Save Point

Happy Halloween, My Little Goombas


Photos courtesy of Regina Carpinelli of Comikaze Expo. Also, these photos (AND MORE!) will be featured in the Girls of Geek calendar. Visit to pre-order now! I'm Miss October. ;)


Lisa Foiles Princess Peach

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  1. STELLA IS LOVE. And so are you well done.

  2. It looks like a normal bottle of Stella, but the contents are in fact what was left of a Shy Guy after Lisa went all kinds of crazy with the pipe.

    So a regular Monday evening, really.

  3. I definitely approve this.

  4. Regina this is a badass photoset. You make Lisa look amazing! (hard to do sometimes I know) Happy Halloween indeed!

  5. I was scrolling down slowly and the last picture started to throw me for a loop till i saw the alcohol

  6. Is this an ironic take on what happens when a women drinks ‘Wife beater’?

    Also. Second picture down is GORGEOUS!

  7. Absolutely awesome costume.

  8. Subtitle for the last picture: “Y’know, I just kept giving him these ‘kidnapped by Bowser’ stories to try to let him down easy. I mean, he’s a freaking plumber. Can’t the guy take a hint?”

  9. The second and last pics are just plain works of art. But I just also had to say the warp pipes in the background of the others are a nice subtle touch

  10. If I kill you the voices promise that they will stop, but they never do… However in times like these you just have to go with what you know… *strokes pipe* Wouldn’t you agree Mario dear?

  11. my god XD so cool to see you as a bloody Peach having a Stella like any dude would XD and love you psyco zombie killer smile :)

  12. Can’t figure out the expression in the last one? I think it’s “That’s an odd tasting mushroom Mario gave me; perhaps I should chase it with alcohol? Come on, Alcohol!”

  13. So is “little Goombas” going to be your Lady Gaga like catch phrase now?

  14. While the bloody-mouth-licking thing is creepy, the gleeful-blood-drenched-smile thing is absolutely terrifying. Between your Harley pics and these I’m rather turned… I mean disturbed. Yes. Disturbed.

    By the way, who got to bloodprint on the strategically interesting costume locations for that shoot? Is there some type of waiting list to get on?

    Great shoot, Lisa!

    • Nice save…

      I only noticed one “strategically interesting” bloodprint and the way I envision it is that everything was going fine till that bloodprint was made. Then it was time to go to town.

      I mean…um…I have no idea what you’re talking about. >_>

  15. A message to stalkers:

    “Forget the dog. Beware the Princess.”

  16. Stella?? That’s well naff – where’s the Guinness, Cap’n Foiles?

  17. This is fucking awesome sauce

  18. Last picture is so full of win… between the “really? REALLY?!” look and the Stella, you nailed it.

    One of my housemates was also Peach, but not nearly so terrifying as yourself.

  19. That one in which you are biting the chord of a NES controller says it all: “Play games until you go insane. Cause it’s fun.” :)

  20. :-)

    That pretty much sums up how I feel about this.

  21. Great photos Lisa, looks like you had a lot of fun doing this photo shoot. Looking forward to seeing them in the Calendar.

  22. The following things are ftw: Lisa, Regina, October, bloody drunk Peach, length of pipe, background shoop, and reading the tags on this blog.

  23. Shotgun being Bowser. No wonder he likes kidnapping Princess Peach… Looks like she finally kicked that sodding plumber to the curb too. Muhuhuhahahaha.

    Cool pic set.

    • Or that’s who was beat into a bloody pulp. I mean, Mario keeps going to the wrong freaking castle. Those Toads have no sense of direction. Time for Peach to take it into her own gloves.

  24. So nice photos,
    right click save as Awesome Lisa Foiles Pics

  25. Just what I needed… Now I even more in love with you >_<

    Amazing pics.

  26. the crazy look fits you
    ( who would’ve thought? )

    also, I live within a couple miles of the stella artois brewery
    (go me)

  27. Wow! great photoshoot!- I speacially love that maniac killer face, I mean you scared the S*** out of me there!

    Anyway Have a nice day :)

  28. I have a full case of stella, and lots of other alcohol, own every console from the Dreamcast onwards… Say the word Lisa, a plane ticket to the UK would be yours! I public meeting place and you can bring a mace packing friend if you get scardy… I’m 30 and a pretty foxy guy. (Really Sorry! but your pic’s have had a strange effect to my chest & head this morning)

  29. Funny, I went as Mario. But not your normal Mario, he was more like some off-camera Krusty the Clown mixed with Billy Bob Thornton’s Santa from Bad Santa.

    Or as I liked to say (in character), “I’ve been doing this kiddie shit for over twenty-five fucking years. I’m sick of this. I’m a virile Italian man. I have a dick. I like pussy. And I really like using my dick on pussy. And anyone that has a problem with that can go fuck themselves.”

    It basically gave me an excuse to be excessively over-the-top in everything I did all while using a bad Brooklyn accent.

  30. The first thing that came to my mind:
    “American McGee’s Super Mario Brothers”

    Sorry Mario, but the princess is in another asylum.

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