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St. Nick’s Friday Round-Up: CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR Edition

And a follow up picture...

This picture could only be better if they dressed up another labrador as one of the Bumpus' dogs.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Well... almost. Just two more days. Are you excite? Hopefully I can throw some extra Christmas cheer your way with a completely Christmas themed Round-Up.

What Christmas would be complete without The Grinch? We've all seen it, and if you haven't... c'mon, srsly? Where the heck have you been for the past 45 years? You have absolutely no excuse! Go watch it right now, then you can come back and finish reading the rest of this. Consider yourself shunned. Now, for the rest of us, here are 7 things about The Grinch, that you might not know. SPOILER ALERT: His heart grew 3 sizes that day, kinda like Lisa's ego. [warmingglow]

When I say Minecraft, the first thing you think about is Christmas, right? No? Well this might help. Some Minecraft wrapping paper. Just make sure your presents are a perfect cube shape. [geekosystem]

Two more days until Christmas also means two more days until the Doctor Who Christmas episode! For those who can't wait, here are 9 new awesome, but 'spoilery', Doctor Who Christmas pics. [blastr]

Remember all those crazy ornaments you used to put on the tree from back when you were a kid. You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones you made in school. The seriously crappy and ugly ones that nobody would ever want on their tree except for your mom, and only because you made it. Well those ornaments don't even compare to the creepiness of these ones. 11 of the most unintentionally creeeeeeepy Christmas ornaments. [cracked]

Calvin and Hobbes, one of the best comics ever made, and every winter those two made some of the most awesomely creepy snowmen. A guy by the name of JimFrommeyer recreated some of these snowmen in a horrific snowman tribute video. [geekosystem]

Want a couple minutes of entertainment? Go to Google and search "let it snow" without the quotes, then sit back and enjoy. When it finishes, click and drag your mouse around the screen. =D If you don't want to take the extra effort to go to Google yourself, then fine... I'll do it for you. [google]

Poor Megatron keeps getting the same ol' thing for Christmas, but this Christmas just might be a little different. [youtube]

Consider these next two videos, my gift to you. Merry Christmas.
Video 1: People walking down steps and slipping on a frozen landing. So relaxing. [youtube]
Video 2: A snowman prank that goes terribly wrong. [youtube]

I bet you got through this entire post thinking to yourself, "There's no way he's gonna be able to link Skyrim with Christmas. Not a chance." Well, my friend, you would be completely WRONG! Yes, I have a Christmas related Skyrim link, and it's probably my most favorite one on this list. A guy by the name of Mitch has most epicly decked his halls (and by "halls" I mean "house") with a light show. Forget syncing your lights to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, that's so last 5 years. Mitch synced his house to the theme from Skyrim. SO awesome. [gammasquad]

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  1. HAHA These pictures are amazing. I died.

    • The pictures I choose have to pass a couple qualifications. Is it awesome, and will it make Lisa laugh. Success has been achieved.

      • As a bonus, shes dead. So ya know, we can take over this website now.

        • If she died, how did she write that comment. ZOMG, A GHOST!!! Being haunted by Lisa is far, FAR worse than knowing her IRL. Now she can teleport and float through walls and stuff. On the plus side, she can’t punch me in the face anymore. =D

          • True, but they say if you say Lisa Foiles 3 times in a mirror, you’ll hear tapdancing at night. Soon the tapdancing comes closer and closer as you lay in bed, until all you hear is tapdancing. Then you realize, tapdancing is kind of lame and that its nothing to be afraid of.

  2. That guy wins at Christmas lights. Which is impressive, because I was unaware that was a winnable thing until now.

    • Oh yes, it’s a huge thing. Especially between competing neighbors. For example: Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor and his arch nemesis Doc Johnson. A Christmas house-lighting rivalry to match no other.

      • Oh, I know that, I’ve seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. What I mean is this guy wins, I dunno, permanently. As in forever.

  3. The Minecraft wrapping paper is awesome, although it would kinda hurt seeing someone rip the crap out of it :P Or maybe that’s just me.

    Damn that snowman lost his head. Definitely worth the lols though

  4. How to celebrate Skyrim christmas:

    1) Wait for Santa Clause.
    2) Place bucket on his head.
    3) ???
    4) Happy Holidays, Grinch.

    All in all, good way to end the year, man.

  5. Well, it’s Christmas Eve currently is Ausland and while I may be a bit premature (and because I know I won’t be online on Christmas), I’d like to wish the crew at Save Point as well as those who have contributed posts to this site a Happy and Merry Christmas.

    Also, good way to end the week, Nick.

  6. I really like the Christmas Tree Dalek and the Portal 2 pictures, the Skyrim Christmas lights are epic. Merry Christmas to the Save Point team.

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