the past week. If you've read past Web Wednesdays, you know I'm all about the delivery. Most these shows can run together: find game, make jokes about game, post, ????, profit(?). However, JonTron throws basically all that to the wind with his off kilter delivery. Basically, you know every pretty standard rule about game reviewing for entertainment. Yeah. Go ahead and forget those. You won't need them here.

Like a lot of reviewers, JonTron tends to tackle some of the worst games ever to appear, with his specialty seeming to be the SNES. However, the games he chooses...oh boy the games. For example, the most recent episode just happens to be Home Improvement: The SNES Game. Yes. There was a Home Improvement video game. Where you fight dinosaurs. Don't believe me? Watch:

As you can notice, his performance and writing is a little...out there. Which is right up my alley. Personally, with his voice and inflection, it almost reminds me of Nathan Lane at his most frantic of moments, which can be downright hysterical. Especally when put out on another one of those games that's considered the worst ever made Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis:

He doesn't just take on Nintendo games...ok just primarally Nintendo games. But how about racing hedgehogs on the Sega Saturn? Yep...Sonic R anyone? Oh, and I totally believe this take on Sonic Team. Totally.

As we're in furry land, what about argueably one of the biggest dissapointments of the GameCube era, Stairfax Temperatures...or Starfox Adventures:


JonTron can be found on and on his YouTube account. You can connect to him on his Twitter and/or Facebook. And Cybirds are cool.

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  1. Holy crap! A reviewer who doesn’t follow the patented ‘That Guy With The Glasses’ formula for ‘reviewing’?!?


    I have to admit that he’s pretty good. He should lose the talking bird shtick though.

  2. I like my talking bird shtick…. >_____>

    • So do I Jon. So do I. Jacques forever.

    • I meant that out of kindness (oddly enough, even though it doesn’t sound like it). I’m just tired of the trend of reviewers tacking on ‘characters’ or ‘personalities’. Whatever happened to just being yourself (speaking in general terms here)? There are many very interesting people out there in the world. There’s no need to fake a personality or add useless/unecessary characters to get recognised.

      You, good sir, have excellent quality videos, your writing is great and your humour is superb. Do you really, REALLY need characters to get your point across? :P

      • I suppose I see what you’re saying, but the bird is really just something I use to differentiate myself. You can use it to describe the show to someone who hasn’t seen it! Honestly, what you’re seeing there is really me, just somewhat of a scripted caricature. It’s who I am if society’s rules didn’t come into play :D.

        Anyways, thanks for writing about my show guys! <3

  3. Your show is awesome Jon, thanks for the hilarious retrospects into retro-gaming.

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