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Nick’s Friday Round-Up: Random, “I DO WHAT I WANT” Edition

Watching The Lion King in 3D is cool, and seeing it in HD on blu-ray is neat, but there's nothing better than seeing it IRL.

Hello drones, Nick here. This week, Stuart didn't have time, or something, to put together a Friday Round-Up, so I took it upon myself to compile a short list of semi-compelling and sort-of interesting stories to end out your work week.

- Do you love bacon? Do dream about it? Are these dreams the kind of dreams you wouldn't dare tell anyone else? If so, then go get some help. If this isn't you, but you still really enjoy bacon without the awkward, disturbing dreams, then check out Van Gogh's Starry Night made completely out of bacon. []

- Growing up, I was a big fan of Where's Waldo. I still own a book or two, although I'm not quite sure where they are, but I digress. Here's 12 cool facts that you may, or may not know about Waldo. []

- Star Wars geeks, go scrounge up your spare change, and by "spare change" I mean "$150.00". If you've ever wanted to wear a Wampa on your feet, then I point you to my advice earlier to the bacon dreamers. If you want to wear Wampa fur on your feet, then I guess that's not as bad, so go have a look at these shoes. []

- HECK YEAH SCIENCE OF THE DAY! Everyday it amazes me the advances we  make in science. A girl who was born deaf, regains her hearing through a hearing implant. CAUTION: Watching this video may cause tear duct leakage. []

- Have you ever been eating a cookie and wished you could eat cereal inside it? No? Oh... well maybe it's just me. Well what about ice cream, or berries or PEANUT BUTTER TOPPED WITH NUTELLA? OMG... BRB! Here is a simple idea, but seriously life-changing. Make your own cookie bowls. []

-Last, but not least, I leave you with another picture. This is for Lisa, because I know how much she loves her some comic sans font. [SRS FONT IS SRS]

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  1. Picture must be from right after Rafiki banged Simba on the head!

    “What does it matter; it’s in de past!”

  2. That last one makes me happy.

  3. just seeing comic sans makes me retch

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